The significance of the name that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave Minister Farrakhan, even the way he conferred it on him; combined with his unique ability to articulate the wisdom of God, demonstrates that this Black man is special among Black people; special in America; special in the world; and special in creation. I am not exaggerating his importance at all! This is but a humble bearing of witness of the reality of a man whom I have been privileged to observe and serve.

To those who think that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad left no will, I say, yes he did. Can’t you see it being unfolded in the work of Minister Farrakhan and those with him, and in others, who are yet to do his bidding? He was no passing illusion; nor is Minister Farrakhan that. Just read the words and actions of Minister Farrakhan.

Look at the special effect of his work with Black people– others too–regardless to their situation or condition. I think his words and actions are rather clear and truthful. If you disagree, fine. However, let us do so in a manner that does each of us no injustice and that leaves open the doors of intelligent discussion.


The ultimate credit for the insights of these articles belong to Almighty God Allah; for it was He Who provided us with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who raised us from the dead, and began to thaw out our brains, made dead due to centuries of slavery. I thank Almighty God Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for my beautiful Brother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the guidance They put in him, that I’ve been privileged to observe that gave rise to many of the points made in these articles, as I have tried to help him.

I learned much deeper of and about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s importance before he departed. I’m aware some people do not like these words. People believe that he’s dead, but they are wrong. He is very much alive.

I wrote a few books that are public regarding what I just stated above. Some are available now, others by the help of Allah will be made available soon. I want to be able to comment on this newspaper The Final Call, Allah willing.

The following are words from Minister Farrakhan contained in this newspaper. I’m asking you to study it very carefully.

“What most of us do not know is, it is as if God, through the prophet Abraham, gave us a sentence of time.

“If you have been to prison, I hope that you haven’t, but so many of us have: Lord, when the time comes for you to get out, you don’t want to hang around. In fact, you start getting ready before the morning of your leaving prison, to get out to meet your family and our friends. What you have not, maybe, realized is that God said to Abraham in the 15th Chapter of Genesis: ‘Know of a surety, Abraham, that your seed is going to serve a strange people in a strange land, for 400 years, but after that time, I will come–and I will judge that nation which they shall serve. And afterwards shall they come out with great substance, and go to their fathers in peace, and be buried in a ripe old age.’

“How long have we been here? We have served the “400 year” sentence–in a strange land, among a strange people who have afflicted us every day of those 400 years up until this very moment. So God has fulfilled His promise. He came. He found us robbed and spoiled, wearing the name of our former slave master, speaking the language of our slave master. And about 240 years ago, the same slave master, who didn’t want us to learn how to read and write, finally said it was not “incompatible” that we should be slaves and Christians at the same time. So they’ve made us Christians.”

After reading the above words, I’m asking you to please study the full meaning of the word “with” in many dictionaries that you can find. Some of the meanings are: “accompanied by; accompanying in some particular relation to (especially implying interaction, company, association, conjunction or connection; characterized by or having; (of means or instrument) by the use of; using (of manner) using or showing; in correspondence, comparison, or proportion to.

Please study the following verses from the Holy Qur’an.

“… If we wish, we could say the like of it; this is nothing but the stories of the ancients.” Holy Qur’an 8:31

“Say: If men and jinn should combine together to bring the like of this Qur’an, they could not bring the like of it, though some of them were aiders of others.” 17:88

“Or, say they: He has forged it. Say: Then bring ten forged chapters like it, and call on whom you can besides Allah, if you are truthful. But if they answer you not, then know that it is revealed by Allah’s knowledge and that there is no God but He. Will you then submit?” 11:13-14

“And this Qur’an is not such as could be forged by those besides Allah, but it is a verification of that which is before it and a clear explanation of the Book, there is no doubt in it, from the Lord of the worlds.

“Or say they: He has forged it? Say: Then bring a chapter like it, and invite whom you can besides Allah, if you are truthful.

“Nay, they reject that, whose knowledge they cannot compass and whose final sequel has not yet come to them. Even thus did those before them reject; then see what was the end of the wrongdoers.” 10:37-39

“And if you are in doubt as to that which We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a chapter like it and call on your helpers besides Allah if you are truthful. But if you do (it) not–and you can never do (it)–then be on your guard against the fire whose fuel is men and stones; it is prepared for the disbelievers.” 2:23-24

More next issue, Allah willing.