“I want to be able to state why I wrote the above, next article, Allah willing. That involves the history of the Nation of Islam.” I wrote those words last article.

This involves two facts. It involves prophecy and the fulfillment of prophecy. This in particular involves the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I saw later on after the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that Minister Farrakhan was in the process of fulfilling Paul in the Bible. I know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad at a certain point saw that. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew, at a certain point, who was going to fulfill who in the Bible. That involves much more. I can explain that; but not now.  

For instance, I was not there, nor did I hear what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to Minister Farrakhan about Peter and Paul in the Bible.


Brother Jabril: We know that one day the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to you that you did not have to study. You have said to some of us that this puzzled you. I bring this up in relation to your appointment of Sister Minister Ava Muhammad as a minister over a mosque in the Nation of Islam. Please comment.

Minister Farrakhan: As I came to understand the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I came to see not that I should not study, but what he is going to bring through me and from me is that which is revelation. If it is revelation, I cannot study it, because I have no knowledge of what it is until it comes. After it comes through, then we can study it more deeply to understand and interpret it for those who believe.

I said that with respect to the appointment of Sister Minister Ava Muhammad as minister of the mosque, it was an act of inspiration. I had another person in mind. As I was sitting at the table, knowing I was going to make a change in Atlanta, I looked at Sister Ava, and in an instant, it came to me that she should be the one. In order to explain my moves to others who might not understand, I said I am not an individual who sits in contemplation and meditation in planning the next step for the Nation’s development.

Everything we have done has come from inspiration that comes in an instant. I do not know when it’s coming, or in what context it is going to come. I only know that it comes, and when it comes, I am convinced almost instantly that it is something I should do.

Sometimes after I say it or do it, there are some reservations, there are some “misgivings,” if that is a proper word. But they are quickly dispelled, because the reservations and the misgivings come out of a fear, sometimes, of a consequence for the revelation, an inspiration that has been acted upon. Then, Allah (God) confirms me, so that fear or anxiety over what He has inspired me to say or do goes away. Then, I go forward with zeal and strength and total commitment, knowing that Allah (God) is with me in what I am about to do.

Brother Jabril: That happened in the process of the idea of the Million Man March.

Minister Farrakhan: Absolutely. The Million Man March came as a moment of inspiration in the middle of a speech. After it left my lips, I looked at it. I could not believe that this was coming out of my mouth and that we were going to do such a thing.

Then I had reservations, not just for a moment, but I had reservations for a little time; “Oh, maybe I should put it off for a year or two. Maybe I should plan it better.”

Then I came to realize, more deeply, that my life is already planned. The best planner has planned my life through to the end and the plan was written long before I was born. So I need not sit around and plan. I just have to wait for aspects of His plan to be given to me to be carried out.

Brother Jabril: At some point in your Atlanta speech, when you were installing Sister Minister Ava Muhammad, you spoke about the woman being kept in. Would you say that there is a connection between that fact and the woman coming out now? How does this relate to the fact that prior to 6,000 years ago, as we have been taught, there was no “mosque” as such. The establishment of “mosque” is a relatively recent development where we have edifices here and there, throughout the earth and that one day the whole earth would be a mosque. What is the relationship between these two sets of issues?

Minister Farrakhan: Before the coming of the wicked, our whole activity of life was an activity of worship. I am sure that prayer, as a principle, was always a part of our life. Charity, fasting, struggle against human weakness, in order to be obedient to Allah

(God), was always a part of the principles of our daily activity. However, it was seen in the beginning of this 25,000 year cycle, that in the year 8,400 one would be born from among us who would bring in a world contrary to the nature of Allah (God) and the nature in which He created creation. The scientists agreed that such one should come, which they could have altered, or the Judge of that cycle could have altered. But He, in His wisdom, said, “Let it be.” So this one was coming by the permissive will of Allah (God) to act as the god of this world.

In order to keep this new people from using our ancient wisdom to build his world, we started the process, then, of preparing for the arrival of the god of this world. Part of that act of preparation was to cover up the signs of the wisdom of the original man in the earth. We could not cover up the signs of the original people in the heavens, and the new man would take many, many, many, years before he could even begin to read the wisdom of the Originator in the heavens. But, we could keep him from reading our science in the earth by burying our ancient civilizations under the sea, under the sand and under forests.

So the new man came to build his contrary world. Knowing that the female is the critical part of the building process–that one cannot bring in a new civilization until and/or unless one affects the way the female thinks. So in the wisdom of God, He pulled our women in, and part of the discipline of salvation for us was that our woman should be kept in the house. Not that this is permanent, but, this was an act of protection. The man would go out and meet the new people, while his woman was kept behind the door.

More next issue, Allah willing.