President Ronald Reagan, in the last paragraph of his conclusion in his January 31, 1983 message, which is printed in his report on the budget, reads as follows, “If the challenge before us is great, so, too, are the opportunities. Let us work together to meet the challenge. If we fail, if we work at cross purposes, posterity will not forgive us for allowing this opportunity to slip away.”

Now, on that same day he addressed the National Religious Broadcasters, a little after 2:00 p.m., at the Sheraton Washington Hotel.

At one point in his talk he said this, “Facing the future with the Bible–that’s a perfect theme for your convention.” Two sentences later he informed them that he would be signing a proclamation making 1983 the “Year of the Bible.”


Now, study these words very carefully. A few moments later the President said, “I’m accused of being simplistic at times with some of the problems that confront us. But I’ve often wondered: Within the covers of that single Book are all the answers to all the problems that face us today, if we’ll only look there.”

It may not be easy–in fact, it is hard–for proud, rich White people to acknowledge the fact that right from among the people whom their fathers enslaved comes the answers to the true interpretation of the Bible and the true understanding of, as well as the solutions to, the problems of America and the world.

Can the Congress of America, her president, her powerful international business people, her skilled scientists in every field– accept the answer to their problems from an ex-slave, as the king of Babylon and his people accepted the divine answers through an ex-slave named Daniel; or as Ninevah did through Jonah and was granted around 200 more years to live? This bears upon a great question once raised by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in an article that he wrote in the late 1950’s entitled, “Can America Repent?”

How many members of Congress believe, as the President seems to believe, that the Bible contains all of the answers to all of the problems that face us today? A little further into his remarks, the President said this, “I’ve always believed that this blessed land was set apart in a special way, that some divine plan placed this great continent here between the two oceans to be found by people from every corner of the Earth. …”

Now, according to insights from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he is right. But the president needs his wisdom to see better.

By the way, this is the same president who witnessed a so-called UFO when he was the governor of California. He ordered his pilot to chase it. There were many witnesses to this on that plane.

In his description of the kind of people who came here, the president clearly excluded Black people. It is a problem that White public officials generally have, especially when speaking in the public about what made America great. There is no honest way to speak of the establishment and the history of America without dealing with the fact that White America committed great evils to the Indians and unimaginable wickedness to their Black slaves. There is no way to talk about what made America great and not mention that her greatness is not due to high morals nor righteous character, unless, of course, we wish to be dishonest. Further, greatness is not to be equated with goodness. Babylon was great but not good.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, in his marvelous work of lifting the name of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, demonstrates that, indeed the solution to the problems of America and the world is right there in the Bible, if it is understood.

God Almighty has brought the solution to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who, in turn, made it available to everyone. And he empowered Minister Farrakhan to act in his place during his absence, as Moses did with Aaron.

There is no doubt about it, America was set apart in a special way; and indeed the divine plan is being fulfilled right here in America!

I find it interesting that still later in his speech, the president said this, “Each year, government bureaucracies spend billions for problems related to drugs and alcoholism and disease. Has anyone stopped to consider that we might come closer to balancing the budget if all of us simply tried to live up to the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule?”

America has not yet taken the first step in applying this rule in her dealings with Black people in this country.

I am about to quote from what is called a “Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.” This particular one is from Volume 19-No. 5, pages 137 through 193.

In a short speech, from which I have already quoted that President Reagan delivered on January 31, 1983, before the National Religious Broadcasters, he said many interesting things about the Bible. Among the things he stated were: “Within the covers of that single Book are all the answers to all the problems that face us today, if we would only look there.”

And then on February 3, 1983, about 9:00 a.m. in the International Ballroom at the Washington Hilton Hotel, he said these words, “Can we resolve to reach, learn and try to heed the greatest message ever written– God’s word and the Holy Bible.”

Before going on, my dear readers, I want you to know that I think at the end of the word “Bible,” there should have been a question mark. However, I am only quoting and I would like to leave it as it is contained in my source.

Let me continue his words. “Inside its pages lie all the answers to all the problems that man has ever known.”

Now, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad worked for 44 years to get America, in general, but especially Black people to “reach, learn and try to heed” the message contained in the Bible. And he did this with good reason. For one thing, as he made very clear, a great deal of the Bible is actually referring to and directed to Black people of America. We are written of from one end of the Bible to the other.

Genesis 15:13, 14, is but one of innumerable places in the Bible’s text which refers directly to this country and the people living in it. It tells of the 400-year period Blacks would serve as slaves to White people in the United States of America. That time is up and this country is now under divine plagues due not only to her evils to her ex-salves, but also to her continued deceit in holding us against His will and the best interests of all.

Part of Minister Farrakhan’s function is to help the President, and those who may come after this one, to understand that the Bible does, indeed, describe both the problem and solution of America’s greatest problem.

More next issue, Allah Willing.