By Richard B. Muhammad

It’s common on social media to join “Throwback Thursday,” and post a picture or two from back in the day.

Some things and some hucksters need to stay in the past, under their master’s bed, or wherever they find nearness to him. Karl Evanzz is one of them.

When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan recently performed at a fundraiser for the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, an Evanzz “documentary” was shown in the same place the same weekend. The fundraiser planned by the museum, and to which Min. Farrakhan was invited, happened to fall near the birth anniversary of Malcolm X.


In ways befitting a slave eager to please his master and a tactic designed to peddle books, speaking engagements and videos, Evanzz spouts old lies about the Minister being connected with the killing of Minister Malcolm X. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Minister has said clearly when Malcolm attacked the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who taught Malcolm and raised him to a position of prominence unheard of for a former criminal, Brother Farrakhan and other Muslims condemned Malcolm. Those who sided with Malcolm attacked the followers of Elijah Muhammad.

It was a painful split and a separation that came as a result of internal jealousy, which is present in any movement, and the wicked machinations of the U.S. government and its Counterintelligence Program which worked to separate Malcolm from his teacher. Traitorous, paid government agents were inside the Nation and the same was inside Malcolm’s group.

In Malcolm X’s autobiography, he writes of being followed by U.S. agents while abroad and writes of doors closing, illness and things happening that Elijah Muhammad could not have done–but things the U.S. government could do and did do.

How deep was the government tracking of Min. Malcolm X? The feds not only tracked him, they tracked his wife Sister Betty Shabazz. Visit the FBI Electronic Reading Room online and read for yourself how federal tax dollars were used to follow and investigate her.

These demons delved into her family background, her education, her employment, her visits to the Nation of Islam in Chicago, and even how many times she taught in the weekly women’s-only classes of the Nation and what she taught. They even documented, and likely fomented, tension that arose as Minister Malcolm had his wife teach in the class.

If these unrelenting Satanic imps, meaning wicked people not red-skinned creatures with horns and tails, tracked and worked on Min. Malcolm’s wife, can you imagine what they did to him? Can you imagine what they did to Elijah Muhammad and his other followers?

We don’t have to wonder, the government knows all and it’s time to tell it.

Open all the FBI and government files, and let’s say exactly who did what and who said what. Who is being protected and what government misdeeds are being covered up? If you have something on Min. Farrakhan, charge him and bring him into court on murder charges. But the government has nothing except wagging tongues and profit-seeking slanderers like Karl Evanzz. He makes a living peddling lies and pandering. If he can’t use the name Farrakhan, he can’t make a dime and no one pays him any attention. He is a lecture hall pimp and without Farrakhan, Evanzz gets no mention. Every man wants to feed his family but some things we should be ashamed to do in these modern times.

In 1995, the Minister again challenged the federal government to release everything it had concerning the death of Minister Malcolm X and we must support that call. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the first Black president to pull the covers off this shameful episode of U.S. history? Sharing the truth would mean a lot more than giving   Malcolm X a stamp.

The Minister issued the call to open the files as he blasted the federal government for trying to reopen old wounds by targeting Qubilah Shabazz, Malcolm’s daughter, and using a Jewish informant in a plot to entrap her and claim a murder for hire plot against Farrakhan. The Minister stood so strong–calling the young woman the smallest part of any conspiracy against him–that the government backed down, ran for cover and essentially dropped the charges against Qubilah.

In an historic program at the Apollo Theatre in New York on May 6, 1995, Min. Farrakhan and Malcolm’s widow, Dr. Betty Shabazz, appeared together in what was a celebration of the failure of a U.S. government attempt to destroy a young woman, destroy a great man, and further destroy an already divided community. Dr. Shabazz was presented with flowers that night from the Jr. Fruit of Islam of Muhammad Mosque No. 7, where her husband did great work. Dr. Shabazz spoke at the historic Million Man March October 16, 1995, convened by Min. Farrakhan, in Washington, D.C. Her unfortunate death would mean the healing process was not fully completed, but it certainly had begun.

Min. Farrakhan is a noble and principled man. He played at the Wright Museum, which some want sold piece by piece, for free. He traveled at his own expense with security, aides, family and our media team. His followers came as well and the Minister’s presence sold out the auditorium, according to Willis Patterson, a former president of the National Association of Negro Musicians, who invited the Minister to perform. He thanked the Minister and called him the highlight of the benefit concert. What did Evanzz’s do?   Did he give anything to the suffering museum? In the past, the Minister has ignored such rotten characters, and we have also.

That time, however, is up. We will not stop exposing modern day slaves and apologists. Consider this: Mr. Evanzz said he learned about Malcolm and decided to change his name. He replaced the “s” on Evans with “zz.” He didn’t call himself Kunta Kinte IV, or choose an original name, he stuck with the name of his slave master. And as one contributor to The Final Call noted, isn’t “zzz” the universal sign for sleeping? Evanzzz isn’t rightly guided nor wide awake. Perhaps his writing will improve once he wakes up.

(Richard B. Muhammad is editor in chief of The Final Call Newspaper. He can be reached at [email protected]. Find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter: @RMfinalcall.)