When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stopped speaking, Minister Farrakhan asked him the question of repentance. That was to have very significant meaning to him and to all of those that were present in that meeting.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s response to him was: “Oh yes brother, repentance is accepted, but if the accusation was open then, the repentance must be open and it must be in time.”

This tells us what kind of heart Minister Farrakhan has, to do this good work on a people (us) without compassion for other persons that they had done evil to; for this sinner, who has done something very vicious and evil on another that has not yet even repented.


That situation involves the future, which is now. I’ve written a book that involves that problem. I know many hate it. They have proved this because they have destroyed it and the people are still envious. Can “we” get out of this 100 percent? Yes–but it must be in time!

Now, what kind of wisdom, or what kind of mathematics is involved in “in time?”

What does this means that we are living in this situation, now? What does “repentance” means?


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in Chicago, Illinois, on February 22, 1981 announced to about three thousand people that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was alive.

Later, Minister Farrakhan made public these words:

“I, Louis Farrakhan, am saying to the world that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not physically dead. I am further stating that he was made to appear as such as written in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an, in order that the scriptures might be fulfilled.

“We stand ready, at any time, to pay for the exhuming of the ‘body’ of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and we stand ready to pay for the two dentists who worked on his teeth to compare their dental records with the dental records obtained from examination of the ‘body.’ We will also pay for two other dentists to make an examination and give their findings.

“I am willing to go before the world to be seen as one whose belief that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is physically alive is false; or, be manifested as the true representative of the Mahdi and the Messiah, the Christ that the world is now looking for and whose return is imminent.”

Of this book, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated:

“In reading [this book] particularly the scriptural references, certain things that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me began to make complete sense. In fact the whole New Testament, after the four gospels, began to make very good sense to me.

“Then, I became convinced that my father was alive indeed … .”


Do you agree with Minister Farrakhan words? If you agree, why?

What is the meaning of agree in your dictionary? Agree means: “have the same opinion about something; concur; (agree with) approve of (something) with regard to its moral correctness; agree to or to do something) consent to do something that has been suggested by another person; reach agreement about (something), typically after a period of negotiation; agree with) be consistent with: your body language does not agree with what you are saying.

I’m aware that this is not the best dictionary. I intend to get back to this later on.


In 1975 if you were living, at that time, you could have read these words:

“Elijah Muhammad is dead.”–The Chicago Sun-Times.

“Muslim ruler Elijah Muhammad dies.”–The Chicago Tribune,

“Elijah Muhammad Dead; Black Muslim Leader, 77”–The New York Times,

“Elijah Muhammad, Muslim Chief, Dies”–The Washington Post.

“Message sent Muslims: City in tribute to Muhammad.”–The Chicago Defender.

This is what you would have read or seen and heard over television or radio on the morning of February 26, 1975.

These reports appeared in the Wednesday, February 26, 1975 issue of each of these newspapers and others throughout America and the world.

“ ‘The news story about the death of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad appeared on the third page of the Chicago Sun-Times. It was positioned as second in importance only to the lead news story that of the then Mayor Mr. Richard Daley had won renomination for an unprecended sixth time, as he defeated three Democratic challengers.

“ ‘The article began: “Elijah Muhammad, founder and leader of the Black Muslim, died Tuesday at Mercy Hospital. He was 77.”

“ ‘It continued: “Mr. Muhammad, who started the organization more than 40 years ago, entered the hospital for a routine check on January 29. A week later he suffered congested heart failure and remained in critical condition until his death Tuesday morning.”

“ ‘The Chicago Tribune’s headline about his death appeared at the top and in the center of its front page along with his picture.

“The first paragraph of the article under the above read:

“ ‘Elijah Muhammad, who rose from a day laborer to become the millionaire leader of the Nation of Islam, also known as the Black Muslims, died Tuesday in Mercy Hospital. He was 77.’”

How much of the truth can you see or read of that event involves prophecy? This involves the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

I know that many people have written of this situation. But they do not agree 100% with Minister Farrakhan, then and now?

The word “why” means “for what reason or purpose.” Can we read this in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an?

More next issue, Allah willing.