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After spending billions of dollars and with the loss of thousands of lives, the United States is again looking at Iraq and pondering what to do.   At Final Call press time, Secretary of Defense John Kerry was touting possible air strikes to stop the reported lightning quick strike of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham forces nearly at the doorstep of Baghdad and having already captured Mosul and Tikrit, the hometown of the late U.S. patron and dictator Saddam Hussein.

The ISIS campaign and breakdown of Iraqi forces was described as the “worst crisis since the 2011 withdrawal of U.S. troops” from Iraq.

Now the Obama administration is talking about whether the government of Iran, which the U.S. had been beating the war drums against, can help stem the victories of the Sunni Muslim force. Now there is fear of Muslim civil war and targeting of Shiite Muslims and other ethnic groups, according to reports from Western analysts and experts. They say ISIS is moving into Iraq after fighting the war in Syria. Some analysts accuse the current U.S.-backed Iraqi government of squandering $15 billion in training and have called for the possible portioning of the country.


Iraq has been on a downward spiral since the December 1, 2001 strikes against the Middle Eastern country when the horrible deaths of civilians at the World Trade Center in New York were used as an excuse to target Iraq. There was no connection between the 9-11 tragedy and Iraq; it was a lie used to cover U.S. desires to oust its former ally as part of a neo-con vision to remake the Middle East. Then came intervention in Afghanistan, interference in Syria, an unleashing of the dogs of war and growing regional havoc.

But the U.S. was warned over a decade ago, at the beginning of the assault on Iraq, that U.S. policy was on a dangerous and errant course. In a letter to then-President George W. Bush, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned the U.S. against entanglement in the internal affairs of Muslim nations and the horror it would bring. He said, again at the outset of U.S. action, “You will force the more  moderate  Islamic regimes either not to side with you, or to side with you at the risk of being overthrown by growing Islamist forces within their countries.   The coalition that you are gathering will fall away from you, and you will have to pursue this war alone.”

All of those things have essentially happened and, also as the Minister warned, tensions between Russia and the U.S., and China and the U.S. have grown. Some tensions have increased over Middle East policies and others over issues that Russia and China see tied to their national pride and territorial integrity.

In Ezekiel, Chapter 7, Verse 25, the scripture warns, “Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none.” There will not be peace because the basis for what the U.S. calls peace is false. The effort is not made to do justice or to deal with the 400-year-old problem of the Black slave and once-slave in America (without which the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches there will be no global peace) and America continues to ignore a divine man with a divine message in her midst, Min. Farrakhan.

Instead of following the example of Nineveh, where leaders listened to the man of God and the people repented and were saved, this modern Rome called America persists in her wickedness and her recalcitrant efforts to control the nations of the earth. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an warn that such a course will bring about the destruction of a great nation because the great nation refused to heed warnings and refused to change. Truth can only benefit the one who accepts and follows it.