Certain prophecies of the scriptures are unfolding, as all kinds of talk and emotions swirl and whirl around the state of condition of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Meanwhile, consider this answer from Minister Farrakhan.

Jabril Muhammad: Now Brother Minister, as you know the Honorable Elijah Muhammad used to call our annual Saviours’ Day Conventions with an apostrophe ‘s’. You explained to me, years ago in Boston, your reason for the change you were then about to   make in it. You changed it from Saviour’s to Saviours’. Would you summarize the explanation you gave?


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: Yes. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad called it Savior’s Day with an apostrophe ‘s’ because it was the day of the Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, Who came from Mecca and introduced Himself to us. It was His words given to us through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that saved us from spiritual, mental, moral, economic, political and social death.

Thirty months after the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed, I, by Allah’s permission, arose to help him in his assignment or mission. As you can recall in one of his books, Our Savior Has Arrived, he referred to all of his followers as helpers; even if he had 40 million followers, they would be 40 million helpers.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Moses says to Allah in his prayer, ‘Raise from among my offspring a helper and make him to share my burden.’   And Allah answered: ‘Your petition is granted.’ So now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells me to my face, before he left, that Allah had made him to take his place among the people. This was years after Allah, God has made the Messenger his vicegerent or Khalifah. And now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad says to me, ‘And I am making you to take my place among the people.’   He is letting me know that I was chosen to be his helper.

Well he said that.   It was a process that was begun and was going on even at the time that he was telling me this.

Then on another day he called me to his table and said to me ‘Brother, my head pains me at night. Sometimes I think I am going to have a stroke. I have called you here to share with you some of my burden.’ However it was not until 1977 that I begin to see that the sharing of the burden, he had in his mind, was the fulfillment of the prophesy and the prayer of Moses and later the man like Moses to Allah for a helper.  

I believe with all my heart that I am that helper and everybody that comes to join me, joins me as a fellow helper to bring about the fulfillment of the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  

Then the scriptures says, ‘I will send saviours–plural–after them.’   So I decided, that every Saviours’ Day we would gather those who have committed their lives with mine, to be saviours of the people; helpers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the guidance of the great Mahdi and Messiah–as helpers in the cause.  

So the Jesus asked, ‘Who are my helpers in the cause of Allah?’ The disciples answered, ‘We are.’   I am answering that question in the affirmative–I am and those with me are. Therefore, every February 26th, we not only celebrate the birthday of the man born in Mecca, February 26, 1877, Who studied forty-two years of His life to save and deliver us, but we are also celebrating the believers who believe and are disciples and have come forward to help in this cause, and thus, have become little saviours.

So Saviours’ Day is the day of all of the saviours.

Among the main meanings of the word “help” are: “to provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength, means, or effort; aid; assist; to save; rescue; succor, to provide for or contribute to; facilitate or promote; to be useful or profitable to; to make less unpleasant or monotonous; improve; to relieve (someone) in need, sickness, pain, or poverty or distress; to alleviate; remedy; to serve or wait on (a customer), as in a store; to give aid; to provide guidance; backing; advice; assistance and aid.

So a helper helps. And, helpers help.

The word helper means: “one that helps; an assistant; a person who helps, assistant, assister, helping hand, aide, attendant, help, helpmate, subaltern, associate, auxiliary, coworker, partner, copartner.”    

Here is one way for those who want to get into this, beyond the surface, which will systematize, broaden and deepen our study of this major aspect of ourselves and why we were called forth. First, look on page 1002, in the Roget’s International Thesaurus, the fourth edition, under the words: help; helper; helpful; helping; helping hand; helpless and helpmate.

As you’ll see, for instance, under the word “help,” etc. there are further subdivisions, which further explain, define, refine and–in short–provide words for the vague ideas we may have of “help.” That is essentially what a thesaurus does; it gives us the words for ideas we are trying to understand and express. This improves our power to think.

Second, go to dictionaries, which define and give meanings of words. Third, go to synonym and antonym books. This will further provide us with the ability to distinguish between words and help us to determine which word to use, in this or that situation. These books give us words that are close to, as well as opposite (in meaning) to the words we are studying.

Without the frequent and proper use of such tools (books), we won’t ever come to really see the value of our Lessons, the scriptures, the words of Minister Farrakhan and his teacher, etc.

The words of God contain His spirit.

The spirit of The Saviour is entering the hearts of our people with each passing day. We are becoming saviours–on all levels–a sign of greater work to come. For instance Essence magazine, dated April 1999, contains this theme: Save Our People: What Can You Do?                    

In article after article, you’ll find at the top of many pages, Do Something For Yourself and on other pages, Do Something For Your People. The root of this is God through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He taught this deeper than anyone ever did, and its been tremendously watered by Minister Farrakhan. The harvest is now coming up.

Out of his teacher’s mind Minister Farrakhan will spearhead a third political force, as he has explained. Sure to be high on the list of the “political” agenda to be developed, will be the issue of “equal justice under the law.” See The Muslim Program, No. 3 under What the Muslims Want.

Recent studies by non-followers of Minister Farrakhan shows that he is the premier Black leader in this country. There are a growing number of people, of all nationalities, who see Minister Farrakhan as the best leader for all in America. This was not his aim. It’s the Lord’s doing, as it was with Joseph, for the benefit of many.

All of this and more–which is all the workings of Allah’s will–are factors in the Minister’s announced plans between now and the presidential and other elections of 2,000. The people are becoming more and more ready to cooperate with Minister Farrakhan.

For these and other reasons, the most wicked want him dead. But their plans have and will ever serve Allah’s plan. Allah and His Christ desires that Minister Farrakhan rise to the pinnacle of this world for the benefit of the vast majority.

More about all of this next issue, Allah willing.