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Hundreds rally in Atlanta to demand whistleblower testify before Congress and CDC admit problem with what leaders, families call tainted vaccines

Numerous groups of protestors including members of the Nation of Islam at the Centers for Disease Control at the Vaccine Justice Or Else! gathering in Atlanta, Ga. Oct. 23. Photo: Courtney X Powell

ATLANTA ( – Hundreds of demonstrators from across the United States brought photos, vaccine-injured loved ones, pain and tears to the   headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the start of a weekend focused on demands that Congress investigate the connections between use of mumps, measles, rubella vaccines to autism, immune system failures and even death.

Organizers said the Oct. 23-25 schedule of events, which included a rally at South East Atlanta’s Grant Park and an ecumenical service at the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad Mosque No. 15, drew unprecedented numbers of participants.


“We are here because this is the national headquarters of the CDC and we are bringing the battle to the CDC and we are asking the CDC to tell us the truth. We are confronting them with the words of their own whistleblower,” said Robert Kennedy, Jr., son of slain U.S. Attorney General Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, nephew of assassinated U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and a proponent of safe vaccines.

Paula Willard believes unsafe vaccines could be tied to autism in her family. Photos: Erick Muhammad

Earlier this year he met with Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan and shared his concern that the MMR vaccine, with mercury as one of its ingredients, is tied to autism. He also charged Black children, particularly male children, are particularly vulnerable to the unsafe vaccine as are nearly 20 African nations.

“A senior scientist (Dr. William Thompson) at CDC’s immunization safety office, which is their vaccine branch, says that he and his fellow scientists have been ordered for 10 years to lie, manipulate data and massage the data to conceal the links between mercury in vaccines and autism in our children,” Mr. Kennedy charged, in an exclusive interview with The Final Call.

“This huge outbreak of neurological disorders–including autism have made ADD, ADHD, asthma, juvenile diabetes, food allergies–stuff that we never saw before, suddenly appeared in 1989,” said Mr. Kennedy, who is an attorney. That same year the CDC changed the U.S. vaccine schedule for infants, children and teens and adults, he said. Mr. Kennedy asserts research shows Black boys are particularly susceptible to the unsafe vaccine and more likely to suffer from autism than Whites and are nearly four-times more likely to suffer autism than Black girls.

“When I was a kid I got three vaccines,” Mr. Kennedy said. “Our children got 69 vaccines. That began in 1989 and that’s the year all of these diseases started.”

Men and women from around the country gathered in front of CDC headquarters in Atlanta to protest unsafe vaccines and concern with vaccine safety. Photo: Courtney X Powell

According to Mr. Kennedy, Dr. Thompson is pained by his conscience and wants to appear before Congress and share what happened at the CDC and under whose authority.

“African American children, data shows, are particularly vulnerable to vaccine injury (through) mercury. The reason for that is probably because African American children chronically have Vitamin D deficiencies and also have high testosterone. Testosterone amplifies and magnifies a neurotoxic effect of mercury. That’s why boys are affected 4 to 1 more than girls. And the girls that get it have high testosterone. So, not only are you going after a race, but you are also going after a people who have the highest testosterone and are the leaders in sports, academics, business, and life,” Mr. Kennedy continued.

“And they are the ones that are being weeded out by this high saturation of our population with mercury. And (Dr. Thompson) found, a team of five scientists in 2004 found, that risks to Black boys was 250 percent greater chance of getting autism if they got that vaccine on time, compared to kids who delayed it. Instead of alerting the public and letting us take precautions, and doing proper screening, they hid it.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. addresses crowd at Grant Part in Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 24, 2015.

“They put it in a garbage can, they destroyed it. Then they published this study pretending it didn’t happen. Since that time there have been 100,000 Black boys who’ve died from autism and their lives could have been spared. Their families are destroyed, their lives are destroyed, the careers of their families have been destroyed and these in many cases were the most promising children in their community.”

Paula Willard traveled from McKinney, Texas, to Atlanta armed with a poster board showing what she called the many victims of unsafe vaccines in her immediate family.

