The Black man in America faces a serious economic problem today and the White race’s Christianity cannot solve it. You, the so-called American Negro, with the help of Allah can solve your own problem.

The truth must be recognized by the Black man. He, himself, has assisted greatly in creating this serious problem of unemployment, insecurity and lack. Before the Black man can begin to gain economic security, he must be awakened from the dead and gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom which will enable him to follow my teachings. Islam and only Islam will point the way out of the entanglement of “want in the midst of plenty” for the followers of Islam, the true religion of the Black nation.

Know thyself and be yourself. Islam makes a true brother to brother. If this be true, how can a believer (Muslim) be a true brother to another believer and boycott his brother and support the enemy? The believers in truth, Islam, must stop looking up to the White race for justice and take the following steps to correct this problem.


Acknowledge and recognize that you are a member of the Creator’s nation and act accordingly. This action, in the name of Allah, requires you, as a Muslim, to set an example for the lost-found, your brothers in the wilderness in North America. This requires action and deeds, not words and lip service.

The following blueprint shows the way:

1. Recognize the necessity for unity and group operation (activities).

2. Pool your resources, physically as well as financially.

3. Stop wanton criticisms of everything that is Black-owned and Black-operated.

4. Keep in mind – jealousy destroys from within.

5. Observe the operations of the White man. He is successful. He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same.

If there are six or eight Muslims with knowledge and experience of the grocery business – pool your knowledge, open a grocery store–and you work collectively and harmoniously, Allah will bless you with success.

If there are those with knowledge of dressmaking, merchandising, trades, maintenance–pool such knowledge. Do not be ashamed to seek guidance and instructions from the brother or sister who has more experience, education and training than you have had. Accept his or her assistance.

The White man spends his money with his own kind, which is natural. You, too, must do this. Help to make jobs for your own kind. Take a lesson from the Chinese and Japanese and go give employment and assistance to your own kind when they are in need. This is the first law of nature. Defend and support your own kind. True Muslims do this.

Because the so-called American Negro has been deceived and misled, he has become a victim of deception. He is today in the worst economic condition of North America. Unemployment is mounting, and he feels it most. He assisted in reducing himself to his present insecure economic condition. You, the Black man, are the only members of the human race that deliberately walk past the place of business of one of your own kind–a Black man–and spend your dollars with your natural enemy. The so-called American Negro has never in the history of America been known to boycott or criticize the White man as he does his own kind. He thus shows love for his enemy and hatred for his own kind.

A true Muslim would never boycott the place of business of his fellow Muslim or Black brother. A true Muslim is proud of the success of his Black sisters and brothers. He recognizes that their success is his success. He recognizes the law of Islam. If one brother has a bowl of soup you have half of that soup.

(Reprinted from “Message to the Blackman,” 1965.)