I wanted to hear the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and afterward study his words carefully, when he spoke in Chicago on August 17th. I will respond, in The Final Call, Allah willing. I made these photographs while in Chicago when he was speaking to the world.


I’ve put in some words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that involves Minister Farrakhan some years ago.


“In the Mosque on Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, July 30, 1972, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, at one point, before around 3,000 people:

“I want you to remember today I have one of my greatest teachers here…” (at this point he turned his head towards Minister Farrakhan, who was sitting, in the last row, in the section where the ministers were seated to his right.) “…What are you hiding behind the sycamore tree for, Brother? Come on out here so they can hear you. We have with us today our great national preacher, the preacher who don’t mind going into Harlem, New York, one of the most worst towns in our nation or cities.

“It is our brother, in Detroit or Chicago or New York. But I want you to remember, every week he is on the air, helping me to reach my people that I can’t get out of my house to reach like he. I want you to pay good attention to his preaching. His preaching is a bearing of witness to me and what God has revealed to me.

“This is one of the strongest national preachers I have in the bounds of North America.   Everywhere you hear him, listen to him.   Everywhere you see him, look at him. Everywhere he advises you to go, go.   Everywhere he advises you to stay from, stay from. So we are thankful to Allah for this great helper of mine, Minister Farrakhan.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad often said and did certain things with the future in his mind. As a result at times his words and acts were, therefore, misunderstood.

This type of misunderstanding is not the fault of such men of God. It is, most often the fault of the listeners. On a higher level (in many cases, though not all) it is not really the fault of the listeners either, as these kinds of words are meant to be understood in the future.

The above words could not be understood in 1972 as they can now be understood. This fact holds true, generally, for the whole body of information he left in 1975.

Now for over sixteen plus years the Honorable Louis Farrakhan has been–in the words of his teacher–helping him to reach Black people, and others, since he can’t get out of his house to reach them like he. Before he departed, at certain times the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was not able to come out and teach in the public–as his helpers, especially Minister Farrakhan–were. However, he directed his helpers, by the power of Allah.

Likewise, even though he is not now seen, in the ordinary physical sense, in and by the public; he (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) is yet directing the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and others, even as you read these lines, from the place where he is.

Allah has blessed the Minister’s reach to extend right into the hearts of Black people and others. He has become the premier Black leader, without having to bow to the wishes of those who oppress his people.

Minister Farrakhan’s work and success demonstrates the truth of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an–both of which are instruments of God. In these days of the resurrection of the dead and the judgment of this world, God gave the same divine instruments, to both the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

This was foreshadowed, for example, in the history of Moses and Aaron. They were both given the same instrument to save their people from their oppressors.

The Bible teaches that God gave the rod–the same rod–to both Moses and Aaron. The Holy Qur’an teaches the same, with additions. In one place it is written that they both were given the same clear book. (37:117)

The former guides the latter in the use of the same divine instrument, which, in the nature of things, is as it should be.


“Whenever you want to do good, in this old wicked world, you are always tried to see if you really want to do it.”–The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Below is an excerpt from a talk I did in San Diego on December 3, 1995 titled: A Valuable Blackman:

“My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have a very important subject to review. You already know this, but I just want to review it. And those of you who are new to this teachings or don’t have it all together, in your head, I hope that this, what we’re going to cover for the next hour or two, will cause you to make the kind of study that you deserve to make for yourself, about a very important Black man, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Needless to say, any man, who can summon two million Black men and   people to one spot and the government not be able to stop that, is a man about whom you should know much. And not to take the time to avail yourself or not to find out how you can learn more about him is to do yourself a disservice.

“A brief consideration of the true value of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan in the narrowest of term is the subject of this chapter. Greatness in and of itself is meaningless except in terms of one value.

“Value is best measured in terms of service. Even though it would be taken as this author’s personal bias nevertheless the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a most valuable man in the sight of the Two who backs him namely, Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and to those who are with him.

“That word with is a very big word here.

“….. Finally on three separate occasions and this is what I was leading up to, between 1969 and 1970 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke in a certain progression concerning the value of Minister Farrakhan to himself.

“I did not know of these words at the time he said them. I was not there.

“First he said, “Brother, you are more valuable to me than a truck load of diamonds and gold.”

“On another occasion he said, “Brother, you are more valuable to me than a thousand airplanes with a thousand head of sheep on every plane.”

“On a third occasion he said to his Minister, “Brother, you are more valuable to me than all of the wealth that is in the earth because the wealth of the earth I met when I came here and I shall leave it when I’m gone, but through you I will be able to get all of my people.”

“Stop and let us think carefully.”

More next issue, Allah Willing.