“None dispute concerning Message of Allah but those who disbelieve. So let not their control in the land deceive them.” -Holy Qur’an 40:4

The preceding verse is very clear. According to the Holy Qur’an, the truth must always be rejected and classified as foolishness by the rejecters. It is always those who consider themselves to be in the seat of authority and power in the land who reject the truth. They desire to lead others in their rejection of the truth, especially the poor man in the mud, because he is the one whom they exploit.

Their rejective behavior is similar to that of the people in the land of America today. The White man is in control and he seeks to deceive the so-called Negro just as Pharaoh deceived the Israelites. Pharaoh had control and power over Egypt. He made a mockery of Moses saying that Moses could not speak plainly, and he criticized Allah’s offer to Israel. Pharaoh did not give the Israelites that promised land of milk and honey (fertility and riches).


The White man in America is like Pharaoh in Egypt. He, the modern Pharaoh, is trying to control the 22 million so-called American Negroes as Pharaoh did the Israelites in Egypt. The White man’s control over the so-called Negro makes them helpless in trying to follow Allah and His servant into a land they call their own and where they can rule themselves as other nations are doing.

The so-called Negroes are deceived in thinking their future in America will be a great one. They should accept their own (Islam) and try to do something for themselves as other nations are doing, on land they can call their own. They have intelligence but do not have the desire to do for themselves. Consequently, the White man of America is helping them to continue to have such foolish desires. He wants to keep the so-called Negro looking up to the white American for what he wants.

The so-called Negroes are disgracing themselves lying at the feet of the White man and begging him to accept them as equals in sharing the wealth of America. It is against the very nature and disposition of the slave-master to accept his once slave as his equal, or to share equally with slave in his wealth. Therefore, the ignorant so-called Negro who has never gone to school is now showing himself to be wiser in his acceptance of Allah and His true religion of Islam than the learned of our people.

The poor among our people desire to be White through intermixing with the White man and sharing in his wealth. They prove to be even more ignorant than the learned in their fascination with gaining the enemy’s wealth and power and their desire to trust the White man’s power and wealth instead of acquiring permanent houses and wealth that Allah has offered. This makes them look very ignorant in the eyes of the civilized world.

What is going on in the South against our people is their own fault since they have heard the truth. The so-called Negroes have gone back to the slave-master who said they were free 100 years ago. As a result, they are beaten, trampled and attacked by police dogs as though they were again living 300 years ago under slavery.

These incidents only occur because of our people’s great love for and desire to remain under their slave-masters’ children.

If our people in the South are permitted to vote, for whom are they going to vote? They will vote for none but the White man whether the Black man’s vote out number the White man’s or not. The fact that you can vote does not mean that the White man will allow you to put men in Washington of your kind who would love to give you justice, nor does it mean that you will be voted in as President of the country. You can never hope to attain this.

If you think because Kennedy said in 40 years a Negro man would become President of the country, he will become just that, then you misunderstood. Never will a Black man be able to rule a White man in America. He was only referring to the so-called American Negroes’ unity with his brothers. This will make him strong enough to put a President in office, but not over White people.

Forty years from now, there may not be a White man in the Western Hemisphere. In addition, the President is aware of the shameful, humiliating and disgraceful acts by our people trying to be recognized and justified in the South as an equal of the White man. This is due to the poor leadership of our people. The leaders do not know that this is the time of separation and not the time of integration. The time for us to separate has come. The God of justice is bringing this about Himself by making us see the enemy clearly as he really is.

It is Allah who taught me that this is a race of devils, and those of you who think yourselves to be theologians know they are a race of devils according to the scriptures. Some of you may argue that you do not believe the scriptures where they teach the knowledge of this race of people, but this written in both the Holy Qur’an and Bible several times. You will be punished for ignoring this truth as were the Israelites. They were in love with the Egyptians who were jealous and envious of Moses. The wisdom of Jehovah was communicated through Moses to the Israelite. The Egyptians opposed Moses, and Allah became angry as the Bible teaches you. He, therefore, sent fiery and angry serpents to fight and kill those who were rebelling against Moses’ leadership. So it is with you today.

Before them, the people of Noah and the parties after them rejected (prophets) and every nation purposed against its messengers to destroy him, and disputed by means of falsehood to render null thereby the truth, so I seized them; how (terrible) was then my retribution! -Holy Qur’an 40:05.

The fifth verse is a warning to us today. It speaks of a people God has marked for destruction. Your actions are the same as disbelievers before you. They made mockery of Allah’s Messenger and designed plans against him. They planned to destroy him, just as the present day disbelievers plan against my life. They desire to destroy me (the present Messenger).

How terrible was Allah’s disapproval of their actions against His Messenger; so it is today.

(Excerpt from “Message to the Blackman,” 1965.)