“Whenever God Almighty raises men and/or women to do a work, for Him and for the people, the matter has already been decided. Right after they begin their work, the wicked cast evil suggestions about them and their work. It is the way of God to give the wicked time to repent. Although they make it hard–for good people–for a while, they are defeated in the end. Then they realize that they worked against their own best interests. Allah always has the last word.”

The above was taking from a book I wrote many years ago.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1981 began a tour across the country. Its spiritual significance is the purpose of this series of articles, of which this is the first.


Ultimately, the spiritual significance (in the highest sense) of any person, the events they produce, and the time in which they work, has for its source the mind and will of the Almighty God. Let us, then, attempt to see the significance of this tour, or journey, from the perspective of Almighty God Allah.

Where ought we to begin? Let us begin with the facts of the tour. What happened? Let us begin in a general way.

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s national tour began, in a sense, in June of 1981. It ended in a sense, in November of the same year. He will have covered well over a quarter of a million miles; most of it by air. Many thousands of Black people have and will have heard him in person. A much greater number will have gained a better understanding of him, his message and of him whom he represents, through those who heard him these last five months.

In most weeks he taught six nights (or days) per week–his talks lasting two or more hours. There was no time for him to prepare for each event in the usual way speakers prepare for audiences, especially in situations of great importance.

I was among those with him on several of these trips. His pattern was: get up early in the morning, make preparations and get to the airport, get to a city, get a few hours sleep, get up and eat dinner with others in that city, while to one degree or another enlighten them on this or that; teach hundreds or thousands, as the case may be; get back to his room and teach and/or consult/advise others late into the night. Get up early the next morning and on to the next city, if he wasn’t going back to his home in Chicago, where he would work, work, work … .

There were problems of many different kinds that added needless, and at times, sorely depressing weight to his already very difficult mission. He would speak of these difficulties as that which went with the job. And yes, there was and is the ever-present threat of death.

None of us do what we do without a motive. Motive grows out of purpose and is directed or aimed at some goal. He demonstrated time and again, both in words and in deeds, that his motive was the love of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the truth from and about him (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) and Black people, with an extraordinary degree of compassion for humanity at large.  

There can be no sane denial that in terms of effect, his purpose, aim and goal was and is to plant deeper the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his message and program in the minds and hearts of his listeners. The effect or results can be seen in the improved condition of those who accepted his preaching. It is, in fact, the same as that of his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Minister gave himself no credit for these results that is ongoing. He claimed to do no more than to deliver the truth of and about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He stated time and time again that the God of this truth backed it and that these were the underlying factors of his success.

At the core of his message was the identification of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Christ, who was written about in the Old Testament and presented in the New Testament.

The prime preacher of Jesus as the Christ in the New Testament was Paul, whose conversion to Jesus was strikingly similar to that of Umar to Muhammad of Arabia 1,400 years ago, so says Mr. Michael H. Hart in his book, titled The 100 Ranking of The Most Influential Persons in History.

The primary preacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Christ today is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

We are considering the work of Minister Louis Farrakhan, especially the significance of his nearly 300,000 mile, nearly 50-city tour in 1981–a most significant year.

One cannot but think of Paul’s travels in connection with the magnificent work being done by this unusual Brother, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Now, in order to make the major point to be made in this series, we must have some understanding of the uses of a concept called analogy. Generally speaking, an analogy involves showing the similarity in some respects between things, otherwise unlike, that partially resemble one another. More specifically (in the science of logic), it is the inference that certain admitted resemblance implies probable further similarities.

Analogies are properly used to help one see what you are trying to get them to see about someone (ones), something or some event. Up to a point, analogies may provide some evidence that may lead to proof. However, analogies by themselves do not have the power to produce proof. No one can prove the truth of any argument or case solely through the use of analogies. Anyone who tries to do so is either lacking in understanding of the nature of analogies, evidence and proof, or is a double-minded deceiver.

Analogies are properly used, to put it very simply, to help others see what you see. Naturally, helping another see what we see does not mean that what we see is true. Nor do we prove as true (in the ultimate sense of the word) a fact to be a fact by merely stating that what we say is a fact.

Generally speaking, it takes less time to state something to be a fact than to prove that what is stated is true. With all this understood, let us move to Jesus and Paul of the past and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Minister, Brother Louis Farrakhan of the present.

The following is being stated as a fact. We are in the position that the world thinks Paul, and others were in 2,000 years ago, in relation to Jesus in the overall purpose and plan of God. As Paul was to Jesus, according to Christian theology, so is Minister Louis Farrakhan to the real Christ.

The New Testament, according to most of the scholars, was written during a period of time that covered around 40 to 45 years. For instance, the Schofield Reference Bible says, that Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians was written in 54 A.D. It also states that the book of Revelation was written in 96 A.D. If this is correct–and scholars do differ–then the New Testament was written during a 42-year period. It also states that Jesus, who is called the Christ, died in either 29 or 30 A.D. If all of this is true, then Paul’s first letter was not written until around 25 years after Jesus died. Hmmm. Interesting.

We are also told that Jesus, who is called the Christ, was born 6 years B.C.–Before Christ. If Jesus was the Christ, why do the White Christian scholars teach that he was born before he was born?

(Note: There is the deepest meanings hidden in the scholars talk that Jesus was born, as some of them claim, 6 or 4 B.C. Could this relate to two periods of time–a 6,000 and a 400 year period of time at the end of both at which God comes and makes His appearance?)

Paul states that “he” (of 2,000 years ago) was born out of due season. Who was this “he”? Was Paul born untimely? If so, and if Jesus was the Christ, how do we account for Paul’s great success in preaching Jesus as the Christ? We just cannot be successful if we work out of the time to work successfully. Or was Paul speaking of Jesus being born out of due season? Then whom was Paul really representing? What was God’s secret aim and purpose in all of this?

If Paul was referring to Jesus as being born out of due season, was he thinking in the back of his mind that Jesus was not the Christ? Or was he saying, being fully convinced of the identity of Jesus, that he was born in season to plant the word of God, but that the due season was the time of the harvest of the fruits of the word?

The work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was destroyed, or so it seemed, beginning in February 1975. Was he and his work a failure? Was he born and did he work out of season? Or were he and his work in season with the due season of the harvest of the fruits of his labor yet to come?

More next issue, Allah willing.