“And the foremost, the first of the Emigrants and the Helpers, and those who followed them in goodness–Allah is well pleased with them and they are will pleased with Him, and He has prepared for them Gardens wherein flow rivers, abiding therein for ever. That is the mighty achievement.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verse 100

From the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught to him from his Master Teacher, W. F. Muhammad, the Indigenous people of the Americas, identified as Indian in our Supreme Wisdom Lessons, are also original and number two million, added to our 17 million, making a total population of 19 million in North America and 4,400,000,000 all over the planet earth. Both people have their origin in Asia, going back to the beginning of time when our entire planet was named Asia, and all our inhabitants were of Asiatic origin. The breaking up of Asia into the seven continents that we know today was a later development but each group of our original inhabitants who later migrated to these seven regions maintained their mother culture to the best of their ability from Mother Asia.

We are further taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that in the beginning there were 13 tribes until one of our original scientists, 66 trillion years ago, desired that we all speak the same dialect or language. He broke away from the circle of the god-scientists and attempted to destroy all of us by placing high explosive dynamite into the earth which detonated one part of our planet away from the other part giving birth to our present moon. The chain reaction to this powerful explosion thrust the part we now call moon upward 12,000 miles high, while the part we now call earth went downward 36,000 miles away from its original pocket or orbit. What is the meaning behind this high science of mathematics and astronomy in describing these events which occurred in the far distant past for us to learn today? One of the tribes of the original 13 got lost with many people being destroyed or killed in that powerful explosion.


In the making of the moon, the 12 remaining tribes established the base for our numbering system rooted in the number 12 that we use in our measurements today with the ruler having 12 inches equal to one foot, and 36 inches equal to one yard. The difference between 12 and 36 is 24 which give us the present hour of our earth’s day cycle in her daily rotation around the sun. These measurements or calculations also laid the base for our present numbering of 12 zodiacal signs or constellations of stars through which we travel in space. This measurement parallels our circle of 12 major scientists who kept the secret of the reality of God away from the public until today.

These measurements originating from our moon history also gives rise to the 12 minor scientists which in combination with the 12 major scientists results in the 24 scientists, 23 of which do all of the writing of our nation’s history to last in periodic cycles of 25,000 years each before its renewal. This number, as we have learned from the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is equal to the circumference of our planet at the equator and is intercepted by the plane of our earth’s axis measured at our poles, each end being 23 1/2 degrees. Our earth’s movement at the poles goes in a retrograde motion known in astronomy as the “precession of the equinoxes”. This is also known as the “Great Year Cycle” when our earth, sun and moon complete a full rotation through the 12 zodiacal signs every 25,000 to 26,000 years.


It is on the basis of this high science of mathematics and astronomy which determines how our spiritual histories and prophecies are recorded and stored in continual periods to advance our civilizations on our planet. We have now come to a period in these repetitive cycles when a new changeover of worlds or renewals is about to take place. The Native Americans (Indians) of Asiatic origin are now coming forward to unite with their Asiatic Black family as one and the hidden truths are now being revealed from their ancient writings and prophecies. The heavens are having her covering removed revealing the Gospel of the Stars. Presently the world’s attention is focusing on these testimonies with an old world ending and a new world beginning. The most accurate calendar in the world today, which corresponds to our nation’s Asiatic Calendar History, is the Mayan Calendar recognized by scientists the world over as being more precise in its calculations than their own Western or Gregorian Calendar that most people follow today.

The Mayan Calendar time returns to the base of the frequency of the number 13 throughout its calculation in conjunction with the sun, moon and stars and other planets. This also involves calculations based upon the numerical system introduced by the Olmecs counting 0 to 19. With hindsight, we can understand better why the number 13 has always been viewed by the Western world as being unlucky. This number seals her fateful doom because of her destruction and exploitation of the Indigenous populations and the hiding of their great wisdom. Among the Indian population of America, particularly among the tribes of the southwest United States and of Mexico and Central America, joined to others in the northeast corner of the United States, are revealing the processes of their great histories that brings an end to the present day rulers pointing out disasters and calamities which are curtailing America and the world on all its sides. Only with the coming of God in Person under the title of the Great Mahdi, Master W. F. Muhammad, could have the power to find and restore us in reawakening our god consciousness in bringing a totally new world order and school of thought that has never been before in the creation of the heavens and the earth. So now we rise as the despicable and despised of all our original people like the phoenix bird rising from its own ashes to live again in a purified world of peace and righteousness.

“And of those around you of the desert Arabs, there are hypocrites; and of the people of Madina (also)–they persist in hypocrisy. Thou knowest them not, We know them. We will chastise them twice, then they will be turned back to a grievous chastisement.”  —Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verses 101

To be continued.