By Saeed Shabazz-Staff Writer-

NEW YORK ( – Neighborhoods in the Tri-State area continued their cleanup at Final Call press time after severe rain storms dumped nearly five inches of rain in two days, causing flooding and mudslides, the 10th highest daily total ever, according to the National Weather Service.

The same storm surge that spawned tornadoes and torrential rains claimed 40 lives in Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, washed out bridges and roads, sending chest-high water into homes and forcing the closing of major military bases up North. At one point some 70 million Americans were in danger because of the tornado threat.

In Baltimore, Md., the edge of a street sank low enough to send cars tumbling, but no one was hurt, according to city officials.


It was an unbelievable sight, seeing how the cars were hanging on the edge of the hole in the street, said Student Minister Carlos Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque Number 6 in Baltimore. “Ironically residents have been complaining to the city for some time that the street was unsafe,” he told The Final Call.

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been talking about things like this happening during his 52-week lecture ‘The Time and What Must Be Done,’ and to see it happen right before your eyes is compelling,” Student Min. Muhammad said.

During his online lecture series, streamed at, in Part 53: “The Wheel (That Great Mother Plane)–The Power of The Wheel to Destroy,” Min. Farrakhan said, “The force and power that God is now using on America and throughout the Earth” is snow, rain, heat, wind, earthquake and nature itself. The purpose is to show America that her time is over because of her evil, in particular evil and slavery done to Black people, and let the other nations know it is time to submit to the Supreme Being, Minister Farrakhan has explained.

God is bringing these calamities on you “little by little,” Min. Farrakhan added, “so that you may reason with his servant that is talking to you now and perhaps that can be avoided!”

Student Fruit of Islam Captain Taurus Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 98 in Pensacola, Fla., told The Final Call damage done in the state was clearly a divine warning. “None of the members of the mosque were hurt and did not take on any water damage, except student Min. Mustapha Muhammad, who had water up to his waist,” he said. The National Weather Service reported, up to 18.9 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in Alabama and Florida. Sink holes opened up, schools closed and some military base were nearly knocked out of commission.

Taurus Muhammad noted that predominately White sections of Pensacola around Bayou Blvd. and Scenic Highway, which is a main road and where homes cost a half-million dollars to $1 million, suffered extensive damage.    

Florida Gov. Rick Scott told the media roads were torn up; water was running through homes; cars were thrown around, and some 300 people had to be rescued.

  The National Weather Service reported that an estimated 15.55 inches of rain fell on April 29 — the largest amount in a single calendar day since 1880.

“The weather people here are in awe, they didn’t predict anything like this,” Taurus Muhammad said. “I said to my wife: Isn’t Allah merciful, and then I reminded her that Min. Farrakhan warned us not to think this could not happen to us.”

In his lecture “The Great, Life-giving Wheel (“Mother Plane”): the New Jerusalem Part 2” delivered in January, the Muslim leader said: “To my Black brothers and sisters, remember these words from the Book of 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, verse 14, if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, Then will I hear from heaven, [and will] forgive their sins and [will] heal their land.”

Some weather experts say there is a definite connection to “climate change” supercharging the atmosphere through   quickening the hydrologic cycle. In addition to causing more downpours, these enhanced water evaporation rates are leading to an increased drought severity in places that are already dry such as California.

On April 22, the U.S. Drought Monitor stated that every inch of California was mired in moderate to exceptional drought–which are the two most severe drought levels. The Monitor also reported that the total amount of drought covering the U.S. increased from 32.9 percent to 38.4 percent.

Again turning to “The Time and What Must be Done, Part 53, Min. Farrakhan warned: “God is at work. You can call it ‘global warming’–God is able to warm it, He is able to cool it, for He is The Master over all that makes the ‘heat’ or ‘cooling.’ He is able to freeze it; He is able to make it liquid. He is in power today.”