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“Israel has not had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace for there can be no peace structured on lying, murder, and injustice, using the name of Allah (God) as a shield for your dirty religion.” -The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, 1984

News headlines and newscasts reported on the Israeli military campaign and genocidal assault on the Palestinian people as ceasefires were declared and evaporated and as a suffering and oppressed population faced death, loss and continued humiliation.


The Israeli war in Gaza is a continuation of the history and bloody policy of the Zionist state and its unapologetic effort to virtually exterminate civilians and wipe Palestine off the map. While the reported capture of an Israeli soldier was a major part of news coverage at Final Call presstime, we should not be so foolish as to focus on the alleged capture of a single soldier while thousands of civilians are besieged, a society is further devastated and death spreads.

It is beyond tragic that 30 years after  Minister Farrakhan delivered a prescient observation about what continued Israeli action would bring that little has changed. While President Obama may be a little reluctant, the U.S. stands totally behind her Zionist ally.

It was in 1984 that the Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a more balanced U.S. policy in the Middle East and was quickly attacked, threatened and smeared by Jewish groups while running for president. When the civil rights leader tried to broach the subject of balancing U.S. activity and policy in the Middle East, which was and remains in Israel’s favor, he was lambasted. The Zionist lobby would have no discussion of any change and certainly would have no socalled American Negro offer guidance.

When Rev. Jackson used the unfortunate term “Hymietown” in an off-the-record conversation with reporters to describe New York City and Jewish interests and politics, a Black reporter gave the information to a White colleague who was not part of the conversation and a story was written and released. Controversy erupted. “Ruin Jesse Ruin!” as opposed to “Run Jesse Run!” and death threats, increased death threats, came from the Jewish side. Minister Farrakhan defended Rev. Jackson strongly as this controversy raged and in the midst of the death threats, the Minister called for dialogue and condemned the paternalistic Jewish attitude displayed toward Black America, the Rev. Jackson and his supporters. Black America could afford to lose an election but Black America could not afford to have someone kill Rev. Jackson in such an infl amed and dangerous environment, said Minister Farrakhan.

For his bold defense and wise counsel, the Minister was declared to be “the New Black Hitler,” which has to be one of the worst slurs and insults ever uttered. The Anti-Defamation League made this outrageous, wholly false and Satanic mischaracterization. Minister Farrakhan responded by saying he was insulted by the mention of his name in concert with a wicked Caucasian mass murderer. He also analyzed Israel’s history and warned: “Israel has not had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace for there can be no peace structured on lying, murder, and injustice, using the name of Allah (God) as a shield for your dirty religion.”

He was pointing out the error of Zionist oppression and killing of Palestinians, who are Muslim and Christian, which violates the law of Moses. Mosaic law condemns the wrongful taking of life, land and doing of evil. A Jew is one who is tied to a covenant with Almighty God through observance of the law of Moses. It cannot be a declared identity of ethnicity outside of that relationship and it cannot be used as a cover or “shield” or actions, dirty practices in the name of religion. It cannot be used as a shield to justify taking land, massacres in refugee camps and grinding an entire people into oblivion.

Instead of calling Israel to account, as the United Nations has at least tried to do by condemning Israeli bombs dropped on a shelter where the UN has tried to serve suffering Palestinians in Gaza, the United States government and the American media march in near lockstep with the Zionists. It is American money and technology and weapons that support the bloody, one-sided Israeli devastation of Palestinians.

A White House spokesman quickly condemned the reported capture of an Israeli soldier by the Palestinian group Hamas and consensus was more terror, more bombs and more killing would rain down on Palestinians because of the reported capture, which came from Israel. Hamas said the soldier was captured before the ceasefire.

A UN offi cial warned of “a tidal wave of human displacement” in Gaza with a quarter of a million people suffering, eight UN staff killed and hundreds of thousands of people on the street with nothing. One hundred UN facilities have come under fire from Israel and, as the UN humanitarian official said, there is a wholesale denial of the rights of Palestinians and their children.

Peace can only come where there is justice and Israel shows no inkling of understanding that there is a power in the world greater than her and greater than the United States, who backs her.

We are in the day when the tyrants, the warmongers and the usurpers will be removed by the divine Supreme Being and they will find no way against him. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an warn of the consequences of those who delight in killing and how they will be repaid fully for their bloody deeds. The Minister’s words of warning and the scriptural injunctions and admonition to do justice are not hollow expressions but are guiding lights for any who truly seek peace. But for the wicked and those who relish death, these words will one day be recalled with intense regret. The God of justice is neither asleep nor unaware and the consequences of evil acts will not be denied. The worst is yet to come.