“Beneficent God!   A revelation from the Beneficent, the Merciful.   A Book of which the verses are made plain, an Arabic Qur’an for a people who know—Good news and a warning.   But most of them turn away, so they hear not. And they say:   Our hearts are under coverings from that to which thou callest us, and there is a deafness, in our ears, and there is a veil between us and thee, so act, we too are acting.”– Holy Qur’an, Surah 41, verses 1-5

The idea of the earth being hollow on the interior goes back to very ancient times in which people held the belief that upon one’s death, you enter into the Nether World or Underworld of a secret abode or opening beneath the earth’s surface.  

There are many ancient tales and fantasies handed down from time immemorial by storytellers and oracles which describe many dimensional worlds of existence in the ancient past right down to today.   Such tales are believed to be legends or myths.   Many of these legends describe civilizations in bygone eras and times which have now become the real world.   What has been accepted as science fiction is now proven by science, physics and astronomy as truth that is stranger than fiction.  

Image of the Hollow Earth, Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah. Photos: NASA.gov

Everything that we can imagine has within it a modem of truth that is yet to be discovered and made manifest.   Many believe that all existence is a continual dream of life forms in evolution taking us to reality.   Perhaps one of the most mysterious of wonders is what has come down to us today as lost civilizations or cities with inhabitants living in an underworld or inside our planet earth.  

Such a world has come to be known as the kingdom of the “Hollow Earth” with its capital in “Agartha” or “Shamballah.”   The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the Planet Earth is either entirely hollow on the inside or otherwise contains substantial interior space.  

The entrance to such a world would cause the earth to be concave in appearance.   Along with this idea has emerged the belief or thinking that our Moon and Cosmos of planetary and galactic life is also hollow and has an entrance into the interior as well as an exterior appearance to what meets the eye.

In some of NASA’s recent photos taken of the earth’s two poles, the crowning light of the aurora is seen reflecting from the region of the pole in both Arctic and Antarctica Regions.   The question being posed is what is the origin of this extraordinary display of the light force emanating from within the earth’s crust? The ring of light that the solar storms generate over Antarctica glows green in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum shown in NASA’s photos.  

Hollow Earth theorists conjecture that this glow of light called the Aurora borealis crown in the North and the Australia Aurora in the South is caused by the radiation of emission of gases emanating from the central core or central sun from inside the planet. Most scientists have generally dismissed the theory or notion of a Hollow Earth or interior with a central sun since the late 18th century.   However, there is a growing belief exhibited among various inhabitants of earth that there are subterranean races technologically more advanced than we, who are capable of manufacturing UFO’s in the interior of our earth.  

In early Greek history, we have the idea of Hades subterranean kingdom Nordic Labyrinth Myths, the Christian idea of underground hell and the Jewish Sheol.   Edmund Halley, the discoverer of the transit cycle of Halley’s Comet, proposed an idea of earth consisting of a hollow shell about 500 miles thick with an innermost core about the diameter of Venus, Mars and Mercury.     It is also recorded that Germany’s Hitler sponsored expeditions into the Himalayas around Tibet searching for an entrance into the opening of the inner earth where he believed he might discover an advanced Aryan race to prove his superior race theory to dominate the world.

Other research organizations on this subject of the Hollow Earth exists in Ontario, Canada, with publications and photos of an inner earth kingdom published in the Globe and the Mail in Toronto, Canada.   Other writings have emerged in the latter 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century describing the underground kingdom of “Agartha” and a base for UFO activity.  

Finally, a publication in 1964 by Raymond W. Bernard, an esoterist and leader of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood presented a dissertation on the Hollow Earth–The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History.   The most stunning account of the discovery of inner worlds in our planet was recorded in the diary and records kept and later published by Air Force pilot, Richard E. Byrd in 1947 on the Mysterious Land beyond the Poles–the True Origin of the Flying Saucers.

With this preliminary review, I wish to touch upon the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that he shared with us concerning two places on earth where he stated people could hide for a long time without being detected.   Might these two places be located in the region of our North and South Poles which have an entrance into the interior of the earth perhaps even leading to a paradise garden beneath which rivers flow?  

Might there exist in that place a technologically advanced civilization and world of superior beings who are part of the kingdom of God and the Great Mahdi and His Christ?  Might these superior beings be capable of building the humanly built planet of the Mother’s Wheel housing an advanced civilization which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart the perfection of that world to come?  

“Say:   I am only a mortal like you.   It is revealed to me that your God is one God, so keep in the straight path to Him, and ask His protection.   And woe to the polytheists!   Who give not the poor-rate, and who are disbelievers in the Hereafter.   Those who believe and do good, for them is surely a reward never to be cut off.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 41, verses 6-8

To be continued.