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A standing room only crowd packed Mosque Maryam in Chicago with overfl ow crowds in the Musallah (prayer room) and next door at Muhammad University of Islam to see and hear from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Feb. 26 in a message that was also broadcast on the internet. Photo: Tim 6X
Audience applauds the Minister’s message as the Muslim leader laid out a clear path of guidance and instruction for Black America. Photos by: Andrea Muhammad, Michael Muhammad, Abdul K. Muhammad

CHICAGO (Mosque Maryam)–During a three-hour message, interrupted numerous times by applause and standing ovations, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan reiterated and expanded on a message far different from prevailing wisdom.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Photo: Michael Muhammad

While wailing, gnashing of teeth and trepidation over the rule of President Donald Trump has shook up the country and the world, Black America has no need to fear, stressed Min. Farrakhan from the podium at the Nation of Islam headquarters in the Windy City. We are in the time of the end of Satan’s world and while Blacks are suffering, they are destined to rise and to rule–if they accept the powers, the bigger powers in existence, that supersede Mr. Trump, he said.

The world, or satanic civilization, that is falling exists in reality and is the world of Whites who have ruled the planet for the past 6,000 years, explained Min. Farrakhan. But, he warned, it takes recognition of the evil propensity and hatred of Whites against Blacks to avoid death these wicked ones have planned and executed against the original people. It also takes acceptance of divine truth that is in favor of Black people who are no longer forsaken.


The greater power in the world is the Great Mahdi, an incredible self-guided one in Islamic theology and the Messiah, who comes to judge the end of the world in the Bible, said Min. Farrakhan. This mighty one made his appearance in North America in 1930, taught and raised the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation, for three years and four months and chose Black America as his people–a people destined to rule. Black people fit the biblical prophecy of Abraham’s children who would serve a strange people in a strange land for four centuries but after that time God Himself would come to deliver those who had suffered and judge those who had heaped evil and death upon them.

Young man stands and focuses on message. (R) Former NBA basketball star Charles Oakley was in the audience at Mosque Maryam for the Minister’s message. Photo: Abdul K. Muhammad

“God has not come to integrate you into your 400-year-old enemy; this is the time that the enemy must pay for his evil done. That’s God judgement, but God is so patient with a foolish people. You trying to make God a liar,” he said.

The Bible and Holy Qur’an are called scripture or a part of a larger writing that forecasts the future and parts of that writing are revealed at different points in history, Min. Farrakhan explained. But, he clearly stated, these words of prophecy are not for some symbolic-only purposes but are being fulfilled right now.

Donald Trump is aiding in that process, the Minister said, as the president appeals to the basic nature of White people. “I made no subject today, because I wanted God to give me a subject,” he told the standing room only audience inside Mosque Maryam and overflow crowds downstairs and next door at Muhammad University of Islam.

He described Dylan Roof as “evil personified” and walked through how the young White supremacist who killed nine people during a Bible study class in the historic Mother Emanuel church in South Carolina could then eat a hamburger. “This is a young man but he is a study … this boy studied the history of Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner and that church. So he gets a weapon, puts it in his pocket and goes to church, not to worship. …   And you so unmindful of your 461 years of history with this people, you are so happy that a White man showed up at your prayer meeting and wants to come in and pray with you. You want to show White people how magnanimous you are. No. How much of a fool you are. You are a victim of misunderstanding and misteaching of the real teaching of Jesus Christ,” he said. “You got the right name and the right man, Jesus, but you don’t have the right understanding. That’s why you are weak in the face of your enemy rather than strong in the face of your enemy.”

Mugshot of Michael Thomas Slager North Charleston police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott. Photo: MGN Online

“Mr. Roof listened to the Bible class and as the Blacks prayed, he shot and killed people and let some live to tell the story to ignite a race war,” said the Minister.

“His brother (Michael Slager) shot a man running away from him,” the Min. Farrakhan added. Mr. Slager is the former North Charleston, S.C., police officer who was accused of killing Walter Scott, a Black man in 2015. Mr. Slager’s initial prosecution by the state of South Carolina ended last year in a mistrial. His state retrial is scheduled for Aug. 28.

“The devil is a liar and murderer,” he said. “If you point out the footsteps of a murderer and a deceiver so that justice could catch up with him, are you a hater or seeker of justice?”

He also called the roll of Black victims of vicious police killings, including LaQuan McDonald, Michael Brown, Jordan Davis and Sandra Bland, who died in police custody under mysterious circumstances. There is a pattern here, said Min. Farrakhan. “But none was more vivid than Mr. Roof. … They all have something in common, murder comes easy. … What kind of people is this? You have denied Elijah Muhammad and the God that taught him for the last time. … If you reject it, I’m telling you, death is going to follow you and you will deserve to die.”

