Now, consider the fact that there are more copies of the Bible in America than any other book. More copies of it are given away each year than any other book. Despite that it remains, year in and out, America’s best seller.

Its position among books in Christian America is the most prestigious. Indeed, it is regarded as containing the spiritual, moral, and to a large degree, the cultural heritage of the Western world. It occupies the position of honor during the most solemn occasions. For instance, it is used in swearing in government offi cials, during weddings and burials. It is used in courtrooms and in many other important situations.

Despite its seemingly honorable position, it is a very disrespected volume. Christians argue and fight over its meaning. In many situations, the best of its spiritual and moral precepts are considered out of date, or at best, is paid mere lip service.


If you are seen with the Bible in public, other than close to, or during “church” hours, you are regarded as a bit odd, in spite of the increased interest in Biblical studies. Indeed, in this “modern” world most people seem to care little about the Bible’s contents and its real message.

White Christians have made great claims for the Bible. However, they don’t seem to use it when dealing with the numerous problems which beset America. Though they claim it contains God’s own wisdom, they don’t use it, so it seems, when framing legislation in places (such as the capital in Washington, D.C), where they pray, supposedly, to the God of the Bible. Yet, as mentioned above, the Bible appears to be the most honored book in America. This is an interesting contradiction.

In terms of its widespread use, and the White man’s claim to divinity, and their claim to be in direct contact with God, the Bible should be the best known and understood book in this Christian country. But is it? In terms of its real meaning, and its relevance to our times and problems, it is the least understood and appreciated of all books in this land, but with the exception of the Holy Qur’an.

How do we reconcile the unusual wide distribution and use of a book so poorly comprehended? Bluntly, part of the answer lies in the fact that the versions (so widely distributed) were written by God’s enemies. Therefore, the real truth it contains (from God’s view) has actually been concealed from the public, until recently. The rest of the answer is contained in God’s purpose in permitting His enemies the freedom to do with His words as they pleased for until today.

This answer paves the way towards understanding the explosive significance of the historical Jesus for us today. Why the paradox, or the split mind White Christians have about Jesus and the Bible, touched upon above? What will we find at the root of the answer to these questions?

To the question of why the Bible is the leading selling book in America, many Christians would probably give an answer, which contains Jesus at its center. They would say Jesus is the answer. From the Christian point of view, Jesus is the central figure in the scriptures. They are right. They claim that the entire Old Testament tells of his significance and of his second coming. Again, they are right.

How do we reconcile the unusual wide distribution and use of a book so poorly comprehended? Bluntly, part of the answer lies in the fact that the versions (so widely distributed) were written by God’s enemies.

No less a scholar than Will Durant has observed, that despite all the criticism of the scriptures … :

“… the outlines of life, character, and teaching of Christ remain reasonably clear, and constitutes the most fascinating feature in the history of Western man.”

What is so fascinating about Jesus on whom White people have placed the title, “Christ”? This “fascination” is manifested in many ways. For example, Irvine Wallace has recently come out with another “best seller” entitled,  The Word.  In it he wrote:

“Some years ago, the top newspapermen in this country were polled by a leading public opinion firm. They were asked to speculate on what story, within the realm of scientifi c possibility or beyond it, could be the biggest story of this century. There were but many varied answers. Some newspapermen voted for the discovery of a cure of cancer. Others voted for a treatment that could enable human beings to live to the age of one hundred. Yet others voted for the landing on earth of creatures from another planet, or our reaching another planet and finding civilized life on it. Some voted for a day when the United States of the World was announced as a reality. But do you know what the  majority  of the newspapermen voted as the biggest possible story of our time? They voted for the Second Coming.

“If Jesus Christ returned to our earth in person, in the flesh, if He proved the Resurrection a reality tomorrow–if He came down amongst us tomorrow–that, those reporters voted, would be the biggest story of our time.”

Of course, Mr. Wallace’s book was fiction. It contains, however, many truths. Again, the point the reader is asked to think over is the fact that the Biblical Jesus occupies a larger place in the thinking of Americans than most actually realize, or would care to admit. It is in the nature of this thinking, a great deal of which is “subconscious,” where we will come to see the root and nature of this “fascination” with Jesus. It is here where we will also see into the reason for the seeming “split-minded” attitude of White Christians towards Jesus and the Bible.

In a book published in 1963, entitled, A New Look At The Bible Tradition, Mr. Louis V. Bischoff wrote:

“According to what some call ‘orthodox’ Christian view and doctrine, the four Gospels contain the ‘good news’ or ‘glad tidings’ that God visited the human race on this planet IN PERSON, much as a Sultan, in lowly disguise and masquerade, might mingle with his subjects for an hour or two. The word ‘gospel,’ as most of us are aware, literally means ‘good news,’ the eminently good tale or tidings of God’s visit.

“The theory that God visited this lonely planet is a very engaging one, and if true, would be of truly momentous import for all of us. And doubts that we might entertain regarding (1) God’s existence, (2) God’s genuine interest in us, (3) God’s goodness, and (4) God’s provision for the immortality of our personalities, would vanish at one full swoop. It would be the be-all and end-all of all of our doubts.”

The coming or visit of God to His people is no theory. He has come; just as the Bible and the Holy Qur’an predicted or prophesied that He would come. This fact is “of truly momentous import for all of us.”

This is GOOD NEWS!

By means of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Almighty God has provided us with the greatest opportunity imaginable. This has been expressed by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, many times over the years. In a 1959 article he titled, THE OPPORTUNITY, he wrote:

“We have the greatest opportunity of any nation of the past, but this opportunity is on condition that we accept Allah (God) and His Religion of Islam (Peace) which was the religion of His Prophets, including Jesus. Islam offers love, unity, friendship, wealth, inking with it wisdom, knowledge, and understanding … .”

I’m making the below bold and in black. Why?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan his assignment when he first saw him. He has not changed his view of him from that time to now … .

More next issue, Allah willing