By Gregory Muhammad

PHILADELPHIA–The Nation of Islam Delaware Valley Prison Reform Ministry consists of committed helpers of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Student National Prison Reform Minister Abdullah Muhammad. The Prison Reform Ministry hosted a successful “fundraiser” despite the odds. The event was full of “fun and reflection” at The Rolling Thunder Skating Center on Roosevelt Blvd. in Northeast Philadelphia. The purpose of the fundraiser was to help and assist the National N.O.I. Prison Reform Ministry expand to do greater work addressing some of the needs of prisoners throughout the American Prison System. The fundraiser will also help the N.O.I. Prison Reform Ministry meet the demands that come with the reentry of prisoners into our communities.

We humbly appeal to the Believers, friends, and supporters to “Support True Prison Reform,” take a look at the appeal in The Final Call newspaper and make a donation today. Let us reflect on these words from Minister Farrakhan: “True prison reform starts with the enlightenment of the inmate (to) who that inmate is in reality and not what he or she has become because of circumstances. True prison reform reconnects the soul to its Creator and begins to provide those human needs and then we see a change in attitude in the inmate that leads to behavioral change.”

The Nation of Islam Delaware Valley Prison Reform Ministry wishes to thank all who attended the skating party and for making it a success. We wish to extend a special thanks to Brother Leroy Muhammad and his staff for bringing his youth group, young people that are striving to live positive and productive lives.


We thank the Rolling Thunder Skating Center for treating us and our guests with decency and respect.

This is only the beginning; we have a lot of work to do with our prison reform ministry. I wish to give a special thanks to our Student National Prison Reform Minister Abdullah Muhammad for permitting the NOI DVR Prison Reform Ministry to do the fundraiser to demonstrate our commitment to help Minister Farrakhan reach the incarcerated.

(Gregory Muhammad is Delaware Valley Region student Prison Reform minister and coordinator.)