I wanted to end this series of articles, but a change came up and I could not do it. Maybe one or two more will end this series, Allah willing.

The word “prophecy” means much more than “prediction.” If you wrote an article, or a book, that involves the history of the Nation of Islam, or some aspect of it, you must be careful.



This involves the Supreme Being, Allah God, Himself and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

If you are writing a book, or an article, you must make enough time so the reader can see your mind, which involves your thinking that involves your reasoning for doing and writing it. Because this involves now and the future.


Because people die and are born and may read it hundreds or more years from now.

In the previous article I wrote that which happened many years ago in 1960. I’m starting where I left off.    

Then the Honorable Elijah Muhammad invited me to his home for coffee and in fact he said on the phone that he would send me to any city I wanted to go to.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me among the major things that shocked me, was he gently spanked me for walking off the post in Riverside and San Bernardino, California.

He told me that I was rising in the ministry. I didn’t even know I was even in the ministry.

I was helping Brother Henry who Minister Malcolm had picked as the Minister in Los Angeles. I was also teaching in Riverside and San Bernardino.

In my previous article, I wrote, “I was in Los Angeles a total of, again, 23 months. Then, I moved to Chicago, Illinois. I’m skipping obviously, over very, which were to me, very significant events.”

But we told that it was going to be for only three months. But things happened, and it ended up being 23 months for me. But what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me shocked me.

Of course, the most telling and shocking thing to me, which I cannot get into at this moment, but it was to have a profound affect even to this day on me, and others, even though they may not know it, especially in California.


JM:   Now let’s go all the way to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s vision.   Let’s go to 1985, in Mexico, when the Minister had the vision. There’s an earthquake on the 19th day of September.   The Minister comes with his wife, Mother Khadijah to your home and he talks to you and his wife, about his vision. As best as you can recollect, did he say it to you both something like ‘Please come sit down I have something of importance to tell you.’   How do you recall that experience?

MTM:   How did he let me know that he had the vision?

JM:   Yes.

MTM:   He came into my house.   He was walking up the steps towards the kitchen, and then all of a sudden he got to the door and as he was greeting me, right at the door, he said “Oh.”   He says, “I just remembered that I had an experience.”

JM:   Now where was his wife Mother Khadijah at that moment?

MTM:   I don’t recall exactly. She sort of walked in, and maybe she was in the living room or just walked a little bit away from where he was, but not far away.

JM:   That’s when he began?   Did he sit you both down?

MTM:   No.   He just said it kind of casually.   And I said, “Really.”   I said, “What happened?”   Then he went on to explain.   Half standing and then I believe he sat down in the kitchen.

JM:   And where is his wife, at that time? And did he tell you both what he did in the kitchen?

MTM:   I believe she was  by that time, in the kitchen.

JM:   So he just said as a matter of fact and in that manner?

MTM: Yes. And I said, “Brother Minister,” I said, “what you are saying is very important.”   That’s what I remember you know, and he was like “Oh?” and “Huh?”

JM:   He would be laughing if he was here right now.

MTM:   Yes.

JM:   How did his wife react?

MTM: I don’t recall, because I was mostly concentrating on what he had said.   He had dropped quite a bit.   And I really don’t recall her response or expression or anything like that very clearly, really.

JM:   OK. Now of course I heard or learned of his vision from him when he came here a week or so later. Now to your best recollection, do you know if he said it to anybody else between the time he talked to you two and the time he talked to me?  

MTM:   Did he come immediately from here to Phoenix?

JM:   Yes.   From Mexico to here in Phoenix.

MTM:   Did he?   Well then he had to have.   And then next time we heard it in a big manner was in New York when he was sitting with us up in that area.

JM:   Then the next time he told it was on the plane.   I wanted to get it on tape.   I still have the tape somewhere and in the middle of talking, he broke down and started crying and said that it was like he had an inoculation and that now it’s wearing off and he was beginning to sense something strange and significant had happened to him. It was a powerful experience with him on that plane, as we went to New York.

MTM: For many who don’t want to hear the truth because the truth is very harsh, sometimes.   It’s harsh but we must hear it.

JM: You know, Mother Muhammad, I was reading in a book–it does have bearing on this because I cite this in the manuscript that so many people cannot accept the superiority of another person over themselves in certain areas. That’s pitiful, and that’s ridiculous.


Study these photos of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and study his words from Sunday, August 17, 2014.

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