By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

Student National Assistant Minister Ishmael Muhammad Photos: Lens of Ansar (R) Saviours’ Day 2017 Host Student Minister Troy Muhammad

DETROIT (Cobo Center)–The Nation of Islam kicked off its annual Saviours’ Day 2017 convention commemorating the birth of its founder Master Fard Muhammad with a riveting, stimulating, motivational and instructive opening plenary at the COBO Convention Center.

What better way is there to celebrate the Feb. 26, 1877 birth of the man who came to America to offer Blacks true independence in a nation of their own?

Work sincerely, humbly, strategically, methodically, and scientifically to build that Nation, said Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Student National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Min. Farrakhan’s voice, his body, his being, all complimented by beautiful, crisp 3D images were displayed on big screens.

The purpose of Saviours’ Day 2017 is to equip the Believers to survive, Min. Ishmael Muhammad said.

Min. Ishmael Muhammad presented a reprint of the first edition of The Final Call newspaper, headlined, “The Ultimate Challenge: The Survival of the Black Nation.”   It was originally published in 1979.

“We have to now do what is necessary for us to survive,” he said. That means to continue to exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship or difficult conditions, he said.

Min. Ishmael Muhammad underscored Feb. 17 how Blacks are in a very hostile environment and noted growing hatred expressed by a 400-year-old open enemy.

“President Trump has seized upon the sentiment that is in White America,” he said.   And they vowed never again would a Black man ever hold the land’s highest office, he continued.

“But President Obama’s ascension to the highest office in the land represented that we are now going to be rulers, not only of this nation, but of our planet,” stated Min. Ishmael Muhammad.

Crowd responds to an uplifting welcome to Saviours’ Day 2017 in Detroit MI. Photos: Lens of Ansar

Using the historic Final Call inaugural edition, he said there are three tests God has given to each person as proof of their worthiness to face and overcome the struggles of life.First, a hostile environment; second overcoming odds; and third, pulling up against the force of gravity, Min. Ishmael Muhammad argued.

“You wouldn’t and I wouldn’t be here if we had not overcome overwhelming odds and pulled ourselves up against gravity and surviving in a hostile environment when we were just sperm, so don’t tell me as a Black man and woman that we cannot survive in these conditions created by an enemy. All we need is the right knowledge and the right idea to pull us up against the gravitational pull of White supremacy,” he said.

Saviours’ Day 2017 attendees take in welcoming presentation at Plenary session.

“This season that we live in and the time period that we live in taught to us by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad is our time! The White man’s world is finished!”

Min. Ishmael Muhammad provided a snapshot of the foundation of the Nation of Islam, and spoke of how its founder, Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, chose the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to be a servant from the poor, rejected of society. Ishmael Muhammad is a son of Elijah Muhammad.

Min. Ishmael Muhammad lifted the names of prophets and reminded that Muslims are to make no distinction between any of God’s messengers, but thank God for all of them, right up to Jesus and Muhammad.

The student minister from Chicago called the prophets forerunners, prototypes, of one that would come at the end of Satan’s world.

“The one they pointed to was really God himself,” he said.

We must make sure to take complete control of our communities, Min. Ishmael Muhammad said, as he presented Nine Ministries to build a nation (Health & Human Services, Agriculture, Education, Defense, Arts & Culture, Trade & Commerce, Justice, Information and Science & Technology) and to suffice Black needs. We are living as colonies where forces on the outside are controlling what happens on the inside, he said.

Min. Ishmael Muhammad explained how during a visit to a local school a teacher shared her pain of having to bury 36 students in the last 15 years.   She asked for a solution.

Set up an educational system, and teach Black boys and girls the knowledge of self and God, he told the teacher.

He also explained the importance of each of the body’s nine systems, and related them to the Nine Ministries.

Attendees look over the Saviours’ Day 2017 journal

There are nine planets in the solar system, drawing light from the sun.

The body is fashioned and formed in the mother’s womb for nine months in a place of confinement. And there are nine systems that house the major organs of the body he said.

“This is the real house and temple where God dwells. Stop looking for a god out here! We do not search anymore for a mystery god,” Min. Ishmael Muhammad said.

Student Minister Troy Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 1 in Detroit, which hosted the convention, gave a hearty welcome. Detroit is your home, he told conference attendees.

“It’s more than an honor. It’s more than a privilege. It’s a blessing to once again host the man of God,” he said. It was also a blessing to be able to host the true pilgrims, which means those who journey to a sacred place, he said.

“When Master Fard Muhammad came to Black Bottom Detroit, fulfilling the biblical scripture, as lightning shineth from the East, even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be, he made Detroit a sacred place,” Min. Troy Muhammad said.

He reiterated points made by Student Minister Jeffrey Muhammad in earlier remarks. He said everyone should have a huge smile on their face.  

“Allah has come for you and I personally, and even though this is Black History Month, eons from now, these are the pilgrims that are at the beginning of establishing a new nation. … You’re at the beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom of God,” he stated.   “Your great-great grandchildren will say my great-great grandfather, they were there in the belly of the beast, building the nation,” Min. Jeffrey Muhammad said.

Ishmael Muhammad concluded, “You are the blessing of America. God bless America? God has already blessed America by coming Himself in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and raising the Nation of Islam for a blessing to Black people, to White people, the Brown, Yellow, all humanity! Have a wonderful, happy Saviours’ Day!”