Eat good food which has been prescribed in this book. Do not eat over one meal a day.

Dry beans (navy beans) and whole bread are good for us. We do not have to go around looking for all kinds of foods. Just one common kind will do. Give the body some time to rest.

FASTING is a great act upon true Believers of the true religion of God (Islam). This also helps prolong our lives.


It is prescribed for us in the Law of the religion of Islam (Holy Qur’an). All Muslims who respect fasting should take the fast of Ramadan. We are not taking the month of Ramadan as prescribed in the Holy Qur’an. We take the Christians’ month (December, the twelfth month), instead of the ninth month.

This month I prescribe for you to fast (the twelfth month of the Christian year) for the purpose of getting you away from the false teaching of the Jesus’ Birth on the 25th of December. God Has Taught Me that he was born between the first and the second week of September and not December.

This day, (the 25th of December) He taught Me was the birth date of that demon Nimrod, who was born in the Seventeenth century of Moses’ era before the birth of Jesus.

He was so wicked that the Scholars and Scientists of Scripture of the Prophets do not like to teach you of this history of Nimrod. And, if it was the birth date of that righteous Prophet Jesus, you most certainly in your celebration of the 25th of December have not been showing a clean and holy celebration of a righteous person with your drunkenness and your gambling. Your everything but right is committed on the 25th day of December in celebrating the birth of a righteous man. But, you are not doing so for righteousness, you are celebrating the birth date of an evil person and the White Christians will send you all the whiskey and beer and wine and swine that you want to eat and drink on that day.

RAMADAN is the ninth month of the Arab year (which is also twelve months and not nine months). The Holy Qur’an teaches that twelve months have always been a year with God. We are not able to satisfy the astronomists if we do not have a twelve month year, for it takes the earth 12 months to make its complete circuit around the sun and this is why we call it one year (after its completion of this circuit made by the earth as an average distance of 93 million miles).

Ramadan, the Holy Qur’an teaches us, is the month that the Holy Qur-an was revealed to Muhammad. And they worship the month by abstaining from eating and drinking during the day time from sun up to sun down or before the sun rises until after she sets in the Western skies.

Then, after dark, we can eat and drink until the sun rises again the next day. The significances of this Arabic fasting in Ramadan is that the spiritual darkness of Yakub’s made man (the White race); eating and drinking, sport and play was the order of the White world, until the day break of Truth coming in the first of the seven thousand years after the six thousand years of spiritual darkness and evil of the white man’s world.

WE ARE living now in the bright spiritual world of Allah, the Great Mahdi in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever, therefore we are not the children of darkness, but the children of light and truth.

Actually, Divinely, there is no fast set for the children of the light of God and their fasting ceases. But, until we have accomplished our work of perfection of self and separation of us from the spiritual darkness of Yakub’s made man and teachings, we fast to get out of it and take a month that we used to worship as being the month in which the birth of Jesus came about.

There is no such thing that we should worship any White people’s holidays. All that they worship are their days and not the slaves (the Black peoples) days.

There is not one that we should worship. The past Thanksgiving Day that you were celebrating – what you have to thank God and man for that last Thursday of November? Surely you should thank God for allowing you to live to see that day, but this was the man’s day (Yakub’s made man).

The Black Man should not take any part in any White people’s holidays not even to Sunday. These are not our days. Please remember this.

I WILL take you further into this knowledge if you write me, as space here in our book is limited.

The Muslims, as I foresaid, do not eat nor drink from before sunrise until after she (the sun) has set. If you take it (the fast of Ramadan) with them, you are doing the right thing, until this evil world has vanished.

BECAUSE OF the fascination of food to the eye, the smell of food, and the imaginary taste of food, we follow our eyes and our tastes to our graves, by eating the wrong food too often.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)