“The dwellers of the thicket gave the lie to the messengers.   When Shu’aib said to them: Will you not guard against evil? Surely I am a faithful messenger to you; So keep your duty to Allah and obey me.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 26, verses 176-179

Imam Sultan Rahman conducts Jumu’ah Prayer Service at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, IL.

Several years ago, I began a deeply introspective journey of the self seeking to know itself in the Reality of God.   This process was begun at our Educational Conference held at Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago under the head director, Bro. Larry Muhammad.  

My subject was, The Beginning of True Education Begins with the Journey of Silence, by listening to the still small voice of God within.   How does this journey begin and how does silence pave the way to effective learning?   To be a good listener takes patience and skill and the ability to attune oneself to our natural environment.  


This journey bid’s one to clear away the clutter and junk of one’s thinking which has accumulated over our long sojourn on earth.   It opens the door and the way to other worlds on the peripheral of our present understanding.  

Prior to my travels to Chicago to participate in this Educational Conference, I had experienced a vivid dream of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad speaking from a wooden rostrum on a stage adjacent to an audience that appeared to be at Muhammad University of Islam.   I was standing at the rostrum helping to adjust its position which was close to the front of the stage.   It was as if I was helping to keep it from sliding off the edge.  

Exterior entrance of Muhammad University of Islam, site of Education Conference in 2012.

I was then directed to take a seat on the stage in a comfortable full cushioned chair.   There appeared to be no one else on the stage.   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad turned at one point to the back of the stage curtain and was beckoning to someone to come forward from behind the curtain.

 I remember feeling a little nervous that I was seemingly observing this scene being all alone.   When I awakened, I knew that I was to attend the Educational Conference and was inspired to share this subject on the importance of silence to learning and one’s true education.

Many years before that, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke to me about the use of language in the hereafter.   He said that we will not be using so many words to communicate with one another.  

Audible words would be limited to that which is only necessary or required.   What is silence?   In silence we are focused, and reserved, and meditative.   Silence is the ability to listen to what others are saying or thinking.  

Silence produces a whole new audible range of sounds and colors that permeates our universe and takes us to realms beyond the present.   Is there anything beyond our present universe?   Are there other dimensions or parallel worlds that are in existence?  

Is there a new concept of physics to be revealed?   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad directed me when I inquired about the use of mental telepathy to a quiet place in the house of my choosing in which I would be in complete silence.  

He then directed me to concentrate on whomever I wished to communicate with until the contact was made.   He told me that it is far easier to send out a message or thought than it was to receive a response.   There was to be no talking, nor would there be anyone present in that space but myself.   I would have to exert all of my energy to make this communication happen.  

Auditorium at Muhammad University of Islam with speaker Sister Shelby Muhammad, former director of the University addressing a conference audience.

The mechanics of this self-exertion would sharpen my ability to think outside of the box of my present mental frame, and would force me to enter higher mental consciousness.   Projecting into this space time is like hearing the ring of a telephone in your ear and developing the ability to answer.

Recently a story has surfaced in the news pointing to the threat of cyberspace warfare and its use by experts in China and the Far East.   With only a push of a button, it is inferred that it could lock down our electrical grid here in the United States and elsewhere.   This is like launching a   type of cyberspace   war using computer technology.  

This would make nuclear bombs and other nuclear weapons obsolete.   It is in the ill use of modern technology that could engage us in cyberspace war using computer and coded language.  

So as we step into this internet web or gridlock, let us take our precautions and be aware of its dangers.     We are opening up a pandora’s box for mischievous minds to dwell.   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned us that their technology is only in the experimental stage and that we should take our precautions.

There is a nursery rhyme which reads:   “Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye, four and twenty black birds, baked in a pie. When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing, Wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king.   While the king was in his counting house (bank) counting out his money (Wall Street Journal), and the queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey (socialite lifestyle), The maid was in the garden hanging up the clothes (aloof to present realities), when along came a blackbird and pecked off her nose (depriving her of oxygen to breathe).”  

Is this a picture of the aristocratic middle class families of America and the Western world who live a relatively luxurious life of ease who are unaware of what the present time will bring?   Is this a picture of the Western world’s monopoly over the wealth it has achieved with no thought for the poor and the homeless?

Can we remain in this type of stagnant environment and produce a good life?   We are in the time of change and 100 percent dissatisfaction.   Taking the number six as it appears in sixpence and squaring that number we get 36, which brings us back to the study of English Lesson No. C1 and its 36 lines.  

Therein is the story of the wicked English slave trader who captured our foreparents from Africa over 400 years ago until the true Master, W. Fard Muhammad, came to North America to redeem us following the rule of the man of sin whose number in scripture is symbolized as 666.

“And I ask of you no reward for it; my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds.   Give full measure and be not of those who diminish.   And weigh with a true balance.   And wrong not men of their dues, and act not corruptly in the earth, making mischief.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 26, verses 180-183