Have you read  The Final Call  newspaper dated September 6, 2016? If not you should get it. To me, it’s like a “book.” Also reading this book involves the Bible and Holy Qur’an.

If you read it you will see some aspects from the Bible and Holy Qur’an. All of it is in the books both of them. Why?

I would say starting with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words (the center fold) it reads:  The Electoral Process, Black Votes and a Message to the Grassroots. If you read it you will see these words,


“The Million Man March was not a Muslim thing. It was Muslims, Christians, Nationalists, Hebrews and others working together. That’s what made it happen. It was a family working together. And so, my dear family when you leave here, go tell our brothers and sisters that it’s a new day, it’s a revolution. Tell them that we want to create, not only a political revolution, but a spiritual revolution in America.

I pledge to our political brothers and sisters our support, our love and our desire to help you be as strong as you want to be and to put power behind your demand. Nobody is going to take the Black vote for granted again.

May God bless you that are running for re-election, may He bless you to be re-elected. May He bless you once reelected to fight for justice for those who are deprived. Take no mean price for justice, because every time we fail to do justice, we set up judgment on ourselves and on others. …”

Earlier in this article you could see these words from him, “I can’t speak for Muslims. It is not Muslims who are aching alone. Our people are aching and they need us to be a strong advocate for their suffering. You have to stay free in order to keep them strong and clean. But if you (pastors) get bought out, how are they going to stay straight and the men and the women of God have been corrupted? We are the watchmen on the wall. You (political leaders) are, too. You watch with a political eye, the watchmen for the people that vote for us.

“The sad thing is the people vote, but they don’t give you politicians the money to run your campaigns. So here comes big business seeking to buy you off. They say, “how are you, judge, alderman, congressmen, reverend? What can I do for you today, reverend? You must be strong enough to say, ‘You can’t do anything for me.’ You got to be like Jesus when Satan took him up on the mountain and showed him all that Satan had. Satan said, if you would just bow down to me, I will give you all of this.

“We have to be careful about who we bow down to. When you (pastors) get in your congregation and talk about powerful Jesus who sits at the right hand of the Father with all power in His hand, but then you go with your hat in your hand to the governor, mayor or president begging for some crumbs, then you have sold your God cheap and you make the White man downtown disrespect all of us.

“All of us need something and God knows that the mayor can help us all in some small way. The governor can help us all in some small way. The governor can help us, the president can help us, but at what price? And if you say God is able and He has power over all things, then why don’t we trust Him? All I’m saying is we have to be better leaders as ministers of God. I’m speaking of myself and you and us. I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings. We have to help our politicians. …”

From the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s book titled,  Torchlight For America, we can read: “So the country could be facing revolution because, in the main, the government and leadership has hidden the truth and will not or does not have a solution for the suffering and the root problems of the people of this country.

“Gross, vanity, greed, lust and inordinate self-interest have divided the country along the lines of class, race, and sex. We live in one country with two realities, separate and unequal; one rich, one poor, one white, one black; one predator, one prey; one skilled, one non-skilled; one slave-master, and one slave.

“Classism, racism and sexism are used to keep the people divided, and these three evils threaten to sink and destroy the entire country. America must deal effectively with these lines of division or face anarchy and revolution.“

In the same book we can also read these words, “If the American people truly knew their condition and trusted their leadership, they would be willing to take the proper medicine–no matter how bad it would taste– if that medicine would correct the condition. The political leadership has lied about the condition of the country. Some have said that the economy is on the upswing, while we are living in a decline.

“If a doctor said you were fine while you were severely ill, and that doctor would not prescribe the proper medicine for your illness, that doctor could be charged and maybe found guilty of malpractice. Well, what about politicians and their unwillingness to prescribe real solutions to the country’s problems?”

If you study these words very carefully, do you see how this involves the Bible and Holy Qur’an? Do you see Minister Farrakhan as a world leader?

More next issue, Allah willing.