By Final Call News

In a powerful message delivered at Mosque Maryam, the center for the retraining of the Black Man and Woman and a house devoted to the work of the Messiah and the Great Mahdi, Dr. Wesley Muhammad explored and explained the efforts to destroy the masculinity of the Black man and to feminize the Black man. In doing so, he defined the “god-hood” of the Caucasian White Man who has held the Black World captive and worked to destroy the Black male as the forerunner to the destruction of all Black people–children, women and men.

“The White Man by nature is a sadistic, cannibalistic, homosexual and he has an insatiable appetite for African flesh, Black flesh, Black male flesh in particular,” said Dr. Muhammad at Mosque Maryam May 15 as he explained American slavery as an economic system for commercial gain and an esoteric effort, a cultic enterprise to harvest African souls. Not only were Blacks sacrificed to the Christian god but the White Man enacted and legitimized his own self-deification on and through the destruction of the Black male, said Dr. Muhammad. The White Male was able to experience his own manhood and god-hood but could only experience it through the domination of the Black Male in particular, he said.

The White man sexually conquered many Black men during the full breadth of the horrors of slavery which are now coming out, Dr. Muhammad continued. We know how the slave master brutally ravaged the Black woman but only now is it coming out how he sexually dominated the Black male and for what purpose, the Nation of Islam student minister said. The White Man literally consumed the flesh of the Black male believing he was consuming some of the Black man’s soul and power, Dr. Muhammad added. “America is a cannibalistic nation from the start,” he noted.“The assault on Black manhood was and is a global project of White domination, a global project of White domination, and its methods have been and continue to be repeated all over the world. We assume that the feminization of the Black man is an incidental part of America’s project; what we need to understand is White folks feminized you and me before a Black man was born in America,” observed Dr. Muhammad. Where ever the White man went among the Original People he feminized the males and White manhood was the only manhood allowed, he added. “Convincing you that God is other than a man is necessary to feminize you,” Dr. Muhammad noted.


Why was the destruction of the Black male so important and why was it necessary to begin by making God Himself other than man and other than a Black man? To understand that God is force and power manifested through human beings and that the Originator of the heavens and earth was a Black man is to understand the divine potential inherent in the Black Male. To unlock that potential God-hood is to usher in the complete doom and destruction of the God of This World, Satan Himself, who exists fully manifested in the White Man and his deadly way of life. To understand that the Original Man is the khalifah, or successor of the Originator, is to understand that there is no power that can stop the rise of a destroyed people that the God on scene today has decreed must and shall rise.

To remove the natural protector of the woman and children is to gain unfettered access to the female as the spoils of war or the booty–defined as “plunder taken (as in war); especially plunder taken on land as distinguished from prizes taken at sea” or “a rich gain or prize.”

So every effort, including the negative programming and destruction of the male alongside the abuse, exploitation and programming of the female, was used to ensure that death and a deathlike state would cover the Original People all over the earth. Diabolical, deadly, devilish.

The White Man sodomized the Black Male to assert his dominance just as Greco-Roman culture saw White males sodomize young boys to assert and ensure that the White male children understood the dominance of the older White males, Dr. Muhammad, who holds a PhD. in Islamic Studies, explained.

So what is needed is a new way of thinking, acting and living, a Black God Protocol that rejects the degradation, the debauchery and the death brought on under the Caucasian’s mis-definition of manhood.

If the White Man and his godhood is sadistic, cannibalistic and homosexual in nature, the Black God by definition must be someone who does not enjoy unjustly inflicting pain on others, who does not enjoy seeing people hurt. The Black God must find joy in the gifts and fulfillment of the purpose of others. The Black God does not see his “sons” as rivals to be eaten, but as his future to be developed and celebrated to inherit, extend and fulfill his divine purpose for rulership and the proper application of power. He would not be cannibalistic as the White Man is. The Black God would be heterosexual, enjoying the proper relations with his woman as his Co-creator and Second Self. They would be two derived from a single divine essence to complement one another bound together by love, the most creative force in the universe.

The Black God would be the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, given to us by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who was raised by God Himself as the First Man of the New World Order, an Order proclaimed by The Black God In Person Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi. The service Min. Farrakhan has rendered to the Black Nation, the oppressed and the world reflects a true Black God Protocol: Submission to God, fearlessness, wisdom, beneficence, mercy, love and a spirit to go to war with the forces of darkness and the world and servants of Satan, defeat them and build a world for God with the power and permission of God. Here is a man who brought back the Nation of Islam from death, a man who has defended Black people in every walk of life, a Black man who has defended Black institutions and who has challenged the most powerful government on earth. Here is a man who loves deeply, fiercely and whose life is an example of Black manhood, Black God-hood and the New Black God Protocol.