I ended my last article with these words: “His self-creation implied or compelled the eventual coming of Master Fard Muhammad, as well as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“We just have to go back in time to see or make sense of the solution. Remember, we are being taught, according to the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the root of the wisdom of the Creator of all, by Him Who is now in the process of creating all things new; improving on everything that has ever been done by the First One and all of the Gods Who came after Him.”

The Holy Wise Scientists, the Writers of the Holy Qur’ans or the Mother of the Books, down through the eons of time, knew that there was this in us that They were finally going to permit to be brought out of us. They saw Yakub and They decided to let him do what they foresaw that he would do, despite the terrible consequences to follow.


But why was it allowed full expression now, during this particular cycle of world history writings? Why did the Original Scientists choose to allow this evil force to come forth at this time? Was it because of the vacuum that they foresaw that would come around the time Yakub would be born?

Was it in the nature of all things that this was the very best time to allow him to make devil? If They had not allowed devil to be made, by Yakub, what would Master Fard Muhammad have faced on His coming?

I believe Master Fard Muhammad was coming from the very beginning of the First God’s self creation, in a certain sense. This vacuum, in my humble view–to be corrected with greater light– was the ultimate result or consequence of the ending of the First God’s work or even His effect. Hence, and grandest of all renewals, restorations or  the regeneration, about which Jesus is said to have spoken.

The regeneration  cannot take place without the willingness, the loving cooperation of the Black women–God’s second self. She must help the Black men meet their responsibilities to build the new world.

Families will be composed of the alive, not the dead. So the families will be of God’s spirit, as the persons who make up the families will be alive. In these new families every “negative” or un-divine idea, emotion and motivation will have to be overcome and eliminated, not just for the peace and security of the families, but because the good and excellent qualities (which are to be gained as we grow out of the evil, self-centered, selfish ways of thinking and feelings) are only those which will enable us to enter fully into His kingdom.

What is the history and the present state of the Black family in the United States of America? Even after a through review of the scholarship, generated in this world’s universities, you’ll find that what’s missing in the studies, on the Black family, is the light of the revealed word of Allah to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The slave masters continued to determine the state of Black family life even after physical servitude was said to be abolished. To what extent has this changed and what factors produced those changes?

Many, both scholarly and otherwise, have pointed out good aspects of Black family life, prior to 1931, when Master Fard Muhammad began teaching the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Up to a point there is merit in these observations. However, we must take into consideration, that Allah best knows the truth of our condition. We were described, in divine prophecy, as that people so destroyed by our enemies that we were foreseen as “the dead.”

Despite our condition, Allah determined a total change for us from death to life–His life.

Although it may be insulting to many of us, but can we say, with truth, that our family life was or could be any more alive than the spiritual or mental state of “the dead” who composed them? Can our families be more alive than the “dead” individuals who make up these families?

Since God Himself deemed us “the dead,” then even at its best Black family life was and could never be what it can and will become until after those who compose these families have been raised from death to life.

Allah personally began producing changes for the better in the status of the Black family, through what He taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, beginning in 1931. To what extent have the concepts which generated those changes affected the state of the whole of Black family life?

Although I personally cannot answer that question, we must still go back to the principle that Black family life can be no better than the extent to which those composing those families are spiritually alive.

We know that as a people, we’re coming to life. The spirit of Allah–Master Fard Muhammad as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad publicly wrote back in 1956, was moving in and among our people. Look at the effect of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s work. It’s clear that the resurrection of the dead is taking place.

So, the answer to the question of to what extent has Allah’s truths affected Black family life is at least proportional to the extent to which those composing those families have been made alive by His spirit.

When we must ask “the whys of God,” we must do so in the proper spirit. To ignorantly ask Him of His “whys” in an arrogant spirit is to bring an answer we’ll find hard to take.

Please get and study the whole of what the Honorable Minister Louis said on family at the Family Summit conference. Here are excepts of his words: “Only God can bring us all together and make us one. Jesus couldn’t do it, he was 2,000 years too soon. Prophet Muhammad wanted to do it, but he was 1,400 years too soon and his followers became corrupted, so they can’t do it.

“So the Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad, came to us and out of my love for my Messenger Messiah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; look at this family. Many colors coming from many different perspectives. But we are one family because God is at the root of our family.”

More next issue, Allah willing.