[Editor’s Note:   A correction to the title to last week’s article   in Vol. 33, No. 41 should have read:     Return to Bimini–Gateway to the Bahamas and the Bermuda Triangle.   Also, in the second photograph of last week’s article with Mother Tynnetta and her traveling companion, the name of Dr. Ashley B. Saunders’ son is Hafiz Saunders.   We regret the error.]

“A questioner asks about the chastisement to befall The disbelievers–there is none to avert it–From Allah, Lord of the ways of Ascent.   To Him ascend the angels and the Spirit in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 70, verses 1-4

As we landed on the tarmac at the small airport in Bimini, a small drizzle had begun settling on our windows and the Silver airlines plane in which we arrived on Flight Number 4037.   I could not help being reminded of the missing Malaysian Airline and its occupants on Flight 370.   We remained approximately 15 to 20 minutes on the aircraft parked at the gate of the custom’s checkpoint.   We viewed from our windows an enlarged landing strip complete with an additional light system that had been placed around the airfield for night landings.   I wondered what other changes might we encounter on this visit as we were most anxious to meet once again with our family of friends who have always embraced us with warm smiles and hugs?   We have always carried with us, our small stash of Final Call newspapers and the latest information about Minister Farrakhan and the activities of our Nation which are always readily received.


When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan raised the question to me during his first brief visit to the island of Bimini in March 2013, as to what plan did I envision for development on the island since he was only aware that a small tract of property consisting of a lot in a residential area was purchased on the South Side of the island.   I was prepared only in part to give him a partial answer.   We knew we wanted to raise crops and food stuff in a garden that was basically composed of sand, seashells and limestone rocks by using a system of hydroponics and solar energy introduced to us by our brother Ralph Muhammad from North Carolina who has joined our efforts for development in the Bahamas.   He would further investigate the possibility of setting up solar panels on the property and on other sites on the island to promote self-sustaining development integral to the environment that would prove beneficial for all the islanders.

We had made further contact recently with a brother and his family in Detroit, Michigan, who was himself a native of the Bahamas, born on San Andros Island while living and working in Nassau, the capital.   We have experienced a setback in our original plans, and are painstakingly reconnecting all the right pieces for our project to thrive on Bimini and San Andros supported by the Bahamian people and government where greater expansion of land for cultivation is available for purchase and/or leasing from the Bahamian authorities for those who desire to farm and work the land.

We have only spoken in the past a little about San Andros’ potential and its connection to Bimini and the rest of the Bahamas; but we have made several previous visits to San Andros as well.   In the Department of Management of the island, overseered at the present time by an enthusiastic organizer and intellectual, Mr. Prescott who gave us a general picture of the potential for development in the Bahamas with further investments.   He pointed out that for calm and tranquility, his island of birth, the Aleutians and nearby Cats Cay Island, were highly recommended.   The island of Cats Cay is the birth place of the renowned actor, Sidney Poitier.   He further stated that the people were very humble and ardently respectful of others.     For business enterprise, especially in farming potential, he pointed out that the largest island in the Bahamas, San Andros, had the potential to feed the whole of the Bahamas without the need for importing foods from the U.S.A.

They literally grow gigantic size vegetables 2 to 3 times the normal size, which we witnessed for stock ourselves in warehouses. A few years ago, we traveled to San Andros and were driven through miles and miles of forested, rich, fertile farmland and came to know about the Amish community of families that were living there engaged in agri-business and dairy farming, producing their own raw milk and cheese products.   We flew to San Andros at that time on a private chartered flight piloted by a cousin of Sister Antoinette Rolle.   This flight took about 45 minutes from Bimini, and both islands are linked to the ongoing investigation of the Edgar Cayce Foundation studies on the Lost Continent of Atlantis.  

National Geographic, along with other oceanographic scientists are continuing the study of Atlantis and the amazing Blue Holes which are great fresh water reserves on the island.   San Andros is a stone’s throw from Nassau, the capital.   On this current visit, we limited our resources to Bimini and wanted to study the effect that the development of the award-winning spa located on North Bimini Bay had on the people of the community.   To our surprise, we found that the new owners controlling land and air, and ocean operations to Bimini and the surrounding area, was a Malaysian company; and I wondered what, if anything, would this have to do with the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 and our flight to the Bermuda Triangle 4037.

We may recall that among the many theories suggested to explain the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, there were several individuals who connected its disappearance to the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangles’ mysterious energy vortex may have interfered with the flight instrumentation on board the craft.   This electromagnetic flux in the atmosphere may have explained why its laser equipment and the laser technology on the ground suddenly became inactive.   Now, the search is ongoing under private companies in a remote part of the Indian Ocean, south of Australia and New Zealand.  

During that hectic period of tracking the airline’s possible destiny and crash site, a high commander of a flying saucer fleet identified as “ASHTAR” sent a communiqué to the public that the plane was sequestered in airspace maneuvers and transported with all passengers complete to a northern location high in the Himalayas in the Arctic Circle and are safe and are being programmed to be ambassadors of peace to help to warn America to desist from her nuclear program and arsenal of weapons, which is threatening our planet with annihilation.   What if there are portals or vortexes in our airspace operating above our heads that under unusual circumstances or stress could give way to portals or gateways leading to other worlds?

“So be patient with a goodly patience.   Surely they see it far off.   And We see it nigh. The day when the heaven is as molten brass, And the mountains are as wool; And no friend will ask of friend, (Though) they are made to see them. The guilty one would fain redeem himself from the chastisement of that day by his children, And his wife and his brother, And his kin that gave him shelter, And all that are in the earth–then deliver him.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 70, verses 5-14

To be continued.