A photo of Dylann Roof, the convicted killer of nine Black parishioners in South Carolina on the screen as Min. Farrakhan detailed the nature of murder and deceit that has been the history of Caucasian people.
(L-R) Student Minister Tairah Muhammad, Student Min. Ishmael Muhammad, Student Min. Tony Muhammad

“[President Trump] is peeling back the onion of White civility and every layer he peels back he’s getting to the raw nature of the Caucasian,” the Minister said. “The nature of the White man is different from your nature. You keep making mistakes in dealing with them because you think you are the same as they are.”

A ruler in the earth

Going deeper into that subject, Min. Farrakhan read from the Holy Qur’an where Allah (God) tells the angels He would place a ruler in the earth. Knowing the peace that existed, the angels asked would He place a ruler that would cause mischief and the shedding of blood?

A diverse audience filled Mosque Maryam for Min. Farrakhan’s Feb. 26 message. Photos: Andrea Muhammad

The Minister also recalled the biblical story of Jacob wrestling with an angel. After conquering the angel Jacob became known as Israel. That’s a name all White people can come under, the Minister said, because they have prevailed over the darker people of the earth.

Min. Farrakhan called on Black leaders to overcome their fear of Whites. He expressed pride in seeing Barack Obama elected president but displeasure at Mr. Obama’s denouncement of his former pastor, the Rev. Jerimiah Wright, during Obama’s campaign.

During a sermon, Rev. Wright used the term “God damn America,” but it was reported and put to Mr. Obama out of context.

 “God bless America, but if America is the new Pharaoh that has a whole people in bondage and refuses to let us go. If America has murdered the Native Americans, taken their country and practiced chemical warfare. Then it’s not I saying God damn America, it is the God of Justice who is plaguing America now with the 10 plagues He put on Pharaoh because Pharaoh now must let the Black man go and give them justice or they (America) will be destroyed,” he said.

Min. Farrakhan explained that America’s mischief making in Muslim countries has resulted in terrorist acts by some who claim Islam, and the enemy’s greatest desire is to lay hands on him by accusing him and the Nation of Islam being involved in terrorism. He countered, saying, Muslims are the finest citizens in America.

Min. Farrakhan spoke on the challenges facing Blacks, Native American’s, Asians and immigrants in the U.S. and U.S. foreign policy around the globe. Photo: Michael Muhammad

“We, who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you will never find us killing no innocent people in the name of terror. We don’t go to prison for robbing. We did that when we were so-called Christians. You (Blacks) are a liar, a murderer and thief until you get resurrected from what the White man has made you,” he said.

Defending his teacher, Min. Farrakhan asked, who is the man of sin? He is your 400-year-old enemy and the leader of them is the synagogue of Satan, he said. God wants to pull the cover off of them, he said.

“I am a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” the Minister said. “I want you to understand the invincible truth that Master Fard Muhammad taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that some of you have turned away from.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was given the most difficult job of any man in history, declared the Minister, saying that job is raising the Black man and woman from the grave of ignorance and the spiritual death they were put in during their experience under White oppression in America.

Putting that history that began in a section of Detroit known as Black Bottom in theological terms, Min. Farrakhan explained that the Muslim world awaits the appearance of the Mahdi and the Christian world awaits the Messiah who would crush the wicked. The Muslim world expects them both to appear together at the end of Satan’s world.

“They are here now,” he said referring to Master Fard Muhammad, whose birth is celebrated by the Nation of Islam every Feb. 26, and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. “And they chose not to come to those who have received messengers and warners who had rebelled against the great prophets they had received, but He (Fard Muhammad) came to a people to whom no warner had gone before.”

Anthony Shahid, left, and men applaud message. Photo: Andrea Muhammad

“When He found His Elijah and Elijah found Him, it was love at first sight,” the Minister said. Elijah was “a little man but the biggest man we had ever known. He was a Black man from Georgia acquainted with the suffering of our people, the son and grandson of Baptist preachers.”

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad worked 40 years preaching to Blacks, identifying the nature of Whites and calling for Blacks to be established in a land of their own. During that time, Black America has been “shocked out of your slumber by some of his students,” he said, referring to Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

The Minister recalled the story of Moses traveling with the wise man described in the Holy Qur’an. Due to his lack of patience and his lack of a comprehensive knowledge of the wise man’s actions, Moses criticism of the wise man’s actions eventually led to them separating.

“Elijah Muhammad was no thief. Elijah Muhammad was no robber. But you had to have patience with him because he was the wise man and we didn’t know how difficult it is to follow wisdom when you are such a fool,” he said.