In this perilous and evil time, with the confusion of the people, government, leaders and rulers, the poor lost-found members of the Black Nation who are called Negroes, and their enemies, must know that the truth is their salvation and their greatest weapon at this time. The preachings and teachings of the true knowledge of God and the devil, which Allah (God) has missioned me to do–and I am doing for you–are beyond value. It is your life and the light of your life. It will bring you out of the spiritual darkness and ignorance into which you have been placed by the enemy of the God of truth and light and understanding.

The rising of opposition against divine truth, revealed in the last days (years), also has been told by the prophets of old, and we have it in writing that this opposition against the truth is not to be feared by you who believe and have understanding. The truth will be attacked by the disbeliever and hypocrite in the last days.

A champion without an opponent cannot be recognized as the champion. Since the making of the devil, he has been the chief opponent, and he will continue to be until he is destroyed by God. He (the devil) teaches and trains others of all races, organizations and religions.


His world has created various religions in opposition to the true religion, and he prepared them for a final attack on the God of truth and His word–which is truth–as well as His representatives, who are called apostles, messengers and prophets. This is a last attempt to defend falsehood and mislead the people, who otherwise would have followed and believed in the God of truth and His messengers and prophets.

No. 1. You should know that this is the time in which such war has begun. Without the knowledge of the time, you are still the loser. Allah (God) has revealed the time, and it is verified by the prophecy of the Bible and Qur’an.

No. 2. Your place in such times is with your own. Why should you join your own? The answer is because of the divine judgment destruction and doom of other than your own. The most hated and despised thing today in this, the devil’s wicked world, is the truth or true knowledge of God and the devil. This truth must come to you today. If not, there can’t be any justification of the teachings and prophecy of the prophets. However, it will stand and be fulfilled to the very letter and spirit.

The heavens and earth were created, according to the Holy Qur’an, in truth. Therefore, since the foundation of our universe was created and built in truth, falsehood cannot survive in it. The average lost-found member of the original Black Nation is afraid to accept his own or his salvation because of the dislike of his enemies.

No. 3. We must forget about trying to do for others before doing that which we have not done for ourselves, which is to establish love and unity in our brotherhood. You rise up and yell out in ignorance against yourself when you say that you want unity, love and brotherhood of the nations. Those nations look at you–where disunity is the order of the day–and see your dislike of self and kind.

You are an ignorant and foolish people. Your first desire should be love of self instead of love for those other than of your own. If you do not love your own brother–who is of your flesh and blood–how can other than your own flesh and blood accept your love and brotherhood? First, love thyself and thy own brother as thyself, and others will love you.

I advised you to accept our 3 Year Economic Plan, which will work a miracle for you. Unite and stop your extravagant spending, trying to live on the level with millionaires, and you will make a heaven for yourselves like other nations have done. My followers and I are doing just that and will continue to do so. You are invited to join us and contribute to our program.

The preaching that we should have some of this earth we can call our own is far from being an ignorant teaching that cannot be accomplished. This is wisdom you should know in these days and times. Without some of this earth of our own, we will never be a people to produce for ourselves.

We cannot continue to increase our population in hope that the White man will continue to create employment for us. I warn you daily that there will come a time when they probably will drop you and you will have to do for yourself. Start practicing the art of doing for self now. It is only laziness for you and your children to want to be servants for another nation.

How can self-independence be accomplished? Israel, with her disbelieving people, said the same thing. But God knew how to make a way for Israel to have something to call her own. He had too many people who did not believe in Him. So, He destroyed them and gave Israel a house. If you will believe in Allah and in His revelation that He has given to me, he is well able to do the same for you.

We must give up trying to live in peace with a people with whom we have spent 400 years without peace. Even today, they stand ready to slaughter you just because they hate you.

(Text  from “Message to the Black Man in America,” 1965.)