By Brother Demarco Muhammad


So be patient for Allah’s promise is true.
And let not those disquiet thee who have no certainty.
Holy Qur’an 30:60

Once the Messenger taught me Who was God, What was God, Where was God and How to access God, my process to self-improvement began. All my questions about Allah (God) were answered in that one book. However, it opened up my mind to many more questions as it related to me, my aim and purpose and the range of possibilities of what I can do and become. It became clear and self-explanatory that the path I was on was the right one. I was once blind but now I see.


The effects of the Million Man March went unnoticed in the MDOC. Everyone was fixated and their eyes glued to every TV inside that prison, making it one of the safest days in prison. As I watched the mall in Washington swell with that sea of Black men three instances came to mind; This Is The One, the instructions by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in The Theology of Time about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the words of my beloved mother who told me in 1993, to call Farrakhan because he can get you out of prison. I did just that, and he answered by way of a cassette tape entitled, How to Get Out Of Prison. He told me prison could not hold me … he said we can impregnate prison and she will give birth to you. All that I had read and heard by the Minister did not crystallize until 1995. I began to participate in every self-help organization, outreach community program and event as a student coordinator, chairman of the forum, the National Lifers association, Chance for Life organization and many others. As a clerk for the prison dietician I gave many brothers How To Eat To Live as a way of addressing their health issues. Soon thereafter I received word that the warden had initiated an early release. Following the instructions of the Minister got me across to the other side. … I never could of made it! …This is what Islam has done for me. All Praises Are Due To Allah.

As a husband, a father of four with 3 grandchildren, a business owner and chairman of a non-profit organization, I’m totally indebted to Allah for His divine mercy of light found in the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, an absolute Light that brought me out of darkness. There is no doubt in my mind that the call for Justice Or Else by the Man of God has given me greater light and might for me to continue my fight and also a light to those inside whom he has touched and destined to touch.

I implore and encourage all of my brothers and sisters to allow Allah (God) to grow in them and outgrow prison and show the world your heart that was turned by our Leader. We are no longer that rejected stone because the Master Builder is making us the cornerstone; the Minister has and continues to form birds without hands. … I thank Allah for you all because I want for you what I want and have for myself. …. It is our spiritual unity under the guidance and leadership of ‘The One’ the Messenger told us to look at, listen to and follow that will get us all to the other side.

How do I know? I never could of made it without him … I would of lost it all … my mind, body and soul. But now I see … So BE PATIENT FOR ALLAH’S PROMISE IS TRUE. AND LET NOT THOSE DISQUIET THEE WHO HAVE NO CERTAINTY.

This is what Islam has done for me.

Brother Demarco Muhammad can be reached at [email protected].