By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

( – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan concluded his divine, riveting, illuminating lecture series “The Time and What Must Be Done” in mid-February with part three of “The Shadow Government, Guidance to President Obama and the Nation.”

The highly anticipated Feb. 15 message was the 58th installment of a series that has had far reaching impact not only in Black America but among people of every race and creed, according to Atty. Abdul Arif Muhammad, general counsel for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, historian and member of the Nation of Islam Historical Research Department.

The series aired Saturday nights at at 6 p.m. CST.


“ ‘The Time and What Must Be Done’ is a deep spiritual knowledge that awakens the human consciousness and the full impact of what people witnessed has yet to really be unwrapped,” Atty. Muhammad said. “Not only is this message in terms of present time deeply impactful onto the conscience of human beings, but it is what it will also mean for the future. It will continue to have impact I believe, down into the generations.”

The series explored extensive aspects of the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, social and hidden political reality, prophecy about the weather and God’s judgment against America, the Mother Plane and so-called UFOs, current events and issues, challenges confronting the president, the United States, the world–and Black America.

The series is incomparable, particularly because it was delivered by a man whom God chose, anointed, and it is inspiring and viewers were witnessing revelation from God coming through the Minister, he continued.

Part 1 of the series aired Saturday, January 12, 2013 and   continued for 58 weeks. During the process, unbeknownst to viewers, Minister Farrakhan suffered a heart attack in October. The series never stopped and viewers enjoyed re-broadcasts of other important messages from the Minister.

“One of the most impactful things first of all is that for eight straight weeks he did what was considered old broadcasts and that didn’t stop him from trending,” said Jesse Muhammad, who manages Minister Farrakhan’s and The Final Call‘s social media.

Minister Farrakhan trended on Twitter for 42 of 58 weeks.

“I think that sends a clear picture to the enemy because some of his enemies were tweeting him saying how is this man trending with a message from ’94? It shows how timeless the Minister is,” Jesse Muhammad continued.

Many also assume the Twitter Army, a group that tweets the Minister’s messages in real time, is comprised of just Nation of Islam members, he said. “That is far from the truth! We have Christians. We have atheist people, non-Muslims, people from all kinds of backgrounds all around the world that are sharing on Twitter and Facebook the Minister’s broadcasts.”

Minister Farrakhan’s followers, particularly on Facebook and definitely on Twitter, are growing and broad and the series impact was great, he said. “They invited him to the Netherlands, and literally every week the last three months people have been sending him messages asking him just come to the Netherlands!” Jesse Muhammad continued. “In truth, we will never really fully be able to quantify Minister Farrakhan’s impact and the impact of his series in terms of social media.”

Weekly feedback during the series from inside and outside of the Nation shows Minister Farrakhan has attracted global viewers who did not know him, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, or about the Nation of Islam, he said.

“Many people have bought new books. Many people have started interacting with the Nation of Islam social media on many accounts, all because of this series. He has touched people who will never visit a mosque or study group, people who are in parts of the world where the Nation of Islam doesn’t have any presence,” Jesse Muhammad said.

After Saviours’ Day 2014, the Twitter Army and viewers should look for webcast panel discussions where Minister Farrakhan will invite scholars from inside and outside the Nation to discuss points from his broadcasts, he added.

Where else do we go from here? Minister Farrakhan answered the question during a Facebook segment called “Farrakhan Fridays.” He said the better question is:   What are we going to do in terms of what has been said, parsing it, what can we gain from it, and what actions will we take based upon this series, according to Jesse Muhammad. “Minister Farrakhan doesn’t plan, though he won’t be speaking every week, to let the momentum of The Time series die down and neither does the Twitter Army.”

That includes Andreau Berry, who is a devout Christian and a devout member of the Farrakhan Twitter Army. “I’m enjoying listening and learning and I’m happy when I can read something and say, ‘Hey!   The Minister said that, and put it together,’ ” she said. She was listening from episode one and tweeting because Minister Farrakhan needs to be heard.

“He is teaching the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in such a way that so many of our people are seeing what we’ve been trying to teach them all along,” said Thomas Jehad, a Muslim pioneer who now lives in Florida and knew the Minister when young Louis X came into the Nation in New York. “The things that they’ve read about, about the Mother Plane and our religious beliefs, and the way that he does it, Allah is guiding him in such a way that he has taken this teaching to a level that I’ve never heard before and I’ve been in the Nation for 60 years.”