By Leonard Omarr Muhammad

In the traditions of our Native American family exists the art of storytelling. Our great Student National Prison Reform Minister, Brother Abdullah Muhammad, is certainly gifted by Almighty God Allah with this very important art form. Recently Brother Abdullah participated in a training course, for 60 Federal Bureau of Prisons chaplains from across the country. This event was held at the National Corrections Academy & the Management and Specialty Training Center in Aurora, Colorado. The three day training course called “Islamic Religions and Religious Accommodation” consisted of lectures on Islam, the Nation of Islam, and Moorish Science Temple of America.

Student Minister Abdullah, engaged the chaplains in a four hour lecture and power point presentation that Chaplain Saulsberry (who facilitated the training), said was “educational and enlightening for the chaplaincy corps.”

While addressing many key points, such as The Pillars of Islam, What The Muslims Believe, and What The Muslims Want; in a very beautiful way, Bro. Abdullah taught on point #12 of What The Muslims Believe. He taught on point #5 by demonstrating the transformative power of The Knowledge of God, The Knowledge of Self and The Knowledge of the enemy of God’s Law and God’s way. By lifting scripture from both Bible and the Holy Qur’an, he eloquently proved without doubt, the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad concerning God being Man and the prophesied coming of God in Person. (Habakkuk 3:3 Gen. Ch.15 v. 13-15)


Many aspects of the history of the Nation of Islam were discussed during the presentation and Q&A. And while most of the chaplains were non-Muslims, there seemed to be a very sincere level of both interest and respect, to at least learn as much as possible concerning the faith and belief system of the Nation of Islam. And as we continue to see mass media misrepresent Islam to America, this was indeed a very timely and important work for Bro. Abdullah to perform on behalf by Leonard Omarr Muhammad Prison Ministry training session, informs and inspires of the N.O.I.’s Prison Reform Ministry and the Nation of Islam in general.

The various chaplains were intrigued to learn the FBI informed the Honorable Minister Farrakhan, that the daughter of Malcolm X was accused in a ‘murder for hire plot’ to assassinate Min. Farrakhan and that an FBI informant was used to entrap Sister Qubilah Shabazz. At this point Bro. Abdullah showed a PowerPoint photo of Sister Betty Shabazz sitting on stage listening to Min. Farrakhan defend her daughter, Qubilah Shabazz. Bro. Abdullah let all who were present know that Min. Farrakhan is a “Healer”. Others were equally surprised to know that Min. Farrakhan was successful in restoring relations with Imam Warith Deen Mohamed and that the Imam said, “Minister Farrakhan is one of the most beautiful men that I know”.

For the chaplains in attendance, it was both interesting and comforting, to hear of the many diff erent ways and examples Min. Farrakhan has found to “Heal” the spiritual and mental wounds in our community and establish unity.

During the Q&A, one of the chaplains of the Anglican faith, stood up to apologize on behalf of Anglicanism. This particular chaplain went on to say that prior to the American Revolution, the Church of England sent missionaries over to America and during one of these missions, an Anglican priest baptized a ‘slave child’ in North Carolina and wrote back to England’s Bishop of London, asking if the ‘slave child’ should be released from slavery. The priest never received a response back from the Church. “I apologize publicly” stated the chaplain and he went on to say that he learned of this history from a professor of his, who was from Whales and that the letter is documented in the archives of The Church of London.

Also during the Q&A, a Muslim chaplain originally from Nigeria spoke with much emotion, thanking Bro. Abdullah as he refl ected on his fi rst time hearing Minister Farrakhan speak in Nigeria in 1988. The Nigerian chaplain (now living and working in America) said that he was in attendance of a graduation ceremony for attorneys at the time and that although there are diff erences in background, what he learned in 1988 continues to be great tools for him personally, and that he learned things that he lives by to this very day. He also mentioned that his good friends Imam Rufai and Imam Rauf from Nigeria were both brought to the U.S. along with their families by Min. Farrakhan to help in the cause of Islam. This chaplain also said that Min. Farrakhan permitted Imam Rufai to teach the students of Muhammad University of Islam even though Bro. Rufai came from a diff erent school of Islamic expression than the Nation of Islam.

After the presentation a Caucasian Chaplain approached Bro. Abdullah and said “I admire your bearing, strength, and fearlessness.” Another Caucasian Chaplain asked, “What about me? What about me? I want to learn too but you said Min. Farrakhan has not yet opened the doors to Caucasian people”.

Bro. Abdullah advised him to go to The Final Call web page and order all the books and messages of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan to study. He also advised him to watch the Minister’s Time and What Must Be Done lecture series and his other messages available online. Bro. Abdullah then told the chaplain to contact him if he really believes so that he can help him with his studies.

Bro. Abdullah did more than a Power Point presentation and Q&A with his representation of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. When asked why does the F. O.I. wear bowties, he answered the chaplains with the following: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has a chapter in his monumental book Message to The Blackman in America that simply states, “Islam Dignifi es” and we’re taught that no one needs to condemn any man or woman, but rather than condemn, one simply needs to set an example, by living the life of a Righteous person, by submitting to do God’s will.

No one needs to point out the dirty glass, just simply sit a clean glass beside it, he continued. “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad placed the F.O.I. in business suits, clean shirts and ties so that we might represent that which He desires for an entire Nation; Dignity,” said Bro. Abdullah.

One of the Chaplains from Florida asked Bro. Abdullah if he traveled to other prisons and stated that he would like for Brother Abdullah to visit his facility. In addition, Brother Abdullah received an invitation to visit FMC Manchester, MN.

We thank the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for commissioning Bro. Abdullah Muhammad to serve the Nation of Islam through Prison Reform Ministry. And as for those of us who help with Prison Reform Ministry, we are very grateful to Bro. Abdullah for his many years of service. May Allah continue to strengthen him and all of the Believers, as we strive hard to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.