From a few comes a great nation. The Lord God of Islam taught me that in 1555 a devil by the name of John Hawkins, or Hopkins, of England brought the first of our parents here for slave purposes. We were not to be citizens, not to be represented as human or to be given equal justice under the American laws.

In 300 years of slavery, we were lashed, beaten and killed; given no education; and reared and cared for like the slave-master’s stock (horses, cows and other domestic animals). Our children were separated to different plantation owners. For the last approximately 100 years of so-called freedom, the so-called Negroes have been subjected to the worst inhuman treatment of any people who have ever lived on the earth. They (the devils) have lynched and burned the so-called Negroes during the past century as sport for their wives and children to enjoy!

Edwin R. Embree states in his book, “Brown Americans,” page 169, that “The burning of Henry Lowry in Arkansas, proceeded by inches. Leaves soaked in gasoline were heaped about in small bundles so that torture would be dragged out. Ralph Roddy, a reporter, described the entire orgy in the Memphis press of January 27, 1921. He was able to cover the story because plans for the lynching had been made well in advance. The newspapers were notifi ed to be ready to issue extras. When Henry Smith was burned at the stake in Texas, excursion trains were run for the event. Many women and children were in the throng that gloated over the suffering of the victim.” This is something the teachers and leaders of the so-called Negroes should teach their children–the evil and murder of their people by these blue-eyed White devils. Instead, because of their fear of the White blue-eyed devils, the so-called Negro parents teach their children just the opposite. Their doctrine is “love your enemies” and “do not hate those who mistreat you.” That is, if it is a White person! But if he is a Negro, kill or beat the hell out of him!


The so-called Negro leaders know the White devils do not care about a Negro killing another Negro.

How can we keep our younger people of the present day from loving their open enemies, the devils? The Lord, God of Righteousness, dislikes any one of us who loves these White blue- eyed devils. He threatens to send every one of us to hell with the devils who show love for them, love to be called by the devil’s names or worship their images. Read your Bible and Holy Qur’an.

Edwin Embree, also on the same page, mentions what Walter White, deceased secretary of the NAACP, said he heard and saw in Florida. In his book, “Rope and Faggot,” White recounts the gruesome tale of lynching in this country. While investigating an atrocious riot in Florida, White was met, he says, by three clean healthy children (White) headed for school. None were over 9 years of age. They gleefully described the event and “the fun we had burning the niggers.”

Do thank Allah for revealing this evil deceitful open enemy, “the devil!” The devil has deceived most of the world of Black people. They have nearly nine-tenths of the Black people headed to their doom with them. Curse be to the Black man or woman who loves this open enemy, the devil, and hates his own Black skin and kind! May the chastisement of Allah choke you until you submit that: There is no God but Allah and that Muhammad in the wilderness of North America is His Messeger! After all of the evil we have suffered at the very hands of these devils, we have become a Nation in a Nation. We must now be separated from them and given a place on this earth that we can call our own!

They, the White race, cannot treat you and me with justice and equality. They cannot do so among themselves. Even though they are against us. This does not mean that they have love and peace for each other. No! They war against each other all the time. They are devils. No heart of love and mercy are in them as you may think. Nature did not give them such a heart.

The Bible warns us against the love and worship of these devils. Psalms 106:37, says “Yea, they sacrifi ced their sons and their daughters unto devils.” In another place it states, “And I would not that you should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of the devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table and of the table of the devils. (I Cor. 10:-21). “They should not worship up devils” (Rev. 9:20).

The so-called Negroes, because of their fear and ignorance of this real open enemy devil, will fall victim to them if we do not constantly warn them of the consequences.

I am willing to die for the so-called Negro that they may see and understand the truth of self, God and this race of devils. We have served them well through ignorance and blindness because of being without a teacher. Allah (God) has given you one. I, Elijah Muhammad am from God, Himself! Why not believe and follow me? Are you afraid of being persecuted for the sake of truth to this 22 million blind, deaf and dumb lost-found Nation of Islam? In that case, your life is already doomed.

(Text from “Message to the Blackman in America,” 1965.)