In the Bible, Isaiah 28:21 we can read: “… He may do his work, His strange work; and bring to pass his act, His strange act.”

I’m using the word “He” in this article. In the Bible you can see “he.” Why did they use a small “h” instead of a big “H”?  

What are the differences between the capital “H” and the small “h” in the thinking of those who made this Bible?


What does this mean in the King James Bible and other Bibles that He–God will do a … strange unusual or surprising thing in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand work?

What makes it strange for God to do His work and for others to understand Him–His work?

What makes it strange? Strange means “not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien, unaccustomed to or unfamiliar with.”

The word “situation” means “a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself.” I think all of us have gone through a series of circumstances in our lives.

Black people have been through all kinds of situations, here in America, from 1555 to now. I don’t know how many people that involves, but deeper the truth of this and why? Does this involve both books the Holy Qur’an and the Bible? And does this involve God Himself?

One day I had an opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona to talk with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I was asking him a series of questions. At the end of that he said to me, “I see you like to know the ‘whys’ of God.” I made that event public in articles and a book.

Did those who were involved in the making of the Bible also make slaves at the same time?


The word “opposite” means “having a position on the other or further side of something.” Does it involve the history of Black people in America? This involves too much to get into in this article, but I intend to make it much clearer, Allah willing.

Some people tell or write truths, every day. Some people tell or write based on lies, every day.


Of course, this is taken out of context; however, the point I wish to raise is that some kind of belief in the prophecies of the Bible was and is acknowledged by world leaders. In the course of exploring the reason for Minister Farrakhan and the relevance of that which motivates him to do what he is doing in the face of the crisis, in America and elsewhere. I want to return to such factors as: their respective beliefs concerning the war of Armageddon and the visible return of Christ.

This involves Minister Farrakhan and us–all of us.

Let us return now to Minister Farrakhan and that which causes him to do what he did in 1977. I know for a fact that he had only a few thousand dollars when I met him, in 1977, and with a large family to support. He had no staff. There was no FOI, nor MGT.

There were still a large number of former followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who considered it ridiculous for anyone to talk about lifting the name of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It wasn’t. There were many others who considered such an effort dangerous to the life of anyone who would make such effort. It was.

Let us remember and never forget–and it is a matter of public record–that the most powerful government on the face of the earth, the United States of America, had a great deal to do with the destruction of the Nation of Islam. And, the powers that be, both in and out of this government, did not ever want the Nation of Islam to return.

So, Minister Farrakhan had to go against the will of the American government to do what he intended to do.

Then think over the many millions who just misunderstood or never really came to understand the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his mission, his message, his work, the Nation of Islam in general.  

So, Minister Farrakhan had to consider the question of how was he going to reach all of these people.

My brilliant and perceptive Mother Tynnetta Muhammad visited Chicago several months before Minister Farrakhan stood up. She questioned him in a most skillful manner.

She witnessed him use practically the same words that Aaron did, according to the Holy Qur’an, before he fully regained his senses in reaction to the question she placed before him.

Aaron did not want to divide the people of God. Neither did Minister Farrakhan. She saw in him the fulfillment of whom Aaron was a sign. She was then looking at him at a certain stage, not long before he would make the stand, which was written of him.

This was in 1976.

Now, here it was, several months later, and the Minister was faced with how to promulgate the teachings of his Lord without his Brothers killing one another, and without sacrificing his principles. How did he do it?

The way he did it reveals his motivation and his profound love for his people.


A believer told me that some people come into the Nation of Islam for different reasons. Some don’t really want to sacrifice to uplift the Black man and woman, but to seek so-called fame and fortune for themselves.

That believer also told me, they want to have the fame and popularity of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and when that does not come to them, they begin to create problems and do devilish-ment.

I agree that they don’t understand that the Supreme Being made him–Minister Farrakhan–for His purpose and they don’t understand what is involved in Allah’s preparation of a human being to serve others in this unique way!

That person did not understand my reaction–at all!!!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad repeated that which he said on an earlier occasion that Minister Farrakhan was the answer to his prayer for a helper from his family.

Not long afterward he used the same words that you can find in Chapter 7, verse 142, of the Holy Qur’an, that Moses used in speaking to Aaron before he left the physical presence of the people.

The words that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad used to Minister Farrakhan, “take my place among my people.” This is exactly what Moses told Aaron before he went to his Lord.

I’ve written the above words here. Some see this from good motives. Others see from bad motives. This makes for divisions.

Is this important? Why?

More next issue, Allah willing.