“My son was vaccine-injured and I have seven children in my family who have also been vaccine-injured and I just wanted to come and represent for them to let the CDC know that we are aware of what’s happening and it needs to stop,” she told The Final Call. “My son regressed into autism. He was developing normally. He walked at 10 months. When he was born, he had Apgar scores of 10. I had taught him sign language, Spanish–he knew shapes and colors. I mean he was just developing like a normal child,” she said.

Apgar is a test conducted one to five minutes after a child’s birth to determine whether a newborn is ready to meet the world without additional medical assistance. A range of 7-10 is considered normal. A score of 10, however, is rare, and according to some experts, may indicate such children are exceptionally gifted.

Protestor demands vaccine truth. Photos: Erick Muhammad

“As I vaccinated him, I noticed regression. He was nine months when he got the Hepatitis B vaccine and he had a seizure, of which, I didn’t recognize at that time. And now he has autism, he has tic disorders, he has encephalitis and he has asthma. If you look at the vaccine inserts (these are) some of the adverse side effects that could occur,” she said. Her son Chance, 11, has suffered much, and she loves him dearly.

“This is not coincidental. We never had autism in our family before. Before my son, I really didn’t know what autism was. I thought it was ‘Rain Man’ (a popular movie starring Al Pacino where a man who suffers from autism has an incredible ability to deal with numbers.)

“All of these children from the CDC’s own statistics–one out of 68 will develop autism–which as we know is actually higher. It’s not coincidental. I mean, it’s great to have awareness of autism. But more than awareness, we need to be asking why this is happening? These children are being disabled and the burden is being put on the parents to have to figure out how to rehabilitate them.

“Some have to have therapy, some can’t be left alone. People are going bankrupt behind this. It’s breaking up families and marriages,” said Ms. Willard. “It’s a crime against humanity,” she said.

“Today marks the springboard for the Vaccine Justice Or Else! movement,” Tony Muhammad, who is Western Region minister for the Nation of Islam. He facilitated the meeting between Min. Farrakhan and Atty. Kennedy and joined protests against mandatory vaccine laws in California. He came to Atlanta from his base in Los Angeles.

We desire to bring attention to the senior lead scientist who still works for the Centers for Disease Control, who has admitted the study that he did, that all of the doctors, the Congress, our government uses, to say that there is no problem with the vaccines is wrong, said Tony Muhammad.

Student Min. Tony Muhammad (Above left) and a multi racial group of protestors including members of the Nation of Islam demanded answers about vaccine safety and research from the Centers for Disease Control at Vaccine Justice Or Else! in Atlanta, GA. Oct. 23 Photo: SRSI

“Last year in August, he became conscience-stricken and now he has admitted that he told an outright lie. And as a result of that lie, it took him 10-14 years to admit over 100,000 Black boys have come down with autism. But White, Latino, our Asian families and all over this globe–something is terribly wrong with these vaccines.

“And we want this man subpoenaed. And we also found out that Big Pharma–they are the strongest and most powerful lobbyist group in America, has bought out most of our Black congresspersons and passed a law in the early 1990s so that the vaccine maker can’t even be sued. That in and of itself is a heinous act. If they are making so much money and if they believe that the vaccines are so safe, why then, won’t they allow us to sue them and why is our government protecting them?” he asked.

Women at CDC protest show signs asking for documented proof of the safety of vaccines.

“So we need to shut the CDC down. In fact there have been four studies and every one of those studies said there is major corruption going on in the CDC, because CDC takes money from Big Pharma. How can you regulate something that you are taking money from?” he asked. Big Pharma is shorthand for the powerful U.S. pharmaceutical industry, which controls about 40 percent of the global pharmaceutical market and was valued at $365 million in 2014. According to, “In 2014, six out of the top eleven companies were U.S.-based.”

The World Health organization reported the global pharmaceuticals market was worth $300 billion a year, headed toward $400 billion a year. “The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, several with sales of more than $10 billion a year and profit margins of about 30 percent. Six are based in the United States and four in Europe. It is predicted that North and South America, Europe and Japan will continue to account for a full 85 percent of the global pharmaceuticals market well into the 21st century,” according to WHO. 2013, the world market for preventive vaccines totaled $23.9 billion, up from $22.8 billion in 2012 as sales in all segments expanded, according to our latest report.      

