If you read this article and if you study the Bible, you will see Moses’s response to God’s response to Him. Out of that came Aaron. But God saw Aaron before that time. The word Context in this article means: “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.”

But study the Bible. And then study the Holy Qur’an, carefully. Read the Bible first and then read this in the Holy Qur’an: And my brother, Aaron, he is more eloquent in speech than I, so send him with me as a helper to confirm me. Surely I fear that they would reject me.   28:34  

And certainly We gave Moses the Book and We appointed with him his brother Aaron, an aider. 25:35


And We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and completed them with ten, so the appointed time of his Lord was complete forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron: Take my place among my people, and act well and follow not the way of the mischief-makers. 7:142  

I cannot explain the above fully because it would require a book. Are we at the end of this time?


In the book Closing The Gap, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said this:

Sometimes the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would be sitting in his dinning room listening to a tape of himself and he would get carried away and start applauding. While we were watching it was so intriguing to me because he was applauding as though he was not listening to himself. But he was listening to the intervention of God in that which he was saying to us.

As I was reading the last chapter of this book, you know, it’s hard for me to say that I wrote such words. I’m applauding the intervention of God and His Christ in the words that He blessed me to put in black and white for the world to see my mind; my heart; my spirit; my soul.

If one would study, A Torchlight for America although I wrote it for America highlighting the diseases of a great nation, subliminally I wrote it for the Nation of Islam and the diseases that could, would and have affected us as a people. Sometimes when we see America, we say, “Oh that’s for them.” We miss the point. It was written with a double meaning; for America and for us.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us when we study the history of Israel, in the scriptures, under that, we’re also studying about ourselves. And so we should pay attention to what happened to Israel; her many rebellions; her many chastisements and yet the God was merciful to her. Well that’s good for us to study and see and know that God is no respecter of persons–that He will punish; chastise us because He loves us. And if that is the only way to get us to think and act properly, then the chastisement is over due, but it is on its way.

Then we discussed the next edition with a new cover on it that brings out my idea better. A part of what he said was: “A Torchlight for America, white and Black, you know. You could have the two Americas, you know; one with the Black, Brown, the Native, the non-white and then white America.”

When you asked me about the seal, the true nature of this nation is found in the seal. And the six nations, out of which America was peopled, represent what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “What is the meaning of American?”

In the old dictionaries it was those of European extraction, not the aboriginal people of the earth. In the mind of those who rule America they have never changed from the original perception and conception of the founding fathers. To this very moment, they are of the same mind. This is why a genocidal approach now is being taken to the Blacks and soon the Brown. The Native Americans are already a decimated group.

People of color will–according to their view–never rule in this land. This is also why, even though, we have the right to vote legally, all kinds of machinations are put in place to rob us of the power of the vote. They seek to and do corrupt our leaders, and trap them through entrapment schemes orchestrated by the government to destroy in us even the desire to vote for our own people.

All of these evil acts are a part of that mind-set that is reflected in the seal of the United States of America that is in the ruling class: the Rockefellers, the DuPonts. All of that group of minds that represents the ruling class of this nation–they have not changed. They will not change. Their idea is the destruction of the mass, if the mass looks like it will oppose what is represented in that seal and in the thinking of the founding fathers of this nation.

This is why Paul said, “We war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It’s a myth that America is pluralistic. It’s a myth that America is for all. That is food for the sick desire of others to want to be American. But at the top they know what America is. It’s what they envisioned America to be and why our presence and the multiplication of our seed is threatening and why every scientific method of destruction of us is now put into force that if we do not find a way to separate from this people, within the next ten years, there may not be Black people in America.


Have we really read it to understand what the Minister was saying to America openly and to the nation subliminally? If you did understand it, or do understand it, why then is there seemingly no desire to push a book that so represents not just the thinking of the Minister but the heart, mind, soul and spirit of the Minister.

You can’t read these penetrating words and see him as the world now sees him. This is not autobiographical. This is the Minister elaborating on that which he has learned from his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. If the student has put such wisdom in a book for Pharaoh, as well as for us, it would seem to me that such a book should be in every Muslim home and we should want it in the home of every Black person who may want to understand more about Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

More next issue, Allah willing.