[Editor’s note: This article is reprinted from Volume 26, No. 51 and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.

The following is the second installment of excerpts from an address delivered by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad to the Nation of Islam Laborers’ Conference held Sept. 6-9, 2007, hosted by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Michigan Farm.]

“Is he to whom We have promised a goodly promise, which he will meet with, like him whom We have provided with the provisions of this world’s life, then on the day of Resurrection he will be of those brought up (for punishment)?” And the day when he will call them and say: Where are those whom you deemed to be My associates?” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 61-62


Now, as the wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, what does that mean? What do you think about that? Does that make me any different from you? Those are questions. Let me answer it in my way. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad during that critical stage or period of the domestic life chose several who became his wives, but he did not do the choosing. It was Almighty God Allah Who brought that aspect of his life into fruition in order to prove, as he stated it, that one wife is better than a multitude of wives. But it was a purpose for which he had to live through that aspect which caused pain. Not just to the women, to the children, but how about to the man himself, that he had to put his life and sacrifice everything to go through something that he knew.

So now, as we embark on the continuation of our journey, who is this dialogue all about? We are the Children of God, and we are The Gods of a New World Order being Guided by The One Great Supreme God Who is over us all. What am I getting to? We don’t have to be burdened with titles; we don’t have to be burdened to be a son or a daughter of any great men that are in our life.

We break down class-ism, sexism, all of the “isms,” because that is following the arch deceiver who is identified as being a devil. But when we came into the Nation of Islam, we carried with us all of the baggage of the arch deceiver and we are hard to lead in the right direction, but easy to lead into the wrong direction.

You are so Powerful and so Great, that you have no idea of The Great Gift of God that is sitting inside of you–the Potential To Change The World. The opportunity that we have right now maybe, or is, I believe, our last chance to reform and to become the People of God’s Choice. There are literally thousands and millions of others like us in the streets of America and around the world who wish that they had an opportunity to be apart of this Great Assembly. Remember, those early instructions were given to the Laborers where? In Detroit, Michigan. What state are we in? Michigan, and we are now reviewing everything that we have been taught from the 1930s until today, 77th Anniversary of the Nation of Islam.

This year, when you look back and examine all of the events and all of the activities that have lead to this day, we’re moving on a Fast-Moving Train. We’re moving on an Old Touring Car going downhill at 48 miles per hour. I’m not going to take up much of your time, but I hope that we are having a Deliberate Dialogue, bringing us to the understanding of what now must be done in a very short period of time.

Do you know where the State of Michigan appears in our lessons? Everybody should know the 12th Problem–it talks about the weight of the State of Michigan and about the people that populate that state; that we are called “The Human.” How many humans are in that state? They talk about the livestock and how much cattle, livestock weighs, and it goes on to end by saying what does the whole State of Michigan weigh? What does that have to do with why we are here on a farm?

So we’re in this kind of country setting, because we have to go back to the farms to survive. We have to go back to agriculture, is that right? We’ve been so proud; we can’t get our hands dirty anymore, but we want food and we want it easy. We can go to the grocery store and buy our poison food, but here, we see an example of how Allah guided the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to seed the land here with navy beans, so here our diet is going back to the basics. So we’ve got the navy bean and then the wheat for bread; and we were told that we have some pure milk coming from the cows taste.

We’re getting a picture, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, that we have to prepare for our survival. We must prepare for our survival, he said, by learning to survive in the wilderness and that we should have programs for camping. How do you survive with very little? So when The Call comes, you can’t take anything with you but what is in your brain and your little knapsack. We have a lot of training [to do]–boot camp, military camp, yes–for the defense of our nation. I don’t want to take up anymore time, but I wanted to talk to you like my Brothers and Sisters and share with you my appreciation to Almighty God Allah for blessing us to be here in the State of Michigan with the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and his family for showing us the way.

“Those against whom the word has proved true will say: Our Lord, these are they whom we caused to deviate–we caused them to deviate as we ourselves deviated. We declare our innocence before Thee. Us they never worshipped. And it will be said: Call your associate-gods. So they will call upon them, but they will not answer them, and they will see the chastisement. Would that they had followed the right way!” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 63-64

To be continued.