In Surah 19:1 of the Holy Qur’an we can read: “In the name of Allah, the Benefi cent, the Merciful. Sufficient, Guide, Blessed, Knowing, Truthful God. ”

Now are we in it–the day of “Resurrection.” In the Holy Qur’an Surah 19:95 we can read this: “And every one of them will come to Him on the day of Resurrection, alone.”

Now we can read in Surah 19:96, “Those who believe and do good deeds, for them the Beneficent will surely bring about love.” (The above is from the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation.)


Are we living in agreement with each other every day? Are we really living in the day of “resurrection?”

In the Bible we can read in Ezekiel 10:13 this: “O wheel.” “‘Zekiel saw ‘dat wheel way up in the middle of the air.” “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home.” This is from the Black slave spiritual many years ago.

Is there really a huge physical plane, made like a wheel, which is a half-mile by a half-mile in diameter, which often flies high above the United States of America and the world?

This is what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said was true time and time again, publicly and privately, for over forty years. He made it very clear that his information about this wondrous plane came directly from God–the Supreme Being–Himself, Whom he declared that he met Him in person right here in America in 1931.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan bears witness to the same publicly and in private. I’ll go into this much deeper when I have more space than I have in a few articles, Allah willing.

I’ve mentioned the below on March 16, 1987 in The Final Call to help the readers. I did not state it fully at that time.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was having dinner, with his laborers, who came in from different cities in America. That event went on for two days before a Saviour’s Day meeting, which was in February 1972.

He was working on solving a very serious problem. It involved envy and jealousy. Some people are dead because of these problems.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted me to get to his home, in Chicago, that day much earlier than I did from Phoenix. He called me to be there earlier, but the airplane had problems. I got into Chicago four hours later than I was supposed to arrive there. Allah willing, I will go into this much deeper, next article.

During that dinner the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Whenever you accuse an innocent man of that which he did not do, the heavens and the earth cries out for justice for the innocent man and the punishment he would have received falls on the head of the guilty.”

When he stopped speaking, Minister Farrakhan asked him the question of repentance. That was to have very significant meaning to him and to all of those that were present in that meeting.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s response to him was: “Oh yes brother, repentance is accepted, but if the accusation was open then, the repentance must be open and it must be in time.”

This tells us what kind of heart Minister Farrakhan has, to do this good work on a people (us) without compassion for other persons that they had done evil to; for this sinner, who has done something very vicious and evil on another that has not yet even repented.

That situation involves the future, which is now. I’ve wrote a book that involves that problem. I know many hate it. They have proved this because they have destroyed it and the people are still envious. Can “we” get out of this 100 percent? Yes–but it must be in time!

Now, what kind of wisdom, or what kind of mathematics is involved in “in time?” What does it mean in that situation?

Minister Farrakhan spoke these words to an audience: “Well wait a minute how will the quality of my love be measured? Jesus says, he gave two commandments and then he gave a third. He was about to leave and he said, ‘Love ye one another even as I have loved you.’

“So he was setting up the quality by which our leadership and our love could be measured, using himself as the standard. What was he willing to suffer for the redemption of human kind? He’s called in Isaiah the Suffering Servant.

“Many of us run away from suffering; a few people start talking about you and you want to quit or you want to send somebody to beat the heck out of them; shoot them, do something but shut their mouths ’cause what they’re saying about me is really the truth.

“In the book of John, God is love. See this word love is the most powerful word in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The Qur’an don’t use love. It’s mentioned but not like it’s mentioned in The New Testament. The Qur’an gives you (no not just law) the Qur’an gives you how you demonstrate love.

“You can’t say to your wife, ‘I love you.’ And then she’s hungry; and you’re not ready to work to bring something in to feed her. Hug your children, love your baby.

“Well your love is lacking, because when you measure it against what the Master was willing to do for love; He was willing to die for what He loved. And then He drops it on us; greater love had no man that he’s willing to lay down his life for his friend. How do you know Farrakhan loves you? How do you know that?

“Look at the forces that are arrayed against me. I’m not sugar coating the enemy. If the enemy is the government of America, I have to tell the truth. If it is powerful members of the Jewish community; I got to tell the truth. I don’t care who you are.

“So my life is in the balance now, the enemy can’t take me much longer. But I’m willing to die, because I’m willing to live my life for the rise of our people and the rise of suffering humanity.

“Imams, Ministers, Activists, Leaders, we’re dealing with a difficult people. In the native community, your problem may come, from the Indian Bureau, but your biggest problem comes from fellow members of your own tribes.

“You can’t seem to get them on the same page.

“What about us, Muslims?” More next issue, Allah willing