Youth also took part.

Kalorama Information, which describes itself as “leading publisher of market research in medical markets,” said in 2013 the world market for preventive vaccines was $23.9 billion, up from $22.8 billion in 2012 as “sales in all segments expanded.”

“As the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said to me, ‘Brother, we are not fighting against flesh and blood. We are fighting against principalities. We are fighting against the rulers of the darkness of this world. But, we are fighting against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ CDC is in a high place. Pharma is in a high place. Our Congress, who’s buying into the lie, is in a high place. We have to shut it down. We have to bring it to America’s attention.”

At the Grant Park Rally, hundreds heard appeal after appeal from speakers concerned about unsafe vaccines, the power of the pharmaceutical lobby, the need to educate communities and the power found in   unity to create safe and healthy alternatives for children and families.

Atlanta Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad opened the doors of Mosque 15 to host special meeting during the Vaccine Justice Or Else! gathering. Photo: Erick Muhammad

Abdul Akbar Muhammad, international representative of the Nation of Islam gave remarks on behalf of Min. Farrakhan. At one of the largest public gatherings in U.S. history, the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March Oct. 10 in Washington, D.C. and a major address from Chicago on Oct. 18, the Minister called for support of the CDC protest in Atlanta.

Min. Farrakhan has been working non-stop through the Oct. 10 Justice Or Else! gathering and it is time for the people to lead the charge for justice, he said.

Joining Mr. Kennedy and Tony Muhammad were Michelle Ford, of Vaccine Injury Awareness League; Barbara Loe Fisher, president and cofounder of the National Vaccine Information Center; and vaccine attorney Alan Philips. Other speakers at the rally included Dr. Brian Hooker, Stacy Francis Sings, Dr. Toni Bark, Eric Gladen, Lyn Redwood and Ron Cummings.

“The most damning part of this for me is the fact that families are blaming themselves for what has happened to their children. Wondering, asking God what they might have done wrong to bring this upon them,” Min. Akbar Muhammad told The Final Call. “The Minister’s love for humanity allowed him to hear what Mr. Kennedy brought to him and it touched his heart.”

As international representative, Min. Akbar Muhammad lived in Africa for 12 years. He has visited more than 40 African countries and he is sure that the 20 countries discovered to be affected by unsafe vaccines scourge are among those visited. “I am waiting for that list of nations. I hope to have it soon,” he said.

“We marched here 30 years ago, in May of 1986, in the first public demonstration protesting that the CDC was not telling the people the truth about vaccine risks,” said Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center. “And we are back here today again, in solidarity with everybody here to say again–30 years later, the CDC is still not telling the people the truth about vaccine risks and failures.”

“I am here to tell you that vaccine injury knows no race, no social class, no educational background, no state nor country. There are people around the world that are not being told the truth that vaccines can injure and kill. In this country, we are prevented from making vaccine choices for our children,” she said. “By law, the right to make a choice about which vaccines to use or don’t use is being taken away from us by government officials who, have collaborated with industry and a very profitable industry to say we have no choice. But we are here today, all of us from many different backgrounds to say, ‘not in America.’ No forced vaccinations. Not in America.”

“We are living in a world where our government is not controlled by the people of the United States, but by the oil companies the pharmaceutical companies and the securities companies on Wall Street. The Supreme Court changed a 100-year-old law that said that corporations cannot give money to the political process. This right-wing Supreme Court the most business-oriented Supreme Court in history five years ago changed that law,” said Mr. Kennedy.

“I thank God for Min. Farrakhan for getting involved in this. I mean, look at this crowd today. This would not have happened without Min. Farrakhan. He’s been a truly great partner in this battle. And you know what? When you are in a battle against powerful forces like these, you want somebody on your side that’s going to be willing to die with their boots on and that’s Min. Farrakhan. He is not scared of the public criticism. He’s not scared of the lies. He and his followers want what is most important. The want the truth and they’ve got courage.”