By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

This aerial photo shows the collapsed elevated section of Interstate 10, July 20, in Desert Center, Calif. All traffic along one of the major highways connecting California and Arizona was blocked indefinitely when the bridge over a desert wash collapsed during a major storm, and the roadway in the opposite direction sustained severe damage.

Almost immediately after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned of divine chastisement striking America through extreme weather, God quickly responded.

Destructive and even deadly conditions hit different parts of the country.

“The God that we serve that is on the scene today is the master of all of the forces of nature and every one of those forces he’s bringing to play now on America. Mark my words, after this program watch for the weather again, watch for more calamities and destruction and if I am a false man, God will not answer me,”  Min. Farrakhan stated during an interview with radio  host Jay Winter Nightwolf of station WPFW-FM  in Washington, D.C. on July 9.

South Hutchinson police Sgt. Paul Allen and Chief Scott Jones watch a tornado northwest of Hutchinson, Kan., July 13

“Watch and be there on  10-10-15  and I will introduce you to the power that backs me and us,”  said Min. Farrakhan, referring to his call for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March under the theme  “Justice or Else.”

In almost a domino effect, the East, Midwest, Deep South and the West were pummeled with tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, hail, fires and excessive heat.  

The weather began striking a day, within hours really, after Min. Farrakhan made the divine declaration.

Robert Muhammad,  student  Southwest  Regional representative of the Nation of Islam, also  a doctoral student  and  urban planner, said in the 31 years he has walked with Min. Farrakhan in rebuilding the Nation of Islam, he’s witnessed this happen on several occasions.

“This is just the latest of the power that backs Farrakhan.  Across the United States, if you start in California, they suffer from a drought, yet they had a massive rain storm that caused flooding and an overpass to collapse between I-10 and California, and cut  a very important route for transportation and commerce,”  Min. Muhammad said.

A  50-mile-stretch of a vital California interstate linking Los Angeles and Phoenix partially reopened  on July 24  after flash flooding damaged several bridges  July 19.

The damaged bridges crossed gullies that became swollen with rain when an unusually strong summer storm dumped up to 7 inches in the area near Desert Center, about 50 miles west of California’s border with Arizona, according to AP.

Three  tornadoes struck Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 10,  ripping the roof off an elementary school. The tornadoes touched down with winds of 105, 110 and 85 mph, respectively, according to the National Weather Service. They also snapped and uprooted trees, crops and damaged outbuildings.

Cars were tossed around and houses moved from their foundations during flash flooding, July 14 in Flat Gap, Ky. Floodwaters that rushed through eastern Kentucky left one dead and seven unaccounted for as search teams combed the hilly Appalachian terrain July 14, with the threat of more floods bearing down on rescue efforts. Photos: AP/Wide World photos

In addition, said Min. Muhammad, from Texas all the way up to the East Coast, the heat was still such at press time that it’s causing a strain on the power grid.

“They’re having rolling black-outs. Transformers are exploding from being overloaded because of the demand for electricity,”  he said. “As seen with the unusual rain that took place on Memorial Day here in Texas, we see that the infrastructure was overwhelmed by Allah and his Christ utilizing the forces of nature to back their Minister,”  he said.

Within days  of the frank and riveting on-air dialogue between Min. Farrakhan and Mr. Nightwolf, severe weather and flash flooding  hit  the Midwest,  and severe thunderstorms in the upper Midwest and the Ohio Valley.  

A tornado with winds of 80 mph toppled southern Indiana on July 17.  

On July 14, there was deadly flooding in Flat Gap, Kentucky.  According to AP, flash floods in northern Johnson County destroyed homes and vehicles, and residents were reported missing a day after the floods.  

Fifty homes were reportedly destroyed. One home, ripped off its foundation, was sent floating down the river, crumbling after it collided with a bridge.

A tornado destroyed property in Kansas on July 13. Juneau, Wis., reported a midday total of 3.72 inches of rain and Kewanee, Ill., recorded 1.00 inch sized hail, AP said.  And in addition, excessive heat warnings were issued in eastern Kansas, Missouri and southern Iowa,  it  reported July 13.

Snowball-sized hail pounded Chicago and in Ohio, a pregnant mother and two of her children were swept away in flash floods. Her  fiancé  and their other two children who were also swept away survived, according to reports.

More than a week after a fire jumped Interstate 15 in Southern California on July 17, destroying approximately 20 vehicles and sending people heading for the hills in 95-degree heat, a  Northern California wildfire raced through more than six square miles of drought-stricken timber  on July 25, threatening at least 150 rural homes in the Sierra Nevada, authorities said.

The blaze forced evacuations of some communities in and near Nevada County, about 45 miles northeast of Sacramento, AP reported.

The fire was jumping from tree to tree, turning them into torches and throwing embers a half-mile ahead,  a state fire spokesperson  said.

Min. Muhammad said the country really can’t handle the weather damage to her infrastructure and if she wants to repair, rebuild or improve, she would have to borrow billions of dollars from private bankers or foreign investors, because America owes trillions of debt.  If America does not improve her infrastructure she cannot attract nor keep private investment and debt is slavery.

“The American people are enslaved to bankers and foreign investment. Their country has been taken, not by Blacks, not by Latinos, not by the poor. Their country’s been taken by the rich and the powerful,”  Min. Muhammad said.

“Justice or Else! This is what’s going to drive people to Washington, D.C. on  10/10/15  and beyond, because there is no substitute for justice,”  Min. Muhammad said.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)