In my previous article I wrote:

“Now, I intend to finish this part of this series when I first saw and met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and a very short aspect of my reaction to them after I met Minister Malcolm X and his Brother, Brother Philbert and why it’s important to know it.”

Without knowing that history you cannot fully see or understand the persons involved. Does this involve prophecy? People claim to know prophecy, when writing books or articles, but do they really know The Supreme Being, Who is God, Himself?


Can you leave The Supreme Being, Himself out of prophecy? If you do, for what purposes? What is the meaning of the word “prophecy?” It means, “a prediction; the faculty, function, or practice of prophesying. A prediction of what will happen in the future.”

There is much more to this word and the meaning of it.

I’m writing the above that happened in 1955 and what cause it to happen. And at the same time, what also happened in 1955, between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

I met Brother Malcolm X the previous year in 1954. I was in the process of going to college. I was accepted into college, but after reading that book, that change my mind totally.   I telephoned the Author of the book, but couldn’t meet with him. Two years later, I finally met him in person, in New York City and told him thank you.

During that time, after reading that book, it made me to go back to Muhammad Temple. I called my friend and asked him to get me back there. I accepted and then many things happened that involved others.  

In January 1955 I got my “X.” In February 1955 I saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I was put on honor guard post close to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 1 hour.

The next hour, I was put on another post where I could not see him. I could not hear the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words about Minister Farrakhan. This is very critical.

I didn’t hear the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words about a “little” helper at that time in 1955. That event happened February when Brother Malcolm X and the Captain placed Minister Farrakhan in a certain position so that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad could see him. Minister Farrakhan responded and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad also responded, but differently.

Here is my reason here for repeating this now in this article. I asked Minister Farrakhan a question that I put in the book Closing The Gap for the reader.

Jabril Muhammad: What were your thoughts of the language of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad when you first heard him?

Minister Farrakhan: I, being a student of English, and verb and subject agreement, heard him speak in a manner that a public speaker who was familiar with English wouldn’t do. So in my head I said, “Oh this man can’t even talk.”

When I said that he looked right at me and said, “Brother, I didn’t get a chance to get that fine education that you got. When I got to the school the doors was closed. Don’t pay any attention to how I’m saying it. You pay attention to what I’m saying and then you take it and put it in that fine language that you know.”

As I said, I was a little frightened because he seemed to know what I was thinking. But looking back I see that he literally gave me my assignment the first day that he laid eyes on me.

Jabril Muhammad: Brother Minister in 1971, I interviewed Captain Yusuf Shah. Included in that interview were details that Brother Malcolm had spoken to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about you even before you attended your first meeting. He told me of the arrangement that was made to seat you relative to Captain Shah so that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad could recognize that you were the person that Malcolm had referred to. Do you have any thoughts that he may have kept the Honorable Elijah Muhammad up on your progress during your early years in the Nation of Islam?

Minister Farrakhan: Brother Malcolm knew me only as a musician. But when I became a follower in Mosque No. 7, of course he gradually saw me differently. Wednesday night was “bearing witness night.” I remember at the end of the lecture, Brother Malcolm called me up to bear witness. I don’t remember what I said but I remember that the reaction of the Mosque was electric.

I assumed that he told the Messenger that the young man who was the musician, he accepted the teachings and he is in the Mosque. He has become a registered Muslim. When I called him up to bear witness he spoke and the Mosque was (Temple as we called it then) electrified. I think I asked him to join the ministry class and he did. Then shortly thereafter the letter came, that all musicians had to get out of show business or get out of the Temple. I wasn’t in the Mosque when the letter was read. The letter was read on a Sunday, but I was playing at The Village Barn in Greenwich Village.

After my show I would come up to the Temple No. 7 Luncheonette at 120th Street and Lenox Avenue. They had bean soup. I don’t remember who it was who told me as I was sitting down having my soup. He said, “Man the Messenger sent a letter and everybody in show business had 30 days to get out of show business or to get out of the Temple.”

I finished my bowl of soup and I got up and walked out of the front door of the restaurant to the corner, and as you know there weren’t many steps from the restaurant to the corner.

Then I walked up 120th Street and I made up my mind right then, “I’m going to give it up.” I came back in and sat down. Captain Shah came in. He was angry with the Brother who told me. I don’t remember who it was. But I told Captain Shah, “Brother, I made up my mind that I’m going to give it up.”

I’m only assuming that the Captain went back and told Malcolm and Malcolm told the Messenger, “the minute he heard it, he gave it up.”


The word critical means: “Critical expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art: she never won the critical acclaim she sought. (Of a published literary or musical text) incorporating a detailed and scholarly analysis and commentary (of a situation or problem) having the potential to become disastrous; at a point of crisis (of a person) extremely ill and at risk of death having a decisive or crucial importance in the success or failure of something.”

Mathematics & Physics relating to or denoting a point of transition from one state to another. (Of a nuclear reactor or fuel) maintaining a self-sustaining chain reaction.

Crucial means: “decisive or critical, esp. in the success or failure of something; of great importance.”

Many people write books about the Nation of Islam. How much truth does it contain? Does that involve mathematics? Prophecy is different from history, but it is related to it.

Can you say your knowledge come from God, Himself–Master Fard Muhammad? Can you prove and back it up? This involves the time of judgment.

I intended to go back to South Carolina to help carry the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But Brother Malcolm X changed my mind. That involved 3 days of him and I talking about my move to South Carolina.

He caused me to move to Lansing, Michigan. I did not know his full reason for this. He told me about his Brother. I met Malcolm’s brother Philbert who was living in Lansing Michigan. I lived there for one year and eleven months.

After two months, two things happened. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad sent to the Sister and the Brothers in the Nation of Islam lapel pins. This happened in 1956. I reacted to him with a thank you letter. He reacted back to me and said much.

Minister Philbert caused us–myself and another Brother to meet the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Chicago at the Palace.

More next issue, Allah Willing.