I’m studying  The Final Call  Volume 35 Numbers 29 and 30 April 26 and May 3, 2016, very carefully. I’m using two dictionaries to help me. Why? The word “why” means for what reason or purpose. I’m thinking over how best to react to what’s in  The Final Call.

The death of (Brother) Prince has a deep affect on me. Also I saw a photo in The Final Call with Prince and Muhammad Ali in the May 30th edition. I met Muhammad Ali in person before he became a champion. Does history involve prophecy? If so, how much?

Now read the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s reaction to my question to him:


Brother Jabril:  What is it about Black people, here in America, that despite our extraordinarily wretched condition, attitude and disposition, that makes us so precious, or so valuable, in the sight of God, according to what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad preached for forty-four years and that you have preached now in the absence of his presence?

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan:  Whenever a scientist desires to produce something he has to look for the right material. There is no creative act that does not involve some form of material.

Sometimes you try one piece of metal and it doesn’t work, you try another. But you’re always looking for the right material to produce the right result that’s not in the mind of the material it’s in the mind of the creator, or the person that has an idea in mind for the material. The material doesn’t matter until the idea of the carrier of the idea, wants to use the material for a purpose. Having said that, the last fifty thousand years of the tribe of Shabazz’s struggle, the tribe of Shabazz’s history, has made us into a useful material for a purpose that involves infinity.

Our father Shabazz, who was one of the major Scientists, desired to produce a people close to nature; a people who could conquer the jungle life of East Africa, or East Asia; as it is now called Africa. He wanted a people who would conquer the jungle life and conquer that which was/is akin to the jungle. He wanted to produce that kind of people, although the other wise Scientists disagree with him.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me–I don’t know who else heard him say this but–“It is impossible” he said, “for the Black man to destroy himself.”

The Scientist, who was so upset who was so disappointed that he could not get all of the people to speak the same dialect, 66 trillion years ago, decided to destroy everybody, including himself.

As the Messenger taught us, he drilled a hole into the earth, which was then called “moon” and filled it with high explosives. His desire was to destroy all life but he created something useful, the moon.

Having said that, no matter what we did to ourselves, in rebellion against the wishes of the other members of the family of Gods, in the circle of Gods, it was then over-ridden by a higher purpose and power.

We did conquer the jungle life. He did make a people close to nature. That’s a very powerful statement, “close to nature.” What does that really mean?

Close to nature would mean, to me, close to the very essence of the power of God, to create out of His nature, nature. So, close to nature means to me close to the essence of God in His ability to create whatever He creates out of His nature. A people like that are the materials who cannot be destroyed, because you cannot destroy nature, nor can you destroy the God Who produced nature. This people, then, were put through many extreme trials to fashion the material; to harden the material; to shape the material.

So the thousands of years in the jungle and then being captured by Sir John Hawkins; being brought on a westerly course, many could not survive the journey that was producing special material. Those who survived were the strongest of the strong.

The material–being tested; the material–being fashioned, into that, which could never be destroyed.

After four hundred years of servitude slavery and the worst form of slavery that human beings ever had to endure, with the birth of Master Fard Muhammad, and the rise of Master Fard Muhammad into the knowledge of Himself and into the knowledge of the idea of a new creation; a new sun; a new moon; a new star; a new heaven and a new earth–then out of the material of the darkness seventy-eight trillion years ago, God formed Himself, and out of the material of the darkness came that which we now see.

Well now, out of this material, fashioned by time, He (Master Fard Muhammad) then saw that which He needed to make what He had in His mind. The material didn’t matter until an idea to put it to use came into existence. This material then was precious in His sight, though not precious in the sight of others. This was a material rejected of men, because they had no use for it. But He knew its value to Him, because it fit His purpose.

The essence of the brown germ in the original man had no use; no purpose until Yakub saw purpose for it. Then it became valuable.

It’s the purpose of God, is what makes us precious. The purpose of God is what makes us valuable.

Any time an enemy sees that if you get your hands on a certain material, you could become dangerous to his aim and his purpose, he plans to destroy it.

Today, the Bush administration does not want the Islamic Republic of Iran to get its grip on nuclear knowledge. Why? What do you fear from that? They say, “So let’s marshal our forces to keep Iran away from what could threaten us.”

It is the same today. We are precious in the sight of God; not because of our righteousness; not because of any good that we have done. We’re precious in His sight because time and circumstances has made us into the material that He desires to use as the foundation of an eternal government of peace.

The enemy now recognizes the material that God deems as precious in His sight for His aim and purposes. He recognizes the purpose that God has for the material.

So the enemy’s desires is to keep God from the material, and even destroy the material, so that which God wants to use the material to bring into existence, which will supplant his power; his rule; his authority; his world.

He’s fighting against God. That’s what I see in the preciousness of Black people. We shouldn’t be delusional, attributing to ourselves characteristics that we already have innately from our Creator. Of course, that’s one of the reasons why we are of value because of the innate characteristics that we have that have been covered by the mud of the civilization of the enemy.

We’re valuable. We are precious in the sight of God because time and circumstances has fashioned us into the material that can be utilized to make a government; a world that will never ever end.

Brother Jabril: Thank you

More next issue, Allah Willing.