The scholars and scientists  of the White people are telling and warning you. They look to next year as the most dreadful year. They are right. This is why I wanted this meeting with you today. We all see it is approaching. It is terrible.

WE ARE  going to have plenty of trouble here in America, due to the dissatisfaction between Black and White. And with my ignorant, misunderstanding, people, they will cause the worse slaughter of all time.

Think about a frog sitting and just slapping his feet together under the charm of a rattle snake. The frog thinks he is happy. He thinks the rattle snake is not going to swallow him. This is the way of the snake. He is creeping up on the frog all the time.


IF A  man does not love himself and his kind, who does he love? Think that over. If I do not love you, my Black brother, who do I love? Who is it for me to love? Who wants my love if I do not love self and my kind? Who wants my love?

I want you to remember this: White people (as I have learned, and I have it in black and white) have stored up arms in their brothers’ houses, throughout the country. And, they are manufacturing more guns to shoot Black people.

THIS IS  going on now. If you do not believe it, go and ask someone and open up his house. You will find plenty. Even in churches, there are arms buried there. To do what? To kill Negroes.

The Black man went out and lit a few torches in a few buildings in Detroit, Michigan. There were approximately 50 or more of our Black brothers killed with a brick and a torch in his hand. There was an army armed to the teeth, and there were tanks in the city, to kill poor so-called Negroes who were out there throwing stones. They are so anxious (by nature) to kill you, Black man. Any little provocation will make them practice some deadly weapons on you.

I CERTAINLY  want you to listen to this today. The soldiers were not satisfied with getting after those they thought were setting fires to the buildings … There standing was the Temple of Islam, as humble as the atmosphere above it. No one was doing any harm, but the soldiers wanted to let that house and those people know how much they would like for you to come out and fight–so they can kill you.

They started shooting bullets through that building–not trying to find out who started trouble elsewhere and not seeking any justice; just grab the first Negro you see and kill him. It does not make any difference, and now you White folks are worried about what the Negro will do, or what you will do with the Negro.

I KNOW  you are able to kill every one of them. I am not saying that you are not able. You do not have to take their rock throwing, and their few cans of gasoline. You have all kinds of weapons. They have been made for years, and you made them for this day. If revolution starts. You know it was coming, not for five or 10 years, but you have been knowing this was coming ever since you had a Bible.

It is there in your Bible, but my foolish people do not know the truth, and they do not want to accept the truth. They do not want to go to themselves to be themselves. They love you. They are not fighting for anything but for you to love them. They want you to love them, but you cannot love them. They do not know that. By nature, you were not made to love them but they do not know that.

Dissatisfaction  – something must be done. Certainly we see trouble. As well as Moses saw fire, we see fire. This is why I am out here to talk to you. I want the friendship of the Black man. I want Black men to defend Black men.

BLACK  brothers, this thing that you are doing, lingering around in the way, licking your bosses’ boots, is not getting you any place. You are living in a change. You must go along with it–or else. You are a very wicked hearted Black man, who will accept a bribe from White people to do evil against your own people. This is terrible. We read it. We know it is the truth, and we heard talk from one to the other.

White people are filling up their courts today with so-called Negroes–Black people. For what? To help the Negro? To set the Negro free? To give the Negro equal justice? No. But to help White judges and White prosecutors, as long as they can keep another day on the book.

IF YOU  look into these Black men’s faces, sitting on the bench and see what they pour on their own brothers, it makes you shake your head. And I say, what kind of Black man is it who will do that to his own Black brother? They love White folks. They love them to their own hurt–neglecting love for self and their kind.

Dissatisfacton between Black and White is our subject. The world has become so troubled. The world has come to a point where it is going to explode and the poor Black man in America is blind to this knowledge and deaf to even hearing it.

I HAVE  been appointed to you by God (Allah) Himself to try and point out to you the way of safety. I do not want to boast, but you actually will be given to me. No one wanted you. No one wants you now–only God (Allah) and myself.

(Reprinted from: Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, January 26, 1968).