What caused the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to see and recognize Him–The Supreme Being–Master Fard Muhammad–in 1931? And at the same time, the Supreme Being saw and recognized the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and after that it was total agreement!

Why am I writing this now at this time? I wrote this many times publicly.

In 1954 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told others the above several times.


Below are words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

“It is very late now and I wish that I had or rather (pardon me) rather I wish that you had the patience that I have to stay and listen to all that we have to say.   But knowing your patience very well, we are trying to hurry through with what we have in mind giving to you just that we said highlights of it, but we do like that you have patience today. Listen to the truth, and after listening to the truth act upon the principles of the truth.

“It is not to just to challenge your faith, your God or whatever it may be that you are worshipping or that you believe in, it is not that.   It is our love for our people and the sake of humanity that we desire to warn you from Allah that an awful world and an awful destruction is now imminent.

“According the scripture, at the time that the prophets prophesied that the gathering together of the people of earth there would be lots of trouble, there would be lots of hatred among you, great dissatisfaction.  

“Since you and me are witnesses here this afternoon in this world that we live, we have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper.   For 22 years I have worked hard wherever I was or may be to try to get into your ears and into your hearts the truth that Allah has revealed to me.

“I want to make it very clear to you that I have not come before you to try to teach you of a religion that you have not yet been acquainted with nor even myself.   I myself was born in America and was born under the Christian religion. I did not know Islam until around 23 years ago.   In fact about it, I had no knowledge of anything other than what I was taught here under the Christian guidance.

“After Allah brought to you and me Islam it has been to me like one that has been sound asleep and someone comes around early in the morning and wakes them up and tells them that it is now day.   I consider all of my years before the coming of Allah and Islam to me as years that were lost in darkness.

“I’m thankful to Allah for you that He has opened their hearts for the acceptance of Islam that is now… I know how you was because I know it myself.   We don’t have to say the crimes that we committed or the evils that we practiced, we can sum all of that up into one word: we were other than our own-selves.    

“Allah has made it clear to us today that we have lived other than our own-self for nearly 400 long years. That means ever since that our fathers, our forefathers was brought into the Western Hemisphere by a Christian by the name of John Hawkins.

“Remember this was a Christian that brought our forefathers to America to be sold into slavery.   We are not here to force you to believe in Islam, that’s immaterial with us.   Islam is independent whether you or me believe in it or not.   The God of Islam is also independent, He don’t have no need of us, but we have need of Him.    


“My subject was to be this afternoon of which I don’t have time to go through with it now.   We had lots of work which was more to be thankful and in fact about it I’m with you all of the time. What I wanted you to do was to meet and listen to these wonderful men of high standing in the Nation of Islam.   I’m here all of the time with you.  

“The subject that I have taken today was to show you that hardly which you have not understood of truth.   It is not that I want to recite the Bible story of Moses and Pharaoh just for you to know that I have read that story there as well as you.   No, I’ve taken this subject to bring home to you the true knowledge of the time that you are living in that here again is the fulfillment of the scene that took place around 4,000 years ago is now being taken place in the midst of us today.”  


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Chicago spoke the above words in 1954. There were some Muslim Scholars present and two of them spoke.

I wanted to give a little context to his words above.

Context means the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed; the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

I’m obligated to do this now.Obligation is an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.


In 1956, I heard a few words about envy, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. That was the first time I’d learned of envy and why it can, or will, produce murder. He stated the following statement, “An envious person is the worst kind of person because he will kill you.”

I heard these words, on a tape recorder, spoken by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the spring of 1956. I wondered over the depth of these words because many murder for many different reasons. What was and is it about envy that cause these words?

Later, in my life, I learned how and why people, who are envious, cover it up in many different ways. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad talked to me many times about envy and its relationship to evils done to others.

More next issue, Allah willing