By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

Pictured with Joshua Farrakhan (center) are Jihad Muhammad, Michael Amir, Elijah “EK” Karriem Muhammad and Abdul Jaami Abdullah Muhammad, the brain-trust behind Minister Farrakhan’s documentary “ Let’s Change The World: My Life’s Journey Through Music.” Photo: Michael Muhammad

DETROIT ( – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gifted the Nation of Islam, visitors and guests with a viewing of “Let’s Change the World,” an original biographical documentary chronicling his life in music.

The more than 2-hour long film showed Feb. 22 during the Nation’s annual Saviours’ Day Convention in Detroit. It included several additions including photos of several of Minister Farrakhan’s beloved violin teachers and companions who have passed away.

Minister Farrakhan first hosted an exclusive viewing at Mosque Maryam in Chicago on his 80th birthday last May 11.   He gave another preview several months ago in Phoenix.


The film screening in Detroit opened with footage of news broadcasters reporting on the nationwide weather assault striking America and the damage being caused by extreme weather across the world. It particularly showed the snow and ice pummeling New England, India and Japan.

Viewers sat, eyes fixed on the two large Jumbotron screens, and in an instant appeared their beloved leader!   “He was smooth,” one young audience member said as she passed the sound table.  

Clapping and cheering filled the air and carried out of the COBO convention center’s Wayne Hall into the main throughway as the documentary chronicled the musicians and entertainers who worked with the Minister on the recording of his full length album.   Applause continued as a photo of Minister Farrakhan and Kenny Gamble, legendary producer and songwriter, flashed the screen.  

“Let’s Change the World” is the brainchild of Minister Farrakhan’s son, Joshua, who executive produced the film.   Michael Amir Muhammad was the director and Jihad Muhammad, Elijah Karriem Muhammad, and Abdul Jaami Abdullah Muhammad, also comprised the young, stellar crew of editors and graphics artists.

Joshua Farrakhan said he’d had the idea in his heart all along and was just waiting for a team of young men like them and he thanked Allah for them and their talents.

Their film strategically and skillfully showcased that Minister Farrakhan is a master classical violinist.   It features prominent artists including Stephanie Mills, Stevie Wonder, Greg Phillinganes, Denise Williams, Snoop Lion, Damian Marley, Kirk Whalum, Kenny Gamble, and more.

At the initial preview Minister Farrakhan shared he just wanted to give something on his birthday in the gift of his music that would help show the universality of his message people often hear in word, but not in his music.

With this Saviours’ Day viewing, Minister Farrakhan remained the gift that keeps on giving.

For his son, the motive behind the film was just as spiritual and personal.

“I got tired of the media telling me who my father is,” Joshua Farrakhan said.   He continued, “Who better to tell the world about who he is than someone who’s known him all his life!”

So he picked up a camera and followed his father around.   He knew in his heart once the world saw the documentary, once his followers saw it, they’d never look at Minister Farrakhan the same, Joshua Farrakhan said with force and conviction.  

“The brother’s consistent.   He loves you and has made my family love you too!   It’s in our blood.   It’s in our DNA.   We love you,” he exclaimed.

“Tonight, this documentary will expand your heart to love him even more. I’m coming back after the viewing to ask did I expand your heart,” Joshua Farrakhan said.   ‘Yes!’ was the resounding response from the crowd.

Many said they saw Minister Farrakhan in a deeper, different light after the conclusion and vowed to testify to what they witnessed by their actions.

“This has had a tremendous impact on me,” said Eiliyah Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque #29 in Miami.   “A lot of things that I saw I didn’t know about. The extent of love Minister Farrakhan has for us and how his love for us goes all the way back to his childhood.   It’s amazing,” she told The Final Call.

“I’m leaving here with a whole other perspective on Minister Farrakhan.   My love for him definitely has grown deeper,” she continued.

Connie Muhammad of Dallas, Texas said the film hit her hard because it shows what Minister Farrakhan has done to resurrect his people and the love he truly has for them.   “It’s a love he truly has in his life for us and it seems like we’re blind and can’t see it,” she said.

At the event’s conclusion, Joshua Farrakhan invited the Nation of Islam’s youth onto the front center floor to dance to a remix of one of Minister Farrakhan’s songs featuring prominent hip hop artists.

They danced once on the floor and were having so much fun; Joshua Farrakhan invited them to take it to the stage.   At least 40 were able to fill the space as he played the song again. Their parents, Nation of Islam elders, pioneers, and onlookers beamed with smiles just watching the youth enjoy themselves in righteous entertainment.

When it seemed the energy could get no higher, Marquis Muhammad of Mosque #27 in Los Angeles grabbed the National Flag and thrusts it into the air as high as he could, sending the believers’ spirit through the roof!

“What made me grab the Flag last night honestly was that we were having so much fun out there on the stage, listening to the Minister’s music and you know, sometimes we get so lost in the fun that I felt like bringing the Flag would be like a visual representation of what we’re having so much fun to,” he told The Final Call.

He said seeing the documentary with the add-ons was like seeing it for the first time all over again.

“It brings you to tears just seeing what the Minister went through and as a person, as a musician, you just connect even more.   It’s musically rich and it shows a whole different side of the Minister and why he’s so universal,” said Marquis Muhammad.