My Dear Black Brothers and Black Sisters, the religion Christian holidays that you celebrate are holidays for White people and not for Black People.

The White people do not worship any day belonging to Black People. Why should you worship their days…days which are to their interest and not to the interest of the Black Man?

On the 25th day of December, when you seek to worship the birthday of Jesus, you are just as far from worshipping his birthday, as two thousand (2,000) years ago is to this past September. For Jesus was not born in December.


Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom Praises are due forever, Taught me that Jesus was born between the first and second week in September. If any Christian thinks that Allah (God) s misleading you and me, let the theologians of Christianity attack His Word and show proof that they are worshipping Jesus’ birthday on the 25th day of December and that Jesus of 2,000 years ago rose from his grave on that day they celebrate as Easter.

As a people who have been robbed and spoiled as we the Black people have been robbed of our own, naturally we dance by the music of the White slave-master and his children until we learn who we are.

So now we are learning who we are and a great separation is taking place between Black and White. We cannot hinder this separation even if we try to do so because it was divinely appointed thousands of years ago that a separation between good and evil would come about.

We, the Black people are from the God of Good; we are not from the god of evil. This, I repeatedly teach you. And the world of religious scientists will bear me witness, because this is true.

We make a fool out of ourselves by jumping up worshipping days and people that the White slave-master and his children say we are to worship.

We, the Black People, have no right to worship one day of Jesus of two thousand (2,000) years ago; for Jesus came ahead of time to bring about a judgment of this people and he died for the mistake that he had made in understanding the scripture. Then Jesus declared that he would go away…give his life…for what he had stood for.

So you do not have anything to worship on any day of the year for Jesus because he did not have any day for us to worship. If he had had a day to be worshipped on, it would have been for Jews and not for you and me, for we were not there to be represented.

Jesus came to the Jews and not to us and then he got disappointed that he was ahead of the time of the Jews to preach the doctrine of the destruction or judgment and the setting up of a New Kingdom of Heaven after the destruction of the Jew’s civilization. Jesus was born two thousand years ahead of the judgment of the Jews.

So you go out and spend your hard-earned money to worship with white people. They force you under disguise and defraud you into worshipping the birthday of that wicked old Nimrod on December. And if you knew the truth of him, you would not dare to worship it.

And so many false statements have been made to keep the falsehood strong enough for you to continue to believe until today; falsehood has come face to face with truth. And falsehood cannot stand in the face of truth. Truth condemns falsehood.

This world and this life and this way of civilization is falling and it soon will be no more. You are at the end of it before you realize it. Of course the scientists of the White people try to tell you, but you are so sold to the falsehood that they have taught you and me for the last four hundred (400) years that you have come to love it. You would rather have the false than to have the truth. That is why you do not follow me.

But everyone of you should take those bells off your door. It is a foolish thing to worship a God with a bell, while the Bible tells you that God will use a trumpet. If you display anything, it should be a trumpet and not a bell to announce the Resurrection and Judgment.

Leave off the false; for truth has come and falsehood must vanish.

(Reprinted from Our Saviour Has Arrived, copyright 1974.)