“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. By the time!
“Surely man is in loss,
“Except those who believe,
and do good, and exhort one another to
Truth, and exhort one another to patience.”

Holy Qur’an 103:1-3 –Muhammad Ali translation

“In the previous article, I ended with these words: ‘again, it ought to be obvious to us all that basic to generating the power we need to truly overcome the obstacles we face in our rise toward becoming a unified and productive people, is our need to overcome and destroy jealousy and envy from among us forever–with love. ‘

“Why ‘with love?’ What kind of love?


“Numbers 14: 26, 27 reads: ‘the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, how long will this evil congregation murmur against Me?’

“In the Bible, Allah threatened to destroy His people. How did Moses and Aaron react?”

Now, how many Bibles are there in English in America? I know that there are many Holy Qur’an(s) in America that are translated from the Arabic language into the English language. How many people in the United States of America totally agree with the Supreme Being, who taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on these two books?

I know this requires much space to fully respond, but this is a short article. But it forces you to think on this.

Many of us, who say that we are with him, have not yet come to terms with, nor come to believe in the full truth and value of his vision; whether or not the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is physically alive; whether or not the Wheel or the Mother Plane is real; and whether or not the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is really on his way to meet with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the Wheel.

Our salvation is absolutely tied to our real convictions concerning the realities of what I just mentioned above. As he said, over the years, these matters of faith are so crucial that rejection of his position (on these matters) increases the danger to the lives of us all, and the destiny of the Nation is at stake!

But they don’t have the power over The Supreme Being … ! Minister Farrakhan clearly stated that he already knew that many of us, throughout the Nation, had not really accepted the truth of his positions on these matters. He also clearly stated that aside from other factors, upon which our individual and collective lives and salvation depend, our salvation certainly would be determined by the quality of our acceptances of these realities.

All of this is directly related to the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that the Nation of Islam is not going to fall again, which is written in scriptures, which involved at that time, the future.

In the spirit and from the counsel contained in Minister Farrakhan’s study guides, we should look squarely at ourselves and be honest with ourselves about what we really believe and where we really stand with reference to his vision, the state of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Wheel.

Furthermore, we must face what we really believe concerning his departure–as fast as we can.

Then, each of us must do everything we can to make Surah 103 of the Holy Qur’an 100 percent real in our lives–enjoining on each other truth and patience, in the best spirit (See “The Time” footnote 2793, in the Muhammad Ali translation, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said is near to what Allah told him, and see “Sabr”, Yusuf Ali, footnote 61).

We are not in a state of unity, as we should and must be. To pretend otherwise is to be in a state of denial. We may not even agree over the reasons for our state of condition.

However, by earnestly and finally following the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, with study and love, we can all get on the same page. How dare we do otherwise–especially in light of Minister Farrakhan’s imminent departure?

May Allah Bless us all throughout the Nation of Islam to do all that we can that the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad become flesh–that the Nation of Islam never falls again, regardless to how dark things get.

His words provide the means by which we can see through the darkness, which is falling. And things will get dark, darker, and darkest before the light vanishes again. We must work fast and as efficiently as we can, for as it is written, the night cometh when no man or woman can work.

Consider Surah 8:25; and in another place it reads: “And We would not chastise them as long as you are among them.” Question: Could this “you” refer to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his departure in 1975 and to Minister Farrakhan and his imminent departure?

Read and then study Holy Qur’an 5:54-55 and Surah 56. How does this relate to the mission of the Messiah and his messiah and the Nation not falling again? Briefly, Verse 54 was directed to we who are in the Nation prior to 1975.

Surah 56 teaches that there would be a few of us from prior to ’75, with the majority who arose after Minister Farrakhan’s rise in 1977 who would make up the first group.

Again, Verse 54 describes four great qualities of this newly formed group who are really of the First Resurrection.

The Bible and Qur’an back this up. Then Verse 55 refers to the state in which we must arrive if we are going to remain in the First Resurrection.

I must inform the reader why I wrote the above, and why I placed this the photo, in this article, next issue, Allah willing. This ends this series of articles.