“And on the day when We raise up a witness out of every nation, then permission (to offer excuse) will not be given to the disbelievers, nor will they be allowed to make amends. And when the wrongdoers see the chastisement, it will not be lightened for them, nor will they be respited.”Holy Qur’an Surah 16, verses 84-85

There is a famous English nursery rhyme that reads:   “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down; London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.   Build it up with bars of iron, bars of iron, bars of iron; Build it up with bars of iron, my fair lady.   Iron bars will break and bend, break and bend, break and bend; Iron bars will break and bend, my fair lady; Build it up with gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver. Build it up with gold and silver, my fair lady.”

This seemingly simple nursery rhyme written in quantrains (in sets of four verses each) contains a prophetic meaning as in the quantrains of famous 16th century writer Nostradamus.   He wrote his messages in four stanzas each beginning in 1555.   It is believed that his writings cover a period of 400 years plus right down into our 20th and 21st centuries.   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that everything in the making of the White man’s civilization and world is recorded using symbolic language to hide the truth from the common people keeping them in the dark of their true meaning.   In the case of London bridge falling down, we may have a reference to a particular historical event in English history concerning a particular bridge that was built in London across the Thames River in medieval times.   Prophetically, the meaning of this falling bridge may be stretched across the Atlantic Ocean to the Western shores of America today during the expansion of her empire in the Western Hemisphere.


European civilization expanded in the 15th and 16th centuries based upon her outreach for trade and commerce.   This venture led to the Industrial Revolution which developed along the East Coast of the United States with her commercial banking center in New York and present Wall Street trading market in Manhattan and Staten Island.   It is through this center that immigrants journeyed from Europe to populate America today and become the privileged class of this country.   By this standard we can take the symbolism of the Statute of Liberty as a representation of “My Fair Lady,” as written in the nursery rhyme, London bridge is falling down.

Many famous bridges and thoroughfares connecting traffic routes from New York to New Jersey and elsewhere is the prominent feature of America’s financial center.   Crisscrossing this area is the greatest volume of transport of goods in railroad crossings that link this center to the rest of the United States.   When the World Trade Center and Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, it was the sounding of the Trumpet of Divine Judgment.   It was also a sign of London bridge falling down which affected the international world of trade with America as the global commercial center.

Human trafficking in the slave trade to these shores brought prosperity to America.   This cruel institution of slavery was first introduced under the British and spread from her 13 colonies to encompass the entire nation.   Such discriminatory laws, rules and regulations based on racism are continually practiced up to this very day.   Another martyr has been slain in the center of this great financial center of Staten Island and Manhattan, New York, who was unarmed and defenseless, pouring more oil on the fire that America has lit.

This long period of a nation suffering in anguish covers more than 400 years of inhuman, unjust treatment to our society and corresponds exactly to the number of years that Nostradamus began his prophetic writings of the times in which we now live.   It was in 1555 when John Hawkins, the English slave trader set sail on a slave ship named “Jesus” bringing our first parents to these shores to serve as the subject slaves to proud and rich America.   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has written that it was suicide for the White man to have forced our parents into this deplorable condition, to think that they would not have to pay the price one day as Pharaoh paid the price coming before Jehovah, God.

Remember that as Israel prepared for the Exodus out of Egypt, they despoiled the Egyptians of their wealth and they were given a good send off with gold and silver jewels. This wealth was given to the Children of Israel as a form of Reparations. This is the beginning of the blowing of the Trumpet of Divine Judgment in the land with the Coming of Revolution and War; and the London bridge extended to America is falling down, falling down.   Her iron and steel is breaking and bending and falling down. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that there are millions and billions of dollars that will be released right here in America for us to build a greater world of our own.  

As the British aristocracy visits America, the king is in his counting house (bank) counting out his money, and the queen is in the parlor (as the head of state with her socialite friends) eating bread and honey (cakes) and the maid is in the garden hanging up the clothes and along came a black bird (an awakened Original Black man) and snipped off her nose.   This means the ending of the White man’s civilization and cruel dominion over the Aboriginal people.   As it is written, Old King Cole (Black standing for Coal) was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he.   He called for his pipe (musical instruments) playing a higher note in the middle of the night; and he (the Black Original man) called for his fiddler’s three–   Revolution, War and Peace.

“And when those who ascribed partners (to Allah) see their associate-gods, they will say:   Our Lord, these are our associate-gods on whom we called besides Thee. But they will throw back at them the word: Surely you are lairs.   And they will tender submission to Allah on that day, and what they used to forge will fail them.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verses 86-87

To be continued.