[Editor’s Note:   In last week’s article, the word “Configuration” should have been “Consideration.”   We apologize for the error.]

“Surely We have created everything according to a measure.   And Our command is but once, as the twinkling of an eye.   And certainly We destroyed your fellows, but is there anyone who will mind?”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 54, verses 49-51

For the past several weeks, we have been working with the 34 Problems taken from our Supreme Wisdom Lessons, specifically the Problem Book.   Taking each number to represent a year, we have traced backward and forward in time to measure outstanding dates that have occurred in our Nation of Islam’s History since its founding by Master W. Fard Muhammad in 1930.   We have come to some fascinating timeline events focusing on the circumstances of the Saviour’s Departure in 1934 centering around a plot to kill “the Messenger and the Message.”   These circumstances led to the departure of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad first in 1935 and again in 1975.     Unfolding details is also leading up to the departure of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.   The repetition of this history, one after the other, centers around a death plot and the involvement of the Hypocrites working with agents of the United States Government in covert operations of the CIA and the FBI, the State Department and the Executive Branch of the American Government.

Cairo’s Islamic district, Al Azhar Mosque and University entrance.

This sinister plot continues to unfold with particular emphasis on the present moment which is written in a book called Revelation.   It is for this reason that I am sharing this information with our readers in my column under the title, “Unveiling the Number 19.”   It is in the 34 Problems where a death plot is revealed and the escape of “the Messenger” is recorded.   Today, as it was yesterday, the plot thickens in the fulfillment of prophecy.   As we study these numbers three and four, in the number 34, we may add them together and we get the number seven.   When these two numbers are multiplied, the result is 12. When 12 and 7 are added together, we get the number 19.   The number 19 ultimately resolves to 10, and 10 resolves to the number ONE. This number ONE represents the Divine Presence and Work of the ONE God in our midst, whose Proper Name is ALLAH.

In this ONE, we have the operation of all subsequent numbers that are rooted in the Divine Creation.   It is not a coincidence that all of recorded history is written and calculated on the Science of Mathematics and that the inner core of understanding of how we came into existence is also based on the Science of Numbers and Mathematics. Going deeper on this theme of understanding Islam’s Reality as Mathematics, let us point to a reference date of 1975, the year of the departure of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his escape from a death plot which is in our 34 Problems, if we but understood.  

Within three months of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure on the night of February 25, 1975, I was being prepared for my first journey overseas, first to Cairo, Egypt, and afterwards to the land of Palestine.   I was accompanied by my two eldest children, Ishmael and Madeeah along with a Palestinian guide who had arranged a meeting for me with Egypt’s foremost musical composer and arranger, Amarr Sharria, which took place in Cairo, Egypt, in May 1975.   It was during this period of time that I had an opportunity to visit Lebanon, unfortunately, during the outbreak of civil war.   When I realized that this war was taking place, we were already at the airport in the capital of Beirut, awaiting our flight for departure.

I remember gazing at the skyline from the airport windows, with intermittent flares of explosions coming from munitions in the city.   My two children were with me and were startled as I was to be looking at this fiery explosion on the skyline.   We were nervously awaiting the next and last plane that was scheduled to land and pickup the few remaining passengers taking us to other locations.   We were fortunate to have made the last flight out to our destination in Jordan where we were to visit Jerusalem in the Holy Land.   I recall Mother Clara Muhammad speaking about her first visit to the Middle East, first arriving in Cairo, Egypt, with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and their son, Akbar Muhammad, who had received a scholarship to study at Al-Azhar University.   During that journey in 1959-1960, she also visited Lebanon, which was known as the Riviera of the Middle East.   She spoke about the beauty of the city and its people.   Sixteen years from the time of her visit, here I was with my two eldest children passing through Lebanon at the outbreak of civil war.

As we viewed this ghastly scene from the airport windows, I realized that the entire area of what we call the Middle East was changing rapidly, and there was no more tranquility or peace, but war.   I planned for my children to receive scholarships to study at Al-Azhar University in Cairo one year later in 1976; but the growing hostility of some of the members of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s first family were in opposition to this plan.   Within less than a year, our plans were abandoned, and I was denied financial support for my children to study at the famous University.     I recall in 1976 meeting the Rector of Al-Azhar University Mosque with my eldest son, Ishmael, and he spoke to us about his own son named Ishmael.  

When we visited the private quarters of the school grounds, we were surprised to find students studying in the traditional manner, seated on dusty floors with their laundry hanging on suspended rope drying in the nearby quarters where they were studying.   The atmosphere was dark and dreary and not very hospitable in appearance.   However, I had not yet entered the actual classrooms to study how student and teacher interacted.   I recalled the words shared with me earlier from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad when he told me that revolution and strife would one day break out in Egypt, spreading out throughout Cairo, right up to the doors of Al-Azhar University.   And today, we see that reality encompassing the entire city and country that has been overcome by revolution as it is in Lebanon and other parts of the near East and throughout the Islamic world.

I was also told when returning from Egypt by Brother Jabril Muhammad that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad shared with him that there were professors and teachers at Al-Azhar University who lived to be 400 years old.   My thoughts quickly went back to my growing up in Detroit, Michigan, to my senior year in high school when I was told by the unusual visitor, passing as a student, that he knew people who lived 400 or more years of age.   Visiting Cairo and other parts of Egypt, and later Lebanon and Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine, was only scratching the surface of a book of history that takes us back into thousands and millions of years which is now suddenly coming to an end.   What we study in the monuments of Egypt and in other places of our known world are only signs and landmarks of our ancient past prior to Yacub’s civilization in this the present era of time.   There is no real joy or happiness living in the present world order dominated by our open enemies.   He is an open disputant to his Lord and came to birth for the exact purpose of breaking the peace and going to war with Allah and the Original people of our planet.   The old world of Islam is going out, and the World of Islam is at war with itself.   The Sun of a New Islam is Rising in the West.

“And everything they do is in the writings. And everything small and great is written down. Surely the dutiful will be among Gardens and rivers. In the seat of truth, with a most Powerful King.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 54, verses 52-55

To be continued.