By Abdullah Muhammad – National Prison Reform Minister

The last time Student Minister Troy Muhammad walked the hallways and yards of Ryan Correctional Facility it was in shackles as an inmate. But earlier this year he returned to Ryan Correctional Facility, not as a repeat offender or parole violator, but as the Detroit Representative of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Student Minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 1.

Invited by inmates, after 15 years he was finally allowed by prison officials to come back in to give a positive word from the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as taught by Minister Farrakhan. The teachings that Student Minister Troy says, “saved my life and then transformed my life.” Speaking to approximately 50 inmates Student Minister Troy Muhammad returns to prison bringing the light of Islam representing different branches of Islam, some Orthodox, some Moorish American as well as members of the Nation of Islam study group, Student Minister Troy reminded them from Minister Farrakhan, about their worth and value.

He reminded them of how Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) received the revelation of The Holy Qur’ran while in a cave. Then he likened the inmates’ cell to a cave. Student Minister Troy then said “as The Prophet Muhammad came out of that cave and brought Islam to the world, you have a responsibility to Allah to come out of these 5 x 9 caves called prison cells to take Islam to your family and your community, which isn’t done just in word but in your every action and deed.”


Mr. Maurice Dukes, who coordinates special events for inmates said, “Student Minister Troy did a wonderful job. All the inmates I talked to after the event said it was very inspirational!” Michael 2X Tubbs who served time with Student Minister Troy said, “I was holding back tears the entire time. To see one who walked with me under the same circumstances on this side of the razor wire laced fence now in the world making it happen, aiding the Minister, he (Student Minister Troy) made the mission believable for all of us.”

The July 18 event began with salat (prayer) and different inmates shared words making way for Student Minister Troy. After words were given he spent time fellowshipping with the brothers as they celebrated their Eid Feast to mark the conclusion of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

“To see men who served time with me 20 years ago, still there, still strong; Darren X, Darryl Woods, Brown-Bey, Brother Raheem, so moving…words cannot describe the feeling of being able to walk back in a free man, walk back in bringing the teachings that made me free,” Student Minister Troy told the men.

“I thank Allah for these lifegiving teachings. I thank Allah for the day Minister Louis Farrakhan touched me. I thank Allah for our great prison reform Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad, who does work like this on a daily basis. This journey has been a blessed one!” he added.