By Final Call News

Freedom of expression and freedom of religion are two cherished rights in Western democracies. Charges of violating one or both rights can result in condemnation, sanctions, support for toppling governments and a nation being cast out of the international community.

The United Kingdom, which sees itself as a bastion of democracy and respect for human rights, recently deprived the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam UK of both rights.  

A 30-year-old campaign against the Minister and the Nation escalated Aug. 5 as Min. Farrakhan was denied the right to speak via videotaped message to a London audience. The astonishing denial of   human rights came during the Africa International Day of Action in London’s Kennington Park.


The event permit explicitly forbade any video or livestream of the Minister, any words from representatives of Min. Farrakhan and the Nation and the distribution of any N.O.I. information. The edicts came late on a Friday night before the Saturday event and too late for a court challenge. As a citizen of the United Kingdom and co-sponsor of the festival, Student Minister Hakeem Muhammad should have had the right to share his views and express his faith in Kennington Park. A message from Min. Farrakhan was billed as the highlight for the three-year-old event. Instead the Lambeth Council, a local elected body, muzzled him and denied basic rights through prohibitions in the park permit. But its rationale was based on the Home Office of the UK government’s false assessments and wicked lies trying to link the Minister to hate speech and fear of public disorder.

The Minister, nor the Nation of Islam in America or the United Kingdom have a record of violence or extremism. It is often said in the West that the best disinfectant against ugly and dark ideas is sunlight–exposing the speaker and speech to public scrutiny.

If the Nation of Islam and Min. Farrakhan preach a doctrine of darkness here was the perfect opportunity, an event in a public park, to expose and repel the darkness as truth is represented by light. But instead of public scrutiny, the local council and UK government opted for outrageous censorship and deprivations of fundamental rights. All principled and fair-minded people should oppose this wrong.

What did the UK government fear? It was the voice of uncompromising truth and a mirror that would force the United Kingdom and Europe to recognize their bloody history and tyranny spanning from the transatlantic slave trade that built Europe, to the colonization and exploitation of Africa and the Caribbean. The message would have also raised the question of reparations for the horrors inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africa in the Motherland, the Caribbean and Europe for centuries. You dispel lies with truth but when you don’t have truth you lie and persecute innocent parties.

The extreme measures introduced in these recent actions are usually reserved for instances when a crime or act of violence is committed and directly linked to a speaker. No such thing is connected to the Nation of Islam. As a matter of fact, during a terrorist attack in a UK market, it was a young member of the UK Nation of Islam’s Fruit of Islam working security who tried to help stop the terrorists and showed police where assaults were happening to try to save innocent lives.

Glenroy Watson of the Global African Congress observed that the political wing of the Irish Republican Army could speak in the UK while the military wing was at war with the UK. The Nation has not killed or harmed anyone but the rights of its members must be curtailed? Is this designed to have a chilling effect and scare anyone or any group that might need help or want to join the Nation in doing good as the Rastafari UK Movement has done? Is this setting the stage to justify infiltration of the N.O.I. in the United Kingdom and introduction of agents provocateurs to disrupt and derail a growing movement? Is there a desire to undermine and crush a growing Black United Front in the UK and potentially powerful Pan Africanist movement for freedom, justice and equality for the suffering Black masses?

Under the current UK government ban, the Minister was denied entry into the United Kingdom. Part of the reason the ban stayed in place, despite N.O.I. UK battles to overturn it, was the government argument that Min. Farrakhan could communicate with his followers and the Minister’s views were accessible, but his person was not desired in the country. The Lambeth Ban now seems to take away access and free expression.

The Nation of Islam will mount a fight against this injustice and a legal strategy is in development. But the hypocrisy of the UK and its false democracy and disrespect for Black rights has already been exposed to the world and responses have started to come from different parts of the globe via Facebook social media. The Minister posted his message on Facebook, where it was available on phones and personal electronic devices.

Here are some of the social media reactions to the message to the United Kingdom. These are compiled from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube:

“According to some reports, London is now a Muslim city with a Muslim mayor. The last thing the enemy wants is Muslims with Wisdom, knowledge and Truth that brother Farrakhan emanates! Actually, Muslims should be showing up at the mayor’s office right away to ask why there is this ban of the NOI and brother Farrakhan!”

“I am one of those brothers who was born in England, why is the British government stopping me from inviting my brother, my teacher and guide to my home? Why, talk to me! Tell me why you have deny me the right to true guidance.”

“The ban on Farrakhan is the greatest sign that he is feared, because of his message to the rulers of darkness. Yet; they can not keep the people from searching for a method to hear his message. The Minister told me thirty five years ago he would reach millions one day and never have to leave his home. This is that moment. Millions are inspired by his message.”  

“You cannot be stopped. We will back Brother Abdul Hakeem and the NOI here in the UK however needed to fight this fight.”

“The English Defence League and the likes are granted permission to exploit their views even outside mosques so is this a blatant case of one rule for you and another for us? Interesting no?”

“Social media is a blessing… He’s exposing them & He’s forcing our people to unite & do something for ourselves..Why are they afraid of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? Because he’s a Divine vessel & Messenger of Allah (God) among us who is hurling Truth at falsehood until it knocks out its brains!”

“They are afraid that the brothers from Africa and Carribean in the U.K once they hear the message of the Honorable Brother Farrakhan, they will be catalyst to ignite those back home of which the U.K still exploits in a neocolonial way. They are afraid. That lets you know that Farrakhan represents that which they don’t want to face.”

“So let me get this straight. According to the permit you and anyone on   your behalf are senied because you might insight crime? This permit denial is shameful. Sue their asses.”

“We are still under oppression in South Africa. We think we are “free” but we not. Whites own the land. Mandela left us with a mess! But there is hope…Youngsters are rising! Salute to you for being a true leader.”

“This was a message for all of us! Especially us here in Africa. We must bring our money and resources together now..request that people sow money.”

“One Love Minister Farrakhan. Rastafari Always Leading and Teaching the People. Irie Love to my Rastafari Family that has made this Broadcast Possible. ASA Str8 Outta Jamaica.”

“Watching live from Australia. This message is still going throughout the world. Ain’t no stop the truth. The truth rolls on!”

The people are ready to fight for truth and so are   we!