Spreading the message of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan via Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms is actually a job, connected to a higher mission to raise the mentally and spiritually dead Black people to life.

Tweeting on Twitter is not something to take lightly, because words can be used to uplift people, but also destroy people. Many movements have been started from Twitter with the use of hashtags, whether it results in shutting down the irrational hashtag of #WhiteGirlsRock, condemning blatant racism from famous people like in the case of Paula Deen, expressing grief through sarcasm like the hashtag #dangerousblackkids, or most importantly, getting the Truth trending and engaging audiences in righteous discussions via the hashtags #Farrakhan and #TheTime.

The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy has taken up the job to tweet Minister Farrakhan’s 58 week broadcast series, “The Time and What Must be Done,” over again. But this time, we are asking each other questions to find out and gain further clarity on the who, what, when, where, why, and how. “Who is the Jesus in our midst?” “What is Satan doing to keep the people from the Truth?” “When is the Judgment going to take place?” “Where will the final battle take place?” “Why did God create devil?” “How do we get into the Kingdom of God?”

There are some Saturday’s when I honestly don’t feel like tweeting, but then I think to myself, “You should be ashamed. Our people are dying from a lack of knowledge, while you’re drowning in knowledge.” Every Saturday when I am available to tweet, that’s what you will find me doing at 6:00 p.m. Central Time. Each time, I realize that tweeting The Time series is worthwhile and is of utmost importance.


Tweeting the Truth to the world is actually a job. The formula for work is force x (times) distance. When we tweet, the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy soldiers allow the Word of God to enter into our ears. That Word travels from our ears and brain down to our fingertips to unleash an explosion of Truth down the Twitter timeline. By using the hashtags #Farrakhan and #TheTime, the Word of God spreads from one person to another. One tweet has the potential to travel all across the globe. The force is applied as soon as our fingertips hit our keyboards, phones, tablets, or whatever device we are using, and distance is applied as soon as we click the tweet button.

The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy has the responsibility to change the foolish conversations, hashtags, and trends that plague Twitter and to establish conversations built on Truth and powered by the spirit of God. We have the power to start a movement on Twitter. On Part 8 of The Time and What Must be Done, Minister Farrakhan says, “Dialogue over Truth is most important. In fact, the highest level of energy comes from the highest level of conversation. When we are conversing about The Word of God, and The Time and What Must Be Done, you provoke the highest level of interaction. Whether “in agreement” or “not in agreement,” the Holy Qur’an teaches us in Surah 16 Al-Nahl (“The Bee”), verse 125: “…argue with them in the best manner,” and, with “justice.” There is no need for vitriol. If God has given you the best arguments, then do as Allah says: “Argue in the best manner,” with respect for one another’s thoughts and opinions.”

I look forward to dialoging over Truth with all of my fellow #FarrakhanTwitterArmy soldiers, because one tweet can bring someone up from their mental and spiritual death that the lies of this world has put on them.

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