By Final Call News

The Independence Day celebrations are over. The barbeques are done. The flags are put away. America has marked another year of her sovereignty and her break with Great Britain to chart her own course. When she broke away 240 years ago, she was an upstart and a rebel against one of the greatest powers in the world and her Mother Country.

With grand words, inspired words, she proclaimed her right to self-determination and her right to enjoy the blessings of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, at the same time that she made a bold declaration about the rights of men, the virtue of equality and the gifts God bestows on man, she ignored a certain group of men, women and children in her midst. In an error and a stain of Original Sin woven into the fabric of this country, America denied the humanity and the divine gifts of Black people. While her beautiful words rang of noble principles, her hypocritical actions rang of hatred and heralded the worst mistreatment of a people by any nation in world history.

While her sins started with the arrival of Whites on the shores of America and the slaughter of the native peoples–without whom Whites would not have survived–and dragging Blacks into the New World draped in the chains of slavery, the new political reality initiated in 1776 could have been a new start. It was not. It sealed the doom for a people and nation because no nation founded on lying, injustice and murder can have perpetuity. The hand of God and the laws of the universe must move against such nation because the universe was founded on truth and the Originator desired freedom, justice and equality for all of his creation. In the nature of his universe is a simple but profound truth: You must reap what you sow.


If you begin a nation in blood and slavery, your nation must eventually fall.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever,” observed Thomas Jefferson, a founding father of this deeply flawed republic.

He knew that God would have to intervene because the institution of slavery was so sadistic, so barbaric, so destructive and genocide against the native people of America so reprehensible that no God could allow such an affront to exist and go unpunished.

He was correct.

“For four hundred years the slavemasters have mistreated their slaves and now in the day of their redemption they are doing everything possible to deceive them from accepting their salvation that Allah now offers to the Black man of America,” wrote the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam, in The Fall of America in 1973. The salvation he spoke of was the coming of God Himself, the Messiah of the Christians and the Great Mahdi, or Self-Guided One, on July 30, 1930 in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.

This mighty one came to take an enslaved people from a cruel master and to make these despised and rejected people his people and to place them on the top of civilization. This mighty one came not only with a superior knowledge but with the power to punish and bring the United States to her knees. This mighty one controlled the forces of nature and as prophesized in the Bible would use those forces of nature to lay America low. “So strong is Allah’s love for us that He now desires nothing but a total destruction of America,” wrote Mr. Muhammad, the great teacher and mentor of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In another article, in Message To the Black Man, he asked, “Whose independence? Since 1776 you, Black man, have been worshipping the 4th of July along with the real author of the 4th of July … (the White man) as a day of Independence for themselves. It is the White slave-master and his children who enjoy setting forth the 4th of July as a day of rejoicing over achieving this country’s Independence from any other foreign source. Now, the history of the 4th of July shows that it is the Independence Day of the American White man. They wrote the Declaration of Independence for themselves. The White man did not put anything in the Declaration of Independence for the benefit of the Black Man, who was the servitude-slave of the White man at that time.”

So when the Fourth of July comes you should celebrate. But don’t celebrate the birth of a nation that is your open enemy, celebrate the coming of God to deliver us from the enemy’s hands and to give us true freedom, true justice and true